DELVAU (A.) Historie Anecdotique des Barrières

de Paris, avec 10 Eaux-fortes par Emile Thérond, post 8vo, original wrapper (épuisé), 10sParis, 1865

(154 DEMONOLOGIA, or Natural Knowledge Revealed,

being an Exposé of Ancient and Modern Superstitions, Credulity, Fanaticism, Enthusiasm, and Imposture, by J. S. F., folding frontispiece, post 8vo, boards, UNCUT, 128 60—1831

[155 DERBY. Hutton (W.) The History of Derby, from

the Remote Ages of Antiquity to the Year 1791, with the illustrious Families which have inherited its Honours, 19 plates, 8vo, calf, 15s1791

(156 DEVIL in London. Little Hydrogen, or the Devil

on Two Sticks in London, 12 plates by C. Williams, the Caricaturist, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, £1 1sStockdale, 1819

(157 DIBDIN (Dr. T. F.) The Library Companion, or the

Young Man's Guide and the Old Man's Comfort in the Choice of a Library, SECOND EDITION, thick 8vo, newly bound, half green morocco extra, gilt top, by RIVIERE, £1 10s—1825

(158 The copy presented to the Islington Literary Society by Mr. Geo, Daniel,

the famous book.collector. DICKENS (Charles) Pickwick Papers, Nicholas

Nickleby, Dombey and Son, David Copperfield, Bleak House, and
Little Dorrit, ALL FIRST EDITIONS, with the original illustrations by
Seymour and Phiz, 6 vols, newly bound by RIVIERE, handsome tree calf
extra, gilt edges, £12–1837-57

(159 DICKENS. Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick

Club, the FIRST EDITION, with 43 illustrations by Seymour and Phiz,
Svo, VERY FINE COPY, polished calf extra, gilt eilges, £4 45—1837 (160

This copy contains, in addition, the two suppressed plates by " Buss,"

The Fat Boy and The Cricket Match. DICKENS' Pickwick Papers, a series of 24 Humorous

Etchings from remarkably clever ORIGINAL DRAWINGS by F. W. Pailethorpe, in illustration of scenes in “ Pickwick" which have not been illustrated before, imperial 8vo size, PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, £3 38

[161 Only 100 copies published. The size wiil admit of their insertion in either the original edition or the edition de luxe.

-A Set excellently Coloured by the Artist himself, £3 38 DICKENS. A Curious Dance round a Curious Tree,

by Charles Dickens, crown 8vo (19 pages), IN THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER, £3 35—1852

(162 This work is of such extreme rarity that its very existence has even been doubted in separate form by some well-informed Dickens' collectors. It was

originally published in Household Words. DICKENS. Christmas Books, A COMPLETE SET, com

prising Christmas Carol, Haunted Man, Cricket on the Hearth,
Battle of Life, and The Chimes, with illustrations by Leech, Doyle,
Tenniel, and others, 5 vols, 12mo, ALL FIRST EDITIONS, AND VERY FINE
COPIES IN THE ORIGINAL CLOTH, gilt edges, £7 75-1843-8

[163 DICKENS. Christmas Numbers to Household Words and All the Year Round from 1854 to 1867 inclusive, 14 Numbers

f1 11s bd_1854-67

in criminal mannere oval gyo


DICKENS. Adventures of Oliver Twist, or the Parish

Boy's Progress, the FIRST EDITION, with 24 illustrations on steel by George Cruikshank, 3 vols, post 8vo, IN THE ORIGINAL CLOTH, UNCUT, £7 78–1839

(165 DICKENS. Sketches by Boz, illustrative of Every-day

Life and Every-day People, the FIRST OCTAVO EDITION, ILLUSTRATED WITH 40 ILLUSTRATIONS BY GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, fine tall copy, half calj gilt, marbled leaves, £8 88-1839

(166 DICKENS. Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, the FIRST

EDITION, PLATES BY GEO. CRUIKSHANK, 2 vols, post 8vo, original pink cloth, UNCUT EDGES, £7 75—1838

