WALDRON'S (F. G.) Literary Museum, or Selection
of Scarce Old Tracts-viz., The Right Renoumyde Letters, A Delicate
Diet for Dainty Mouthed Droonkardes, Poems of Spenser (not in any
edition), Peacham's Period of Mourning in Six Visions, Specimen of a
New Edition of Ben Jonson, Downe's Roscius Anglicus, or Theatrical
History, &c. (9), in 1 vol, 8vo, half morocco, UNCUT, printed for the
Editor, 10s 6d-1792
WAT TYLER. A Dramatic Poem by Southey, a NEW
EDITION, with a Preface suitable to Recent Circumstances, 12mo,
original wrapper, UNCUT, 2s 6d-W. Hone, 1816

An exact reprint of the rare suppressed edition, with the addition of a new
Preface suitable to recent circumstances.





Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth Centuries, published from Ancient MSS., with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary, 3 vols, post Svo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-Edinburgh, 1810 [509 WELLS (Charles J.) Joseph and his Brethren, a Scriptural Drama in Two Acts, by H. L. Howard (ie., Charles J. Wells), the RARE FIRST EDITION, Small 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £4 1031824


WHITMAN'S (Walt.) Leaves of Grass, COMPLETE EDITION, post Svo, cloth, UNCUT, scarce, 15s-Washington, 1872 [511 WHITMAN (Walt.) After All, Not to Create Only, post Svo, original cloth wrapper, 5s—Boston, 1871 [512 WHITMAN (Walt.) Democratic Vistas, and Passage to India, 2 vols, in their original wrappers, bound in 1, half bound, 10s -Washington, 1871 WILKES (J.) An Essay on Woman, small 8vo, original wrapper, UNCUT, £2 28-Aberdeen [514 WILKINSON (Sir J. G.) On Colour and Taste, illustrated by examples in contrast, coloured and plain, 8vo, cloth, 1581853



WILSON (Daniel) Prehistoric Annals of Scotland,

illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-1863

WINKLE'S (R.) Architectural


and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales, complete, 186 highly-finished engravings from sketches taken on the spot, by R. Garland, with Descriptive Letterpress by T. Moule, 3 vols, imperial Svo, clean copy, cloth, UNCUT, gilt tops, £2 12s 6d-1836-42 [517 WITHERS (George) The Psalms of David, Translated into Lyrick Verse according to the scope of the Original, and illustrated, with a Short Argument and a Briefe Prayer or Meditation, before and after every Psalme, 32mo, whole bound, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, £1 11s 6d--Imprinted in the Netherlands, 1632 [518

Vindication of the

Rights of Women, 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, RARE IN
THIS UNCUT STATE, £1 5s-J. Johnson, 1792



Vindication of the


Rights of Women, 8vo, calf, 15s-1792 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) On the Origin and Progress of the French Revolution and the Effect it has produced in Europe, Svo, half bound, 15s—J. Johnson, 1794 [521 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Original Stories from

Real Life, with Conversations calculated to regulate the Affections and form the Mind to Truth and Goodness, the FIRST EDITION, 12mo, newly bound, half calf extra, yellow edges, by RIVIERE, £1 18-J. Johnson, [522


WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Letters written during a short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, FIRST EDITION, Svo, uniform with preceding, 158-1796 523




Memoirs of the Author of "Vindication of the Rights of Women" (Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin), by William Godwin, oval portrait by Òpie, 12mo, uniformly bound with preceding, £1 4s-J. Johnson, 1798 WOODWARD (G. M.) Eccentric Excursions, or Literary and Pictorial Sketches of Countenance, Character, and Country in different parts of England and South Wales, interspersed with curious Anecdotes, illustrated by 93 highly amusing coloured plates, some folding, in Isaac Cruikshank's best style, after Woodward, 4to, half morocco, marbled leaves, £3 13s Cd-1796-8

Wanting seven plates and the title, yet desirable even in this state, having become very scarce. Comerford's copy fetched over £7.

WORDSWORTH (William) Poetical



Works, the

FIRST COLLECTED EDITION, with several new pieces added, 5 vols, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, £1 1s-1827



Ecclesiastical Sketches, the


FIRST EDITION, 8vo, half bound, 10s-1822 WORDSWORTH (W.) The White Doe of Rylstone, or the Fall of the Nortons, a Poem, the FIRST EDITION, frontispiece, 4to, boards, UNCUT, 15s-1815 [528 WORDSWORTH (W.) The Prelude, or Growth of a Poet's Mind, an Autobiographical Poem, the FIRST EDITION, 8vo, cloth, 9s-Moxon, 1850



WYCHERLEY (W.) Works, in 1 volume, containing: Plain Dealer, Country Wife, Gentleman Dancing Master, and Love in a Wood, 8vo, calf, 9s-1713 WORSHIP of Bacchus, The, a large and characteristic Engraving by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, from the original Picture in the South Kensington Museum, PROOF IMPRESSION, in maple frame (rather loose), size 4 feet 3 inches by 3 feet, £2 5s


