272 A silver-gilt embossed pine-apple cup, engraved border—77 in. high. German work, 16th century

273 A chalice, plain silver cup, gilt metal stem, with nielloed medallions and escalloped foot-74 in. high

274 An ostrich egg-cup, mounted with silver bands, stem and foot8 in. high. English work

275 An embossed silver cup of elegant form, escalloped edges-5 in. high. Made at Augsburg, 17th century

276 A pair of silver horses, prancing, well formed and chased, opening at the necks as drinking cups, on ebony stands-8 in. high

277 A pair of silver-gilt octagonal plaques, with repoussé subjects of hunting the boar, and pastorals-diam. 123 in. by 10 in. 278 A square tortoiseshell casket, with silver-gilt mounts, Cupids at the angles-on four open scroll feet

279 A red turtle-shell casket, with engraved silver-gilt mounts

280 The gold embroidered bâton, or sceptre of the late Louis Bonaparte, when King of Holland. In a red morocco case. This interesting relic was brought to England from the Hague by Mr. B. Hertz 281 A square gilt-metal pedestal clock, alarum dome at top, and a lion at each angle, engraved with masks and scrolls, with line and weights complete—51 in. high. 16th century

282 A gilt-metal pedestal clock, square base and hexagonal movement case, surmounted by an alarum dome and spire, engraved with arabesques and scrolls, on a square lapis-lazuli stand of three steps-113 in. high. 16th century

283 A square gilt-metal pedestal clock, with a column at each angle, surmounted by a spire-9 in. high

284 A hexagonal table clock, of gilt metal, engraved, underneath is an alarum, resting on six feet-3 in. high. 17th century

285 Three gilt chamberlain's keys, within the bows of two, the cipher I. M., surmounted by a coronet, the other having an elaborate series of wards 3 286 Three elaborately-chiselled steel keys, one partly gilt, the bow surmounted by a coronet; another, with a ducal coronet; the other with scrolls. A desirable lot for the amateur of fine steel work


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