BECKFORD (W.) Vathek, Conte Arabe, svo, halfbound, 155—-Paris, Poincot, 1787

35 The scarce original edition of Vathek, in French, compiled at one sitting, BEVAN (Samuel) Sand and Canvas, a Narrative of

Adventures in Egypt, with a Sojourn among the Artists in Rome, sereral humorous plates by the Author, 8vo, newly bound, half morocco, gilt, gilt top, £1 2s 6d-1849

36 A coloured copy, scarce. Contains an interesting poem by W. M. Thacke. ray, “The Three Sailors," with Reminiscences of Michael Angelo Titinarsh

at Rome.

BEWICK'S History of British Land and Water

Birds, uith figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick, 2 vols, royal 8vo, original boards, leather backs, UNCUT, £12-Newcastle, 1804-5 37

A splendid copy of this esteemed work, as clean as when first issued, with

edges quite rough and untouched. BEWICK (Thomas) Figures of British Land Birds,

engraved on Wood by T. Bewick, to which is added, A few Foreign Birds, with their Vulgar and Scientific Names, LARGE PAPER, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, royal 8vo, calf gilt, £6 6s-Newcastle, 1800

[38 BEWICK (Thomas) History of British Land and

Water Birds, tine impressions of the figures engrared on wood by T. Bewick, 2 vols, 8vo, boards, CNCUT, £60s-Newcastle, 1821

(39 Fine clean copy, and rarely found in this uncut state. It contains, in addi

tion, the Supplement to the WATER BIRDs, also Addenda of 8 pages. BEWICK'S History of British Land Birds, the

FIRST EDITIOX, fine impressions of the famous woodcuts, 8vo, calf neat, £3 38 Neucastle, 1797

[40 BEWICK. General History of Quadrupeds, THIRD

EDITION, with fine impressions of the woodcuts, 8vo, clean copy, calf neat, uniform with the preceding, £1 17s 6d-Newcastle, 1792

[41 BEWICK (Thomas) A General History of Quad

rupeds, the figures engraