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Fine Collection of Interesting Books, including some Searce Editions of Esteemed Authors, Old Literature, Scotch Books, Works illustrated by the Best Artists and Caricaturists, Original Thackeray's.

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'BECKETT'S Comic History of England, 20 coloured plates,

and 240 woodcuts by John Leech, the FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, £7 10s—Punch Office, 1847

(1 *** A splendid copy most handsomely bound by Tout, in the best green

levant morocco, gilt tops, extra tooled sides and back. A'BECKETTS Comic History of England, 20 coloured plates, and 240

woodcuts by John Leech, fine impressions, 2 vols, 8vo, new half lerant morocco extra, gilt tops, £3 12s 60-Punch Office, 1855

2 ACKERMANN'S History of Westminster Abbey, its Antiquities and

Monuments, illustrated with 70 FINE COLOURED PLATES, from drawings by Pugin, Mackenzie, Shepherd, and others, 2 vols, large 4to, half

russia, £2 15s (published £15)—1812 ACTON (Harriet and Rose). Poems, FIRST EDITION, 12mo cloth, 2s 6d

Printed for the Authors, 1846 ADVENTURE of Hunchback, The, and the Stories connected with

it (from the Arabian Nights Entertainments), WITH ILLUSTRATIVE PRINTS, engraved by William Daniell, FROM PICTURES PAINTED BY ROBERT SMIRKE, R.A., LARGE PAPER, INDIA PROOFS, imperial 4to, half morocco, gilt, gilt edges, £2 158—1814

5 ÆSOP'S Fables, a New Version, chiefly from Original Sources, by

TENNIEL, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 155—1848

6 AINSWORTH (W. H.) The Lancashire Witches, & Romance of

Pendle Forest, 3 vols, post 8vo, IN THE ORIGINAL CLOTH, UNCUT, £1 103

-1849 A KEMPIS. Thomæ a Kempis de Imitatione Christi libri quatuor, 18mo, UNCUT, 4s—W. Pickering, 1827

8 ALBERT Smith's The Struggles and Adventures of Christopher

Tadpole at Home and Abroad, the FIRST EDITION, NUMEROUS PLATES
BY JOHN LEECH, 8vo, newly bound, polished calf extra, gilt edges, BY

RIVIERE, £2 10s-Bentley, 1848
ALBERT Smith's The Story of Mont Blanc, coloured frontispiece and

numerous woodcuts, the FIRST EDITION, polished calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, £1 58—1853

(10 ALBERT Smith's A Month at Constantinople, woodcuts, 12mo, cloth, 55—1851

(11 ALDINE. Pontani Opera, the RARE FIRST EDITION, Small Srp

BEAUTIFUL COPY, handsomely bound brown morocco, super extra tooled

sides, with anchor gilt edges, BY CAPE, £5 5s-Aldus Venet, 1533 (12 ALDINE Martial. Martialis Epigrammata in Amphitheatrum Cæsaris,


edges, by Cuzin, with gold anchor on sides, £6 6s—Aldus Venet, 1501 [13 ALMACKS, a Novel, 3 vols, post 8vo, half calf, 55—1827 ALPINE. Ball (J.) Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, a Series of Excursions

by Members of the Alpine Club, plates, some coloured, BOTH SERIES, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth, £4 45—1859

(15 ALPINE. Bray (Mrs.) The Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland, 3 vols, post 8vo, boards, 9s—1841


ALPINE. Gilbert and Churchill's The Dolomite Mountains, Excursions

through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli, numerous illustrations 8vo, cloth, £1 10s—1864

[17 ALPINE. The Freebooter of the Alps, a Romance, by James Griffin, 2 vols, 12mo, old binding, UNCUT, 58—1821

[18 ALPINE. Wills (A.) Wanderings among the High Alps, frontispiece, post 8vo, cloth, 155—1856

[19 AMERICA. Blome (Richard) A Description of the Island of Jamaica,

with the other Isles and Territories in America to which the English are related, taken from the notes of Sir Thomas Gruich, Knight, Govenour of Jamaica, and other experienced persons in the said places, 3 folding maps, 18mo, whole bound, polished calf extra, yellow edges, £3 35—London, T. Milbourn, 1672

[20 AMERICA. Delle Lettere Americane, folding map and curious engraved titles, 2 vols, 8vo, Spanish calf, 108—Cosmopoli, 1780

