416 SLANG DICTIONARY; or, Vulgar Words, Street Phrases, and Fast Expressions of High and Low Society, many with their Etymology, by John Camden Hotten. Large paper, 4to, interleaved throughout for manuscript additions, half bound, Roxburghe style. ll. 18

417 SMITH (Horace) Poetical Works, Comic and Miscellaneous, now first collected. Portrait, 2 vols in 1, post 8vo, cloth. 58 1851

418 SMITH and HAMILTON's International English and French Dictionary. 2 vols, roy. 8vo, half green morocco. 18s 1873 419 SONGS.-An Old Collection of Odd Songs, Original, Local, and Miscellaneous, as Sung by Odd Fellows in the Newcastle Lodges, and principally written by Odd Members of that Odd Fraternity, 8vo, half calf neat. 58 R. T. Edgar, Newcastle, 1825 420 SONGS.-Newcastle Songs: A Collection of, Comic, Satirical, and Descriptive, chiefly in the Newcastle Dialect, and Illustrative of the Language and Manners of the Common People on the Banks of the Tyne, by T. Thompson, J. Shield, W. Midford, and others, 12mo, half morocco, gilt top. 8s Newcastle, 1827 421 SONGS.-The Northumbrian Minstrel, a Choice Selection of Songs, the three numbers complete in 1 vol, 24mo, with woodcuts by Bewick, and the original covers, half calf gilt, yellow edges. Alnwick, 1811 422 SONGS of the Vaux-de-Vire, of Maister Jean Le Houx, Advocate of Vire, edited and translated by James Patrick Muirhead, M.A. Portrait and wood engravings by Whymper, beautifully printed on ribbed paper, with text in French and English, 8vo, cloth extra, unopened edges. 15s



423 SOUTHEY (Robert) Wat Tyler: A Dramatic Poem in Three Acts. Small 8vo, calf. 15s Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, 1817 Suppressed by the Court of Chancery at the request of the author, with the newspaper account of the proceedings in the Court of Chancery, neatly inserted at end of the volume.


424 SOUTHEY (Robert) Letters written during a short Residence in Spain and Portugal, with some Account of Spanish and Portuguese Poetry, first edition. 8vo, rare. 78 6d Bristol, 1797 425 SPORTING.-Adventures of a Gentleman in search of a Horse, by Sir Geo. Stephen, numerous cuts by Geo. Cruikshank. Cr. 8vo, original cloth. 7s 6d 426 SPORTING.--Analysis of the Hunting Field, being a series of Sketches of the Principal Characters that compose one, the whole forming a slight Souvenir of the Season 1845-6, numerous woodcuts and coloured illustrations, by H. Alken. Roy. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 25s Ackermann, 1846 427 SPORTING.-Helps and Hints to Protect Life and Property, with Instructions in Rifle and Pistol Shooting by Col. Berenger, cuts by Cruikshank, Alken, and others. 8vo, cloth, 5s 1835

428 SPORTING.-Highland Sports and Highland Quarters, by Herbert Byng Hall, numerous plates. Post 8vo, cloth gilt. 6s




429 SPORTING.-Howitt's The British Sportsman, seventytwo fine plates; also Howitt's Miscellaneous Etchings, Old and New, fifty plates, the original editions, in one volume, oblong. 4to, half bound. 21. 2s 1792-1801 430 SPORTING.-Newton Dogvane, a Story of English Country Life, by Francis Francis, frontispieces by John Leech. 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth. 431 SPORTING.-O'Connor (R.) Introduction to the Field Sports of France, a Practical View of Hunting, Shooting and Fishing on the Continent, woodcuts. Cr. 8vo, cloth. 3s 6d 432 SPORTING.-Reminiscences of Thos. Assheton Smith, or the Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman, by Eardley Wilmot, plates. 8vo, half red mor., gilt top. 78 6d 433 SPORTING.-Stuart and Sobieski's Lays of the Deer Forest, with Sketches of Olden and Modern Deer Hunting, Traits of Natural History in the Forest, Traditions of the Clans; Miscellaneous Notes, two plates. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut edges.