ONGE (C. M.) The History of Sir Thomas Thumb, numerous illustrations by J. B., the ORIGINAL EDITION, square 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 9s-1855


CRUIKSHANK. Ainsworth's Tower of London, with excellent impressions of the 40 plates and numerous woodcuts by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, 8vo, fine copy in the original cloth, UNCUT, £1 15s-1844 CRUIKSHANK. Auldjo (John) Visit to Constantinople and some of the Greek Islands in 1833, plates by G. Cruikshank, 8vo, half calf gilt, 12s 6d-1835


Cat's Tail, The, being the History of Childe Merlin, by the Baroness de Katzleben, 3 plates by G. C., 12mo, original wrapper, 5s-1831


Cervantes' Don Quixote, translated

by Jarvis, NUMEROUS PLATES BY ROBERT CRUIKSHANK, 2 vols, 12mo, half red morocco extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, 18s-1828

CRUIKSHANK'S Comic Almanack, by Thackeray, Albert Smith, Gilbert à Beckett, and the Brothers Mayhew, many hundred illustrations, the complete series in 2 vols, post 8vo, tree calf extra, marbled leaves, £1 4s


Chamisso's Peter Schlemihl, the Shadowless Man, translated, THIRD EDITION, plates by G. Cruikshank, half red Levant morocco extra, gilt top, 12s 6d-1861

CRUIKSHANK. Egan (Pierce) Tom and Jerry, or Life in London, coloured plates by Cruikshank, post 8vo, tree calf extra, marbled leaves, 12s 6d

CRUIKSHANK. Facetiæ, Old Booty's Ghost, The Devil's Visit, Devil's Walk, Real Devil's Visit, Brighton, and Steamers r. Stages, illustrated by G. and R. Cruikshank, vols, NEWLY BOUND, half Levant morocco extra, gilt edges, £2 5s-1830, &c. CRUIKSHANK.

Kidd's Little World of Great and Good Things, The Book of Books, or London as it is, and as it ought to be, and Century of Wisdom in all its Branches, humorous cuts by Cruikshank, Seymour and Bonner, 3 vols, fcap, cloth, 10s 6d

CRUIKSHANK. Lady Arabella, or the Adventures of & Doll, by Miss Pardoe, 4 coloured plates by G. C., crown 8vo, newly bound, half morocco, 95-N.D.


Lady and the Saint, The, in Three Cantos, 10 vignette illustrations by ROBERT CRUIKSHANK, post Svo, cloth, UNCUT, 7s 6d


My Sketch Book, illustrated with hundreds of Comic Sketches, engraved on 37 plates, INDIA PAPER, oblong 4to, 158

CRUIKSHANK. Talpa, or Chronicles of a Clay Farm, by Charles Wren Hoskyns, cuts by George Cruikshank, newly bound, half morocco, gilt top-1857

CRUIKSHANK. The Westminster Review for June, 1840, containing W. M. THACKERAY'S ESSay on George CRUIKSHANK, with all the humorous facsimile illustrations, woodcut and whole-page, 8vo, IN THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER, £2 58-1840

CRUIKSHANK. Three Courses and a Dessert, the Decorations by George Cruikshank, 8vo, half bound, UNCUT (title

The Fourth Folio of

SHAKESPEARE (William) Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, published according to the True Original Copies; unto which is added seven Plays never before printed in folio, the FOURTH EDITION, folio, russia, £10 10s—Printed for II. Herringman, 1685.

The wrong portrait, and one cover of binding loose, otherwise a very good copy. Formerly belonged to Joseph Crawhall, author of Newcastle Fisher's Garland." The late F. Ouvry's copy sold at Sotheby's last April for £28.

Rare Manuscript on Vellum.

HUGONIS de Sancto Victore, Soliloquium de Arra Animæ et de Peccatis mortalibus; item Les Parolles de Frere Gilles Lay de l'ordre les Freres Menours de plusieurs vertus; S. Effrem de Compunctione Cordis, de Gloria Celesti, de Luctu et de Judicio Divino extremo; Enfer pour adviser la Creature a soy garder de pecher; les Joyes de Paradiz, &c. Manuscript on vellum, beautifully written, with bordered miniature and capital letters, illuminated in gold and colours, 94 leaves, small 8vo, whole bound brown morocco, blind tooled, gilt edges, £ 6s.

An Unique Copy of

A BREFE CHRONYCLE concernynge the Examinacyon and Death of the blessed martyr of Christ Sir Johan Oldecastell, the Lorde Cobham, collected togyther by Johan Bale, to which is added, An Appendix of Original Instruments, full length portrait on title, PRINTED ENTIRELY ON VELLUM, large 8vo. old blue morocco, gilt edges, £7 7s-London, printed for C Davis, 1729.

