Woodshop Storage Solutions: 16 Projects for Maximizing Your Workspace

Popular Woodworking Books, 20 dec. 2006 - 128 pagina's
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Projects for reinventing your woodshop

Are you constantly looking for better and more efficient ways of storing and using your tools? By the time you've collected your tools, gathered materials and started working on your woodworking projects, space can be at a premium. This book contains 16 ingenious projects that will make your woodshop totally efficient, extremely flexible and very safe.

Projects include:

  • Chisel rack
  • Sandpaper press
  • Small-items chest
  • Router-cutters-storage cabinet
  • Drill press cabinet
  • Tool tote and stool
  • Small offcuts storage trolley
  • Wall-hung tool cabinet
  • Downdraft table
  • Clamp rack
  • Mobile table saw stand
  • Outfeed table
  • Freestanding cabinet
  • Router trolley
  • Computer station
  • Router table

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Over de auteur (2006)

Ralph Laughton is a regular contributor to The Router and New Woodworking magazines, writing frequently about woodworking tools, techniques and projects. He has several years experience as an expert woodworker.

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