(167 DICKENS. The Uncommercial Traveller, FIRST


(168 DICKENS. Plays and Poems of, Edited by R. H Shepherd, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, suppressed, £2 10s—1882 [109

For very fine and extensive collection of originals of Dickens, see Catalogue 26. DIEGESIS, The, being a Discovery of the Origin,

Evidences, and Early History of(Christianity never yet before or elsewhere so fully and faithfully set forth, by Rev. R. Taylor, post 8vo, cloth, 12s 60-1844

(170 D'ISRAELI (Isaac) An Essay on the Manners and

Genius of the Literary Character, the FIRST EDITION, newly bound'

polished calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, 155-Cauell and Davies, 1795 [171 D'ISRAELI (I.) The Literary Character, or the

History of Men of Genius, 2 vols, post 8vo, newly bound, half calj ertra, gilt top, 12s 60—1828

172 D'ISRAELI (I.) The Genius of Judaism, post 8vo, boards, UNCUT, very scarce, £1 15–1833

(173 DISRAELI (Benjamin Vivian Grey, the FIRST EDITION, 5 vole, post 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £2 5s—Colburn, 1826

[174 DISRAELI (B.) Sybil, or the Two Natious, FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, post Svo, half calf neat, gilt tops, UNCUT, £1 55—1845

(175 DISRAELI (B.) The Young Duke, “ A Moral Tale,

though Gay,” by the Author of "Vivian Grey," the FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, post Svo, boards, UNCUT, £1 58--1831

[176 DISRAELI (B.) The Revolutionary Epick, a Poem, by the Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, crown 8vo, cloth, 10s-1864 (177

A small number only printed, and long out of print. DORAT. La Déclamation Théatricale, Poëme Didac

tique précedé et suivi de quelques Morceaux de Prose, engraved frontispiece, and 4 beautiful plates by EISEN, post Svo, calf gilt, gilt on marbled edges, £1 59.-Paris, 1771

[178 DORAT. Les Sacrifices de l'Amour, ou Lettres de la

Vicomtesse de Tenanges, et du Chevalier de Versenai; Suivies de Sylvie et Mol hot, vlates by Marillier, 2 vols, post 8vo, uniformly bound with

i mst. et Paris, 1772



DORAT. Lettres en Vers, et Euvres Mélées,

recueillies par lui-même 2 vols, post 8vo, with portrait of Dorat, 2 frontispieces, 9 plates, 11 vignettes, and 10 tail-pieces by EISEN, BEAUTIFUL IMPRESSIONS, uniformly bound with the preceding, £3 10sParis, 1767

180 DORAT Lettres d'une Chanoinesse de Lisbonne

à Jelcour, suivies de ma Philosophie, Idylles de Saint-Cyr, &c., 10 beautiul plates, vignettes, and tail-pieces, by MARILLIER, post 8vo,

uniformly bound with preceding, £1 10s-La Haye and Paris, 1771 181 DORAT. Mes Nouveaux Torts, ou Nouveau Mélange

de Poésies, pour servir de suite aux Fantaisies, frontispiece and 1 plate by MARILLIER, post 8vo, calf gilt, gilt edges, £1- Amst. and Paris, 1775

[182 DORAT. Les Victimes de l'Amour, Paris, 1780 ; et

Epitre a l'Ombre d'un Ami, Paris, Delalain, 1777, in 1 vol, frontispiece and 2 fine plates by MARILLIER, post dvo, calf gilt, gilt eiges, 17s 6d

183 DORAT. Théatre, contenant Régulus et La Feinte

par Amour: le Celibataire ; les Proneurs; et le Malheureux Imaginaire, in 2 vols, with 6 beautiful frontispieces and plates, by MARILLIER, calf gilt, gilt edges, £1 55—1776-82

(184 DORAT. Mes Fantaisies, front., 2 vignettes and 1 tail..

piece, by EISEN, post 8vo, calf (binding soiled), 10s-La Haye et Paris, 1770

[185 DORAT. Les Baisers, précédés du mois de Mai,

poëme, one figure, 23 vignettes, 1 fleuron sur le titre, et 22 culs-de-lampe, PAR EISEN ET MARILLIER, FIRST EDITION, Svo, French calf gilt, gilt edges (some leaves slighty water-stained), £448--La Haye et Paris, 1770