21 AMERICA. The Revolution in America, by Raynal, with Notes, 12mo, calf, 3s 6d- London, 1781

[22 AMOURS (The) and Aventures of Charles Careless, Esq., interspersed

with a variety of Curious and Entertaining Anecdotes, Droil and Surprising Scenes, drawn from Real Life, written by Himself, 2 vols, 12mo, calf, £1 55—1744

[23 AMOURS, Favourites and Beauties of Henry of Windsor, an Historical

and Biographical Apicula, by a Verderer of Windsor Forest, 3 vols in 1, 12mo, half calf, 155—1817

[24 ANACREON, The Odes of, translated into English Verse, with Notes,

fine portrait, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, russia neat, 55—1805 AN ALGERIAN Monkey versus British Apes, a Satirical, Political,

Poetical Squib, by “The Spectre,” 26 cuts by Gilbert, 8vo, half bound, 53–1864

[26 ANECDOTES of Monkeys. Apology Addressed to the Travellers'

Club, or Anecdotes of Monkeys, 12mo, new, half calf gilt, gilt top, 12s 6–J. Jurray, 1835

(27 ANECDOTE and Wit, the Circle of Comic and Humorous Tales,

Epigrams, &c., by Geo. Coleman, 12mo, new calf gilt, gilt edges, 9s — 1830

[28 ANGLICAN Mysteries of Paris, in the Stirring Adventures of Captain

Mars and his Two Friends, Mess. Scribbley and Daubiton, VERY HUMOROUS PLATES, 4to, cloth, 98-1870

[29 ANGLING. Bibliotheca Piscatoria, a Catalogue of Books on Angling,

The Fisheries and Fish Culture, with Bibliographical Notes and Appendix of Citations touching on Angling and Fishing, from old English Authors, by Westwood and Satchell, 8vo, cloth, 155—1983

[30 ANGLING. Newland (Henry). The Erne, its Legends and its

Fly Fishing, coloured front, and title, and plates, post Svo, cloth, £1 55 -1851

[31 ANGLING. The Treatise of Fysshynge wyth an Angle by Dame

Juliana Bemers, a facsimile reproduction of the First EDITION, printed by Wynkyn de Worde at Westminster, PRINTED ON HAND-MADE PAPER, 4to, vellum extra, UNCUT, 12s 6d-1880


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ANGLING. The Young Anglers' Guide, comprising Instructions in

Fly-Fishing, Bottom-Fishing, Trolling, &c., 26 engravings, 80, new half calf, gilt top, 10s 6d—J. Cheek, at the Golden Perch, 1839

[33 ANGLING. Wilson's The Rod and the Gun, being Two Treatises on

Angling and Shooting, plates, post 8vo, cloth, 7s 60—1841 (34 ANGLO-SAXON Sagas, an Examination of their value as Aids to

History, by Daniel H. Haigh, 8vo, cloth, 7s 60-1861 ANGLO-SAXON Grammar, illustrated by the Sanskrit, Gothic, Old

Saxon, Old Friesic, Old Norse, &c., by Francis A. Marsh, 8vo, cloth, 128—1870

(36 ANGLO-SAXON Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, anciently

used in the Anglo-Saxon Church, with Notes, &c., by Ě. Elstob, 8vo, calf, 7s 60-1709

[37 ANGLO-SAXON and English Dictionray, by Rev. Joseph Bosworth,

8vo, cloth, 88—1848 ANSTEY (C.) The New Bath Guide, or Memoirs of the B-N-R-D

Family, in a series of Poetical Epistles, woodeut illustrations, 12mo,

russia neat, gilt edges, 7s 60—1804 ANTI-JACOBIN Poetry, by Canning, Carlisle, Frere, Gifford, Pitt

and others, Notes by Edmonds, 6 etchings by Gillray, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 195—1854

*40 ARABIAN Nights. The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night,

now first completely done into English Prose and Verse, from the original Arabic, by John Payne, Author of " Villon's Poems," &c., 9 vols, 8vo, beautifully printed on hand-made paper-London, Printed for the Villon Society, 1883

(41 * * Price on application, ARABIAN Nights, The, Translated with Explanatory Notes by Lane,

600 WOODCUTS BY HARVEY, and illuminated titles by Owen Jones, 3 vols, 8vo, original cloth gilt, UNCUT EDGES, £2 10s—1847

42 ARABIAN Poetry for English Readers, edited with Introductions and Notes, by W. A. Clouston, 8vo, UNCUT, £1 5s—Glasgow, 1881 (43

