The Peoria Medical Monthly, Volume 2

J. Murphy, J.L. Hamilton, H. Steele
Thos. M. McIlvaine, 1883

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Pagina 368 - ... but that degree which ordinarily characterizes the profession. And in judging of this degree of skill in a given case, regard is to be had to the advanced state of the profession at the time.
Pagina 328 - ... more palatable. A minute or two before the milky mess is placed before the child, or invalid, the maltine should be added. If a certain portion of baked flour, no matter in what concrete form, were added to plain milk, and some maltine mixed with it, before it is placed on the nursery table, we should hear much less of infantile indigestion and mal-nutrition.
Pagina 235 - Applied Anatomy of the Nervous System, being a Study of this Portion of the Human Body from a Standpoint of its General Interest and Practical Utility, designed for Use as a Text-Book and as a Work of Reference.
Pagina 174 - Yet I doubt not thro' the ages one increasing purpose runs, And the thoughts of men are widen'd with the process of the suns.
Pagina 499 - ... it desirable to express its opinion that the assumption or acceptance by members of the profession of designations implying the adoption of special modes of treatment is opposed to those principles of the freedom and dignity of the profession which should govern the relations of its members to each other and to the public. The college, therefore, expects that all its fellows, members, and licentiates will uphold these principles by discountenancing those who trade upon such designations.
Pagina 504 - For some time past we have found minimum doses of iodide of potassium of great service in frontal headache. A heavy, dull headache, situated over the brow, and accompanied by languor, chilliness, and a feeling of general discomfort, with...
Pagina 156 - I pray you, speak not ; he grows worse and worse; Question enrages him : at once, good night : — Stand not upon the order of your going, But go at once.
Pagina 30 - HAND-BOOK OF URINARY ANALYSIS (Chemical and Microscopical). For the use of Physicians, Medical Students and Clinical Assistants. BY FRANK M. DEEMS, MD, Laboratory Instructor in the Medical Department of the University of New York ; Member of the NY County Medical Society ; Member of the New York Microscopical Society, etc.
Pagina 368 - This rule does not require that he should have the highest skill, or largest experience, or most thorough education, equal to the most eminent of the profession in the whole country ; but it does require that he should not, when uneducated, ignorant, and unfitted, palm himself off as a professional man, well qualified, and go on blindly and recklessly to administer medicines, or perform surgical operations. The rule above stated is the true one.
Pagina 226 - The mineral acids are very efficient in sporadic cholera and summer diarrhoea. The indications for their use are the profuse and watery characters of the discharges, which are alkaline or neutral in reaction, due to outward osmosis from the serum of the blood, and the best of the acids is sulphuric acid given with opium. Hope's camphor mixture is also frequently used, especially in the pulmonary diarrhoea, with benefit.

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