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434 SPORTING.-The Chase, The Turf, and The Road, by Nimrod (H. Apperley), portrait by Maclise, and 13 plates by Alken, first edition. 8vo, half morocco. 158 J. Murray, 1837 435 SPORTING.-Thornton (Col.) Sporting Tour through France, with a Concise Description of the Sporting Establishments, Mode of Hunting and other Field Amusements in that Country, upwards of 80 mezzotint plates mostly folding. 2 vols 4to, half red morocco, gilt tops. 25s 436 SPORTING.-Thornton's Sporting Tour through France, another copy. 2 vols in one, half calf. 188

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437 SURTEES' (R.S.) Sporting Novels.



A complete Set comprising Handley Cross, Sponge's Sporting Tour, Ask Mamma, Facey Romford's Hounds, and Plain or Ringlets, with all the fine coloured plates and woodcut illustrations by John Leech. Together 5 vols, 8vo, half green calf. 81. 188 6d 1853-65


438 SPORTING.-" Plain or Ringlets," ORIGINAL EDITION, with coloured plates and woodcuts by John Leech. 8vo, cloth gilt, uncut edges. 11. 158 439 STERLING (John) Poems, FIRST EDITION. 12mo, clean in boards, uncut. 128 6d E. Moxon, 1839 440 STERLING (John) The Election, a Poem in Seven Books, 12mo, cloth in cloth, leaves unopened. 10s John Murray, 1841 441 STERLING (John) Twelve Letters by (published at one penny) originally printed for private circulation. 58


442 STERNE (Laurence) Sentimental Journey, the SECOND EDITION, 2 vols, sm. 8vo, old calf binding. 10s


443 STERLING (William) The Cloister Life of the Emperor, Charles the Fifth, third edition enlarged and corrected. Post 8vo, cloth, unopened edges. 18s


444 STOTHARD's Engravings, A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, by Laurence Sterne, illustrated with beautiful engravings by T. Stothard, R.A. 8vo, whole bound smooth


yellow calf extra, panel backs, yellow edges. 11. 58 445 STOTHARD's Engravings.-The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry, illustrated with 23 exquisite plates by Stothard. 4 vols, 8vo, handsomely bound smooth yellow calf extra, panel backs, yellow edges. 21. 158 London, Harrison, 1782 446 STOTHARD's Engravings.-The Tatler, with Notes, Historical, Biographical, and Critical, by John Nichols and others, six charming plates by Stothard. 6 vols, 8vo, half calf. 10s 1786 447 STOTHARD (Thomas, R.A.) Life, with Personal Remi

niscences, by Mrs. Bray, portrait and numerous beautiful engravings from his works. Sm. 4to, half blue calf neat, gilt edges. 17s 6d 1851 448 SWINBURNE (Algernon C.) Chastelard, a Tragedy, FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth. 188 E. Moxon, 1865 Thick post

449 SWINBURNE's Bothwell, FIRST EDITION. 8vo, cloth. 7s 6d


450 SWINBURNE's Erectheus, a Tragedy, FIRST EDITION. Post 8vo, cloth. 6s


cloth. 5s




452 TAIT (W.) Magdalenism; An Inquiry into the Extent, Causes, and Consequences of Prostitution in Edinburgh. Post 8vo, cloth. 78 6d


453 TALFOURD (Thomas Noon) Vacation Rambles and Thoughts, comprising the Recollections of Three Continental Tours, first edition. 2 vols, post 8vo; also the Supplement to Vacation Rambles." 12mo, together 3 vols, cloth. 12s E. Moxon, 1845-54 454 TANNER's Notitia Monastica, or an Account of all Abbeys, Priories, Houses of Friers, etc., formerly in England and Wales, and also of the Colleges and Hospitals founded before 1540, portrait by Vertue, and plates of arms, best edition, ENLARGED BY J. NASMYTH, nice copy, in whole calf, yellow edges. 5l. 10s

Cambridge, 1787 455 TAYLOR (Henry) The Statesman, FIRST EDITION. 12mo,

cloth boards, uncut. 58


456 TAYLOR (Henry) The Virgin Widow, a Play, FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth. 3s 6d


457 TENNYSON (Alfred) POEMS. 12mo, boards, uncut, of extreme rarity. 71. 78


A copy of this rare little volume realized last year at Messrs. Puttick's rooms £11 15s.