(156 DOYLE (Sir Francis Hastings) The Return of the

Guards, and other Poems, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, £1 5s-Macmillan, 1866

(187 DOYLE. Lemon (Mark) The Enchanted Doil, å

Fairy Tale for Little People, illustrations by Richard Doyle, 8vo, FINE

Affectionately inscribed to Mary and Kate Dickens.
DOYLE. Piccadilly, a Fragment of Contemporary Bio-

graphy, by Laurence Oliphant, the FIRST EDITION, with 8 illustrations lry Richard Doyle, 8vo, newly bound, half calj extra, gilt top, 125 60— 1870

(189 DRAMA. De Castro (J., Comedian) Memoirs of,

with Anecdotes of distinguished Characters, never before printed, scarce Theatricul Advertisements, &c., edited by R. Humphreys, portrait, post 8vo, neily bound, half Levant morocco, gilt top, UNCUT EDGES, 155--1824

[190 DRAMA. Cibber (Colley) An Apology for the Life

of Colley Cibber, Comedian, with an Historical View of the Stage during his own Time, fine portrait by Vanloo, 4to, half calf, 185–1740

DRAMA. Oxberry's Dramatic Biography and His

trionic Anecdotes, 6 vols, 18mo, containing 96 portraits of the most famous Actors and Actresses in Character, with most amusing Memoirs and Anecdotes, calf, £1 15—1825

(192 DROLLERIES. Choyce and Merry Drollery, Songs

and Sonnets, being a Collection of Divers Excellent Pieces of Poetry of Several Eminent Authors (now first reprinted from the Editions of 1656-9), with Extra Songs, &c., added, edited by J. W. Ebsworth 2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, UNCU $1 15-1875

[193 400 copies only printed, DUMAS (Alex.) The Count of Monte Christo, with

20 illustrations drawn on wood by M. Valentin, and engraved under the superintendence of Charles Heath, the ORIGINAL EDITION, 2 vols, 8vo, in the original cloth, UNCUT, £l 10s—Chapman and Hall, 1846 (194


CCENTRIC Excursions, or Literary and Pictorial

Sketches of Countenance, Character, and Country, interspersed with curious Anecdotes, upwards of 100 exceedingly characteristic

and illustrative etchings by CRUIKSHANK, from the designs of WoodWARD, 4to, handsomely whole bound dark green morocco extra, with neat gold lines on back and sides, and gilt edges, FINE COPY, RARE, £7 108–1796

(195 EDGEWORTH (Maria) Tales and Novels Complete

with 38 steel engravings, 10 vols, post svo, half maroon morocco gill marbled leaves, £2

[196 EGAN (Pierce) Life in London, or the Day and Night

Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his clegant friend CORINTHIAN Tom, accompanied by BoB LOGIC, in their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis, EMBELLISHED WITH 36 COLOURED PLATES OF SCENES FROM REAL LIFE, DESIGNED AND ETCHED BY J. R. and GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, and numerous original designs on wood by the same artists, royal 8vo, IN THE PUBLISHER'S ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATED BOARDS, UNCUT EDGES, $10 109--1823

[197 An exceptionally fine copy, almost as fresh and bright as when first issued.

Extremely rare in such condition. EGAN (Pierce) Finish to the Adventures of Tom,

Jerry, and Logic in and out of London, illustrated by the pen of ROBERT CRUIKSHANK, IN 36 COLOURED PLATES, and numerous woodcuts, royal 8vo, newly bound, half green Lerant morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT, an early reprint, £2 10-N.D.

