SOCIAL Evil. Wardlaw (Ralph) Lectures on Female Prostitution, 12mo, cioth, 98-1843

[425 SONGS. Skylark (The) A Choice Selection of the most admired

Popular Songs, Heroic, Plaintive, Sentimental, Humorous, and Bacchanalian, set to Music, frontispiece by Corbould, post 8vo, newly bound, half lerant morocco, gilt top, 108---1831

(426 SONGS. Vine (Robert) New Court Songs and Poems, small 8vo, calf neat, £1 105-1672

[427 This copy sold for £2 178 in Mitford's sale. SOULIE (Frédéric) Les Mémoires du Diable, 8 vols, 8vo, half bound, UNCUT EDGES, 12s 6d-Paris, 1838

[428 SOUTHEY (Robert) The Lay of the Laureate-Carmen Nuptiale-the FIRST EDITIOX, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, 58--1816

(429 SOUTHEY (R.) Roderick, the Last of the Goths, FIRST EDITION, 4to. from the Duke of Norfolk's Library, calf, 95—1814

(430 SOUTHEY (R.) Essays, Moral and Political, first collected edition, 2 vols, 12ino, board:, UNCUT, 95-1832

(431 SPAIN. Historia della perdita, e Riacquisto della Spagno Occupata

da Mori de padre Bartolomeo de Rogatis, 4 vols, 18mo, whole bound, relium neat, 12s 6d--Bologna, 1083

(432 SPIRITUAL Quixote, The, or the Summer's Ramble of Mr. Geoffry

Wildgoose, a Comic Romance, 3 vols, 12mo, calf, 7s 6d--1783 ; another copy, newly rebacked, 10s

(439 SPORTING. Tattersall's (George) Pictorial Gallery of English Race

horses, and a History of the Principal Operations of the Turf, containing portraits of all the winners of the Derby, Oaks, and St. Leger Stakex, 90 platex elegantly engraved on steel, after paintings by COOPER, HERRING, ALKEN, HANCOCK, &c., imperial Svo, cloth, UNCUT, FINE COPY, £3 103-1850

[434 STAFFORD. Clive's Documents connected with the History of

Ludlow, and the Lords Marchers, numerous plates and cuts (the back of come plater slightly library stamped), imperial 8vo, cloth, 158– Van l'oorst, 1841

[435 STAFFORDSHIRE, Nightingale (J.) Topographical and Historical Description of, plates, voards, 5s—1810

(436 STRUTT S Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, by William Hone, woodcuts, calf, 7s 60—1834

[437 SUE (Eugène) Le Juif Errant, EDITION ILLUSTRÉE PAR LOUIS HUARD, &c.

hundreds of whole page and other illustrations, 3 vols, imperial 8vo, EXCEPTIONALLY FINE CLEAN COPY, half morocco, gilt, UNCUT EDGES, £1 15s--Bruxelles, 1816

(438 SURR (T.S.) A Winter in London, or Sketches of Fashion, 3 vols, 12mo, cloth, 93--1806

[433 A searce oli novel containing passages which gave great offence to the

Duchess of Devonshire. SURREY and Wyatt's Poctical Works, portraits, the ALDINE EDITION, 2 vols, large paper, post 8vo, cloth, 10s-Pickering, 1831



SWIFT (Dean) A Tale of a Tub, to which is added the Battle between

the Ancient and Modern Books, Notes by Wotton and others, sIX VERY HUMOROUS COLOURED PLATES by Thurston, post 8vo, euf, 158–1811

441 SWIFTS (Dean) Tale of a Tub, and Battle between the Ancient and

Modern Books in St. James's Library, Notes by Wotton and others, with a series of 8 humorous plates by JULLER, post 8vo, calj gilt, 128 60-1760

442 SWINBURNE (A. C.) Note on Charlotte Bronté, FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d-1877

443 SWINBURNE (A. C.) Notes on Poems and Reviews, the FIRST

EDITION, 8vo, £1 15—1866 SWINBURNE. Pleasure, a Holiday Book of Prose and Verse, 8vo, 55-New York

445 Includes an original Poem, "Tristram and Isenlt," by A. O. Swinburne. ALFOURD (T. N.) Final Memorials of Charles Lamb, chiefly

his Letters, NOT BEFORE PUBLISHED, with Sketches of some of his Companions, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, new half calf gilt, gilt top, £1 10s-1848

[446 TELEMACHUS, The Adventures of, from the French of Fenelon, by

Hawkesworth and Gregory, with Life of the Author, embellished out 12 elegant engravings, from the designs of Stothard and Burney, 2 rols, 4to, in 1, beautiņully bound in russia extra, chastely tooled siues sed

back, gilt edges, by Kalthoeber, £1 10s—1797 TENNENT (Sir E.) Ceylon, Physical, Historical, Topographical,

with its Natural History, Antiquities and Productions, illustratorsi FOURTH EDITION, thoroughly revised, 2 vols, 8vo, very fine copy, mely bound by Rivière, polished calf extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, £2 55—1500