458 TENNYSON (Alfred) POEMS, THIRD EDITION. 2 vols, 12mo cloth, uncut.


459 TENNYSON.-The Princess, FIRST EDITION. original cloth. 1. 158

460 TENNYSON.-The Princess, SECOND EDITION. cloth. 10s

461 TENNYSON.-The Princess, THIRD EDITION. cloth. 7s 6d

462 TENNYSON.-The Princess, FOURTH EDITION. cloth. 78 6d








12mo, 1851

463 TENNYSON.-Maud, FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth, uncut.



464 TENNYSON.-Idylls of the King, FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth, uncut. 78 6d

465 TENNYSON.-Enoch Arden, FIRST EDITION. cloth, uncut. 5s

1859 12mo,




466 TENNYSON.-Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington. 16 pages, 8vo, first edition, in original wrapper, uncut. 58 467 TENNYSONIANIA.-Notes, Bibliographical and Critical, on the Works of Tennyson, first edition. 12mo, cloth. 7s 6d Pickering, 1866 468 THACKERAY'S COMPLETE WORKS, frontispiece illustrations. 12 vols, large post 8vo, newly bound in half morocco gilt, gilt tops. 31. 138 6d 469 THACKERAY's Vanity Fair, illustrations on steel and wood by the author. 8vo, in original cloth, uncut edges. 21. 1849 470 THACKERAY's The Newcomes, with illustrations on steel and wood by Richard Doyle, complete in the original parts, with the illustrated covers. 21. 28 471 THACKERAY's The Virginians, with illustrations by the author, complete and clean in parts as first issued, with all the illustrated covers. 11. 108



472 THACKERAY'S IRISH SKETCH BOOK, numerous wood engravings by the author. 2nd edition, 2 vols, post 8vo, half calf gilt. 21. 28


The only difference between the first and second editions is the title, which was reprinted in 1845, and affixed to the present work. 473 THACKERAY.-Doctor Birch and his Young Friends, first edition, sixteen illustrations by the author. Sq. 8vo, soiled copy.



474 THACKERAY's The Adventures of Philip on his Way through the World, first edition. 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth. 10s 1862 475 THACKERAY's Lovell the Widower, illustrations, first edition. Post 8vo, cloth. 12s 6d



476 THACKERAY's The Four Georges, illustrations, FIRST EDITION. Post 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top. 10s 477 THACKERAY's The English Humourists, FIRST EDITION. Post 8vo, perfectly clean in the original cloth. 158 478 THACKERAY's Ballads, the scarce first edition, WITHOUT DATE. Post 8vo, half bound, gilt top, uncut. 10s

Dew Smith's copy of this work fetched £3.



479 THACKERAY's History of Henry Esmond, FIRST EDITION. 3 vols, post 8vo, original cloth boards, UNCUT. 21. 15s 1852 480 THACKERAY's Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse, FIRST COLLECTED EDITION. 4 vols, post 8vo, clean copy in original cloth boards. 1l. 1s Bradbury and Evans, 1860 481 THACKERAY's Christmas.Books, collected edition, comprising Mrs. Perkins' Ball, Our Street, Dr. Birch, illustrations by the author. Sq. 8vo, original cloth. 8s 6d 482 THACKERAY's Sketches after English Landscape Painters, by Louis Marvy, 20 engravings after Turner, Creswick, Redgrave, Constable, De Wint, Cox, Stanfield, and other esteemed painters, WITH SHORT NOTICES BY W. M. THACKERAY. 4to, cloth. 21. 12s 6d Bogue 483 THIERRY (Augustin) Histoire de la Conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands, numerous plates on India paper. 4 vols, 8vo, calf. 10s 6d Paris, 1843 484 THOMSON (James) The Seasons, with engraved illustrations, from designs drawn on wood by J. Bell, C. W. Cope, T. Creswick, F. Tayler, and other members of the Etching Club, with Life of the Author by Patrick Murdock, edited by Bolton Corney, first edition, printed on thick superfine paper. 8vo, original cloth cover.

11. 1s


485 THOMSON (J.) Seasons, with Life and Critical Essay, by R. Heron, beautifully printed in large type, with portrait and fine plates from paintings by Corbould and Cotton. Sm. 4to, SCARCE EDITION, half russia. 12s Perth, 1793 486 TOLAND (J) Nazarenus; or Jewish, Gentile, and Mahometan Christianity, containing the History of the Antient Gospel of Barnabus, and the Modern Gospel of the Mahometans, etc., etc. 8vo, calf. 58


487 TOM RAW, The Griffin, a Burlesque Poem, in 12 cantos, 25 spirited coloured plates, descriptive of the Adventures of a Cadet in the East India Company's Service. Royal 8vo, original cloth, Ackermann, 1828

uncut. 1. 15s

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