LARGE PAPER, scarce, only 70 copies having been privately printed for subscribers. ARETINO. Tre Primi Canti di Marfisa del Divino Pietro Aretino,

half-length portrait on title and curious woodcuts, 12mo, VERY FINE COPY, blue morocco neat, gilt edges, by Derome, with his ticket, BARE, £2 29Vinegia, 1644


MINIATURES AND BORDERINGS from various Illuminated MSS., by Henry Noel Humphreys, 8vo, artistic composite binding, gilt edges, £1 58—1840

45 ART Union Illustrations to Byron's Childe Harold, 30 engravings, 4to. half morocco neat, 7s 60—1855

(46 A SIMPLE Story, by Mrs. Inchbald (being vol 28 of Barbould's British Novelists), 12mo, half calf, 108—1820

47 This volume is most frequently wanting in order to make up sets. A SOLDIER'S Album, with humorous coloured frontispiece, post svo

newly bound, half calf gilt, gilt top, 7s 6d-Fores, Piccadilly, 1876 48



A SPELLING Dictionary of the English Language on a New Plan,

for the use of Young Gentlemen, Ladies, and Foreigners, 32mo, CHARMING COPY, newly bound, polished calf super extra, yellow edges, 12s 6d-Carnan and Newbery, 1770

[49 AUTOGRAPHS. An interesting Collection of Historical Autograph

Letters, Documents, Signatures, &c., including a fine Autograph of ROBERT CECYLL, the Earl of Northumberland (1601), E. Wooton, &c., Yote of Hand or 1.0.U. of the CELEBRATED MARQUIS OF WORCESTER, dated 1655, Receipt signed by Sir ROBERT WALPOLE, 1724, Signatures of the CELEBRATED VIDOCQ, Chas. Foc, Lord North, G. Dyer, &c., &c., forming an Unique Collection, in all over 300 laid down in 2 Folio Volumes, £5 5s

[50 ABBLE Brook Songs, by J. H. M’Naughton, post Svo, cloth presentation copy to B. W. Proctor, 38

[51 AB Ballads, The Much Sound and Little Sense, by W. S. Gilbert,

more “Bab” Ballads, ILLUSTRATIONS BY THE AUTHOR, 2 vols, square 8vo, original cloth, £1 15—1869

[51" BANIER'S Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide en Latin et en François,

de la Traduction de M. l'Abbé Banier, avec des Explications Histori, (ples, 4 vols, 4to, illustrated with 140 BEAUTIFUL PLATES BY EISEN, MONNET, MOREAU, BOUCHER, GRAVELOT, and others, 30 VIGNETTES

BY CHOFFARD, &c., calf, £18 188—à Paris, chez Leclerc, 1767-70 BARRINGTON (Sir Jonah) Personal Sketches of his Own Times,

THIRD EDITION by Townsend Young, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 155—1869 [53 BARRY Cornwall's Charles Lamb, a Memoir, five portraits, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, half calf gilt, 155—1856

[54 BARRY St. Ledger. Mr. Blount's MSS., being Selections from the

Papers of a Man of the World, 2 vols, 12mo, newly bound, half calf estra, gilt tops, 108—1843

[55 BAXTER (G. R. Wythen) Humour and Pathos, or Essays, Sketches,

and Tales, ILLUSTRATIONS BY FRANK HOWARD, post 8vo, new half calf yilt, gilt top, 108—G. Routledge, Ryder's Court, 1842

[56 BELL'S British Theatre, illustrated with upwards of 90 fine plates and

character portraits of eminent female and male performers by Smirke,

uthard, Fuseli, De Wilde, and others, vols 1 to 18, LARGE PAPER, calf, 42 105-1780, &c.

[57 BEN Bradshawe, the Man without a Head, a Novel, WITH HUMOROUS

PLATES by ONWHYN, 3 vols, post 8vo, new half calf, flat backs, gilt tops, VERY SCARCE, £1 155—1845

[58 BENNETT'S Illustrations, Quarles, Emblems, ILLUSTRATED CHARLES BENNETT and W. HARRY ROGERS, small 4to, cloth, 9s—1861

[59 BENNETT (C. H.) The Surprising Adventures of Young Munchausen, most humorous illustrations, small 4to, cloth, 95—1865

[60 BENNETT (H.) The Treasury of Wit, about 1,200 of the best Jests,

Greek, Roman, Eastern, Spanish, Italian, German, newly translated, 2 vols, post 8vo, new half calf gilt, 155—1786

[61 BEWICK'S History of Quadrupeds, the FIRST EDITION, best impres

sions of the woodcuts, 8vo, half calf gilt, £2 155—Newcastle, 1790 (62


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