418 TENNYSON (A.) The Princess, FIRST EDITION, 1847; Enoch Arden,

FIRST EDITION, 1864; and Maud, 1862, bound together in one rol,

£1 1s THACKERAY (W. M.) Denis Duval, the FIRST EDITION, post Pro,

original cloth, UNCUT, 155-1867 THOM (Walter) Pedestrianism, or an Account of the Performances of

Celebrated Pedestrians during the last and present Century, with a full Narrative of Captain Barclay's public and private Matches, and an Essay on Training, full length portrait of Captain Barclay, bards, UNCUT, 18s—Aberdern, 1813

451 THOMSON (Richard) Historical Essay on Vagna Charta, to which

are added The Great Charter, in Latin and English, and other Charters, with additional illustrations, printed within pretty

borders, half calf, 15sJ. Major, 1829 TRAGICUM Theatrum actorum et casuum, Tragicorum Londini

Publice celebratorum, &c., with 9 portraits of Historical Worthies, and a folding plate of Whitehall, 12mo, fine copy in vellum, £1 58-

Amst., J., Jansonium, 1649 TROLLOPE (Frances) The Vicar of Wrexhill, amusing plates by HER

VIEU, 3 vols, hali calf, 9s-1837; and The Widow Barnaby, 3 rols, half calf, 5s--1839


TROLLOPE (Mrs.) The Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong,

the Factory Boy, the FIRST EDITION, with many kumorous plates by HERVIBU, 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, by Riviere, and cleaned throughout at cost of 158 60, £1 55—1840

(455 TURNER (J. M. W.) The Rivers of France, 61 highly finished engravings

from original drawings by J. M. W. Turner, with descriptions in French and English by Ritchi ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, royal 8vo, red morocco. gilt edges, £2 55—1837

[456 TYNDALL (J.) Mountaineering, in 1861, 2 views of Alpine Mountains and Glaciers, small 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 15—1862

(457 TYNDALL (I.) The Glaciers of the Alps, plates, post 8vo, cloth, scarce, £2 28-1860

[458 AUGHAN (R. A.) Hours with the Mystics, a Contribution to the

History of Religious Opinion, SECOND EDITION, revised and augmented by the Author, 2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, £1 55—1860 (459


VILLON (Master Francis), Poems of, now first done into English Verse

in the Originial Poems by John Payne, square 12mo, vellum, gilt, UNCUT EDGES, £6 6s--London, printed for the Villon Society for private distribution, 1878

[460 VOLTAIRE'S Complete Works, translated from the French, with

Notes, Historical and Critical, by Smollett, Francklin and others, frontispieces and portraits, 35 vols, 12mo, halj calf, newly corered, SCARCE, £5 155—1762

(461 VYNER (R. T.) Notitia Venatica, a Treatise on Fox-Hunting, embracing

the General Management of Hounds, and the Diseases of Dogs, including Distemper and Rabies, also Kennel Lameness, SECOND AND BEST EDITION, portrait, 9 plates by Alken and others, and woodcuts, royal 8vo, original cloth, £1 58-- Ackermann, 1847

(462 ALPOLE (R.) Scarce Translations of the 17th Century from the Latin Poets, with the Text and Miscellaneous Translations from the Greek, Spanish, Italian, &c., 12mo, calf, 98-1805

(463 WALSH (William) Works; to Eugenia, the Hospital of Fools, Letters

Amorous and Gallant, &c., 8vo, old calf, 9s-E. Curll, 1736 (464 WALTON and Cotton's Complete Angler; Walton's Lives, and

Zouch's Life of Walton and his Contemporaries, MAJOR'S BEAU-
together 3 vols, 8vo, newly and handsomely bound, BEST GREEN LEVANT

[465 WALTON and Cotton. The Complete Angler, with Notes, Historical,

Critical, and Explanatory, by John Hawkins, Portrait and Plates by
Wale and Ryland, 8vo, FINE COPY, panel calf super extra, gilt leaves, BY
RIVIERE, £2 155—1760

[466 *.* THE FIRST EDITION by Hawkins. The unfortunate Ryland, who was

hanged at Tyburn; for forgery, received 5 guineas a plate for the engravings. WALTON and Cotton's Angler, with Lives of the Authors and Notes

by Hawkins, plates, the SEVENTH EDITION, with improvements and additions, 8vo, newly bound, polished calf gilt, gilt top, £1 10s-1808




WALTON and Cotton's Complete Angler, with Notes Biographical

and Explanatory, and Lives of the Authors, numerous pretty illustrations, 8vo, half morocco gilt, gilt top, UNCUT, £1 1s - Washbourne, 1842

(469 WAT Tyler, a Dramatic Poem, by Southey, the BARE FIRST EDITION,

12mo, original wrapper, UNCUT, £1 18-Sherwood and Co., 1817 (409 WAT Tyler. A Dramatic Poem by Southey, a NEW EDITION, with a

Preface suitable to Recent Circumstances, 12mo, original urapper, UNCUT, 5s-W. Hone, 1817

(470 An exact reprint of the rare suppressed edition, with new Preface. WESLEY (Charles) Hymns and Sacred Poems, the BARE FIRST

EDITION, 2 vols, 12mo, calf antique, red edges, £2 10s-Bristol, Feliz
Summerley, 1749

(471 WHARTON (G. and P.) Wits and Beaux of Society, PLATES BY Puz,

2 vols, post 8vo, neu half morocco gilt, gilt tops, £1 55—1860; and Queens of Society, plates by Doyle, 2 vols, uniformly bound, gilt edges, £1 58

1860 WHITMAN (Walt.) Leaves of Grass, SCARCE EDITION, post sro,

morocco, £1 1s-New York, 1867 WILKES (John) Speeches in the House of Commons, 8vo, calf, is 61

--PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1786 WILLIAMS (Helen Maria) Letters Written in France in 179),

with Anecdotes of the French Revolution and Memoirs of Mons. ar.i

Mad. du F 8 vols, 12mo, calf, 9s-1796 WINSLOW (Forbes) The Anatomy of Suicide, frontispiece, Svo, clotà, 95-1840

(176 WITCHCRAFT Webster (J.) The Displaying of Supposed Witch

craft, wherein is affirmed that there are many sorts of Deceivers and Imposters, and divers persons under a Passive Delusion of Melanchols and Fancy, but that there is a Corporeal League made betwixt the Devil and the Witch, or that he sucks on the Witches Body, has Carnal Copulation, &c., &c., folio, calf, £2 25—1677

With a manuscript letter relative to the Author inserted, dated Carhall, 17th March, 1797, and written by a friend of Mr. James Crossley, of

Cheetham College. WITCHCRAFT. The Question of Witchcraft Debated, or a Discourse

against their Opinion that affirm Witches, by J. WAGSTAFF, of Oriel College, Oxford, 12mo, calí, 10s-London, printed in the year 1669

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WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Vindication of the Rights of Women,

the FIRST EDITION, 8vo, newly bound by Ririère, hal light calf gilt

yellow edges, £1 55-1792 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) on the Origin and Progress of the

French Revolution, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, uniformly bound with precedine',

£1 58--1794 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Letters during a Residence in

Sweden, Norway and Denmark, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, uniformly bund with preceding, £l 18–1790


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WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Young Grandison, translated from

the Dutch of Madame Cambon, 2 vols, 12mo, uniformly bound with preceding, VERY RARE, £2 25–1790

(482 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Original Stories from Real Life,

12mo, uniformly bound with preceding, very scarce, £1 5s—1791 [483 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Memoirs by William Godwin, oval

portrait by Opie, FIRST EDITIon, 12mo, uniformly bound with preceding, £1 10s-1798

(484 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary), A Defence of the Character and Conduct of, 12mo, uniformly bound with preceding, £1 58—1803 [485

*** A very fine and rare series of Mary Wollstonecraft's works, WOMAN. La Femme dans l'Inde Antique, par Mlle. Clarisse Bader, 8vo, half morocco, 10s 6d-Paris, 1867

1486 WORDSWORTH (W.) Poetical Works, 6 vols, 18mo, cloth, 10s— 1849

[487 ACHTING round the West of England, by L'Estrange, coloured front., 8vo, cloth, 55—1865

(488 ORK Races. An authentic Racing Calendar of all the Plates,

Sweepstakes, Matches, &c., run for at York from 1709 to 1785, with account of Cock-Matches fought, and the Races at Hambleton, Richmond, Beverley, &c. (by W. Pick), Svo, 10s—York, N.D. [489

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SCOTCH LITERATURE. A COLLECTION of Loyal Songs for the Use of the Revolution Club,

SOME OF WHICH NEVER BEFORE PRINTED, 12mo, half calf, gilt top, £1 10s-Edinburgh, Robert Fleming, 1748

(490 An interesting Historical Collection. The Revolution Club met regularly in Edinburgh to celebrate the accession of William and Mary. The volume contains many songs in reference to the Rebellions of 1715 and 1745 from the Royalist side. Amongst others “Britannia," the early version of “Rule

Britannia." AYTOUN (W. E.), Memoirs of, by Theodore Martin, portrait, post 8vo, cloth, 58-1867

(491 Contains some letters of W. M. Thackeray. Aytoun and Martin were the

anthors conjointly of the " Bon Gaultier Ballads." BURNS' (Robert) Life, by Cunningham, portrait, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d1835

(492 BURNS' (Robert) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, with list of


LONDON EDITION, portrait by Nasmyth, culf, £1 155—1787 (493 BURNSIANA. Kemble (Stephen George) Odes, Lyrical Ballads, and

Poems on Various Occasions, portrait of the Author, 8vo, half morocco, 7s 6d-Edinburgh, 1809

(494 BURNSIANA. Mylne (James, of Lochill), Poems and Two Tragedies, 8vo, half calj neat, gilt top, UNCUT, 7s 6d-Edin., 1790

(495 BURNSIANA. Poems by John Lee Lewes, frontispiece, royal 8vo. halj morocco, 5sLiverpool, 1811


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