[198 EGAN (Pierce) The Life of an Actor, the Poetical

Descriptions by T. GREENWOOD. EMBELLISHED WITH 27 CHARACTERISTIC COLOURED PLATES BY THEODORE LANE, and some original designs on wood by Thompson, royal 8vo, FINE COPY, calf, contemporary binding, £3 105-1825

(199 ELZEVIER Racine. Euvres de Racine, with

separate titles and plates to each play, 2 vols, 18mo, original calf binding, FINE TALL COPIES, £2 15s-Amst., Wolfgang (AU QUÆRENDO), 1678-52


CONTENTS.--La Thébarde--Alexandro le Grand---Andromaque-Britan. nic: Plaidleurs-Berenice-Bajazet-Mithridate-Iphigenie --Phedre et


ELZEVIER Virgil. Virgilii Maronis Opera nunc

emendatiora, engraved title, 24mo, very fine copy, OLD RED MOROCCO, extra gilt back, gilt leaves, £1 155Ludg. ex officina Elzeveriana, 1636


ROMANCES, A COMPLETE SET, comprising-Scenes of Clerical Life, 2 vols, 1858; Adam Bede, 3 vols, 1859; The Mill on the Floss, 3 vols, 1860; Silas Varner, 1861; Romola, 3 vols, 1863 ; Felix Holt, 3 vols, 1866; Spanish Gypsy, 1868; Middlemarch, 4 vols, 1871-2; Jubal, 1874; Daniel Deronda, 4 vols, 1876; Impressions of Theophrastus Such, 1879, ALL FIRST EDITIONS, NEWLY AND HANDSOMELY BOUND BY RIVIERE, sprinkled calf extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, £31 10s1858-79

[202 Complete sets of this esteemed novelist's writings are extremely scarce, * Adam Bede" and "Scenes of Clerical Life” being most difficult to obtain. A series of 21 vols. only sold by auction recently WITH CUT EDGES for £29 10s.,

without the Adam Bede. EMBLEMATA Amatoria, Emblemes d'Amour en

Quatre Langues, 46 VERY CURIOUS PLATES, with Descriptive Text engraved, in Latin, Italian, French, and Dutch, small 8vo, vellum, £115-à Londe, chez l'Amoureux, N.D.

[203 ERASME. L'Eloge de la Folie, traduit du Latin par

Gueudeville, avec des Notes, engraved title and 13 plates, SOME
PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, by Charles Eisen, 12mo, French calf gilt,
RARE EDITION, £1 1s--1757

[204 ETCHINGS. Farren. A Round of Melodies, drawn

and etched by R. and M. Farren, A SERIES OF 24 MOST CHARMING ETCHINGS, illustrating some of the most favourite Airs and Songs of our most famous Poets and Song Writers, oblong 4to, in artistic portfolio, £1 4s (the publisher's price £1 11s 6d)—1882

[205 PROOFS printed on Japanese paper, only 250 copies printed, 50 of which

have been ordered for America. ETCHINGS. Contemporary Art, 14 Etchings from

Representative Works by English and Foreign Artists, edited by

J. Comyns Carr, folio, cloth, elegant, UNCUT, £1 45—1878 [206 ETCHINGS. Twenty Examples of Modern Etching,

by Flameng, Seymour Haden, Heseltine, Lucas, Palmer, and others, with Text and Notos by Hamerton, royal 4to, cloth, scarce, £1 118 6d1875

[207 ETCHING CLUB. Oliver Goldsmith's Poetical

Works, illustrated by Cope, Creswick, Horsley, and Taylor (members of the Etching Club), with Memoir and Notes by Bolton Corney,

FIRST EDITION, square 8vo, brown morocco, gilt edges, £1 15—1846 (208 ETCHING CLUB. The Songs of Shakespeare, illus

trated by the Etching Club, 17 subjects on 10 plates, INDIA PROOFS, folio, original wrapper, £1 15—1843

[209 EVANGILES (Les), traduction de Le Maistre de Sacy,

illuminated title and frontispiece, THE TEXT WITHIN BEAUTIFULLY ENGRAVED WOODCUT BORDERS, WITH VIGNETTES BY THEOPHILE FRAGONARD, imperial 8vo, whole bound, maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, £1 18-Paris, 1838

(210 EVELYN'S Memoirs, Diary and Correspondence,

Elited from the Original MSS. by W. Bray, BEST EDITION, 5 vols, 8vo,

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