EGAN (Pierce) Life in London, or the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his elegant Friend CORINTHIAN Toм, accompanied by BOB LOGIC, in their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis, EMBELLISHED WITH 36 COLOURED PLATES OF SCENES FROM REAL LIFE, DESIGNED AND ETCHED BY J. R. and GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, and numerous original designs on wood by the same artists, the FIRST EDITION, royal Svo, half calf, VERY GOOD COPY, £6 6s— 1821.


The Lady's Diary-The Union Almanack-Gadbury's Diary-Moore's Vox Stellarum-Wing's Almanack-Tanner's Angelus Britannicus-Saunder's Apollo AnglicanusPartridge's Merlinus Redivivus-Colby's Merlinus Anglicanus, Junior-Andrews's Great News from the Stars-and Poor Robin's Almanack (ELEVEN), all published in the year 1714, titles printed in red, and bound in 1 vol, small 8vo, old blue morocco, red edges, WITH GILT CROWN AND MONOGRAM OF QUEEN ANNE on the corners of both the two covers and the panels at back, £1 10s, IN FINE PRESERVATION.

This interesting volume contains Partridge's Almanack for 1714, with a Letter to Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq. Partridge was immortalised by Swift's Predictions for the year 1708, in which Partridge's death was foretold for the following 29th of April. This was followed by an account of the death of Partridge. An indignant denial was published, to which Swift published a rejoinder, "A Vindication of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq."--Vide Note of Col. Grant's on fly-leaf.

ELIOT (George) Romola, illustrated by Sir Frederick Leighton, PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, 2 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth, UNCUT,

HADEN (Seymour) Etudes a l'eau-Forte, A COMPLETE SET, COMPRISING 33 BEAUTIFUL ETCHINGS, with descriptive letterpress by Burty, in folio, portfolio, 30 guineas.

Includes the celebrated Shere Mill Pond, Out of the Study Window, Sunset on the Thames, Whistler's House at Old Chelsea, The Towing Path, Sunset in Tipperary, Newcastle-on-Emlyn, Early Morning in Richmond Park, and Battersea Reach, which have been selected by Mr. Hamerton in his Etchers and Etching; SECOND EDITION; for criticism, as illustrative of the best work of the greatest English etcher.

ETCHING CLUB. Twenty-one exquisitely beautiful Etchings, by Members of the Etching Club, THE COMPLETE SERIES, BRILLIANT PROOF IMPRESSIONS, ON INDIA PAPER, in portfolio, £15-1879.

The issue limited to seventy-five copies, subscriber's price £21. The Etchings are all SIGNED ARTIST'S PROOFS and attached to cardboard by two corners only, with protective


The following are the subjects and the artists:-Waiting
for Help, R. Ansdell, R.A.; The Shepherd's Revenge, R.
Ansdell, R.A.; Toujours Fidéle, P. H. Calderon, R.A.; Hope
Deferred, C. W. Cope, R.A.; Hush! C. W. Cope, R.A.; Nor-
wich Cathedral, J. P. Heseltine; Near Ramsgate, J. P.
Heseltine; Artists and Amateurs, J. E. Hodgson, A.R.A.;
Dolce far Niente, J. E. Hodgson, A.R.A.; The Land of Cuyp,
J. C. Hook, R.A.; A Trespasser, J. C. Horsley, R.A.; The
Father's Leave-Taking, W. Holman Hunt; A Penny for her
Thoughts, J. E. Millais, R.A.; About Fairies, G. B. O'Neill;
Daisies, G. B. O'Neill; The Lonely Tower, Samuel Palmer;
The Highland Outpost, J. Pettie, R.A.; At Bay, J. Pettie,
R.A.; Rustic Courtship, R. Redgrave, R.A.; Eugene Aram,
R. Redgrave, R.A.; A Hunting Morning-Bringing over the
Hounds, F. Tayler.

CUITT'S (George) Wanderings and Pencillings amongst the Ruins of the Olden Time; a Series of 70 beautiful Etchings of the most beautiful examples of the Architecture of the Middle Ages, and the Picturesque Scenery of England and Wales: proofs on Japanese paper, royal folio, in half maroon morocco, portfolio. £449-1855.

The Edition de Luxe of

SHAKESPEARE'S WORKS, edited by Howard
BERT, R.A., all printed on REAL CHINA PAPER and mounted in the
Text, complete in 15 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth boards, £12 12s-1881.
Only 1,000 copies printed, uniform in size and type with
the Dickens and Thackeray.

WHITAKER'S History of the Town and Parish of Leeds and Parts adjacent, BEST EDITION, with ADDITIONS, including the whole of THORESBY'S DUCATUS LEQDIENSIS, the Loidis and Elmete, also Airedale, Wharfdale, and the Vale of Calder, with Genealogical Tables and numerous fine plates, also THE APPENDIX, often wanting, 2 vols, royal folio, half morocco neat, extra blind tooled, gilt

£19 19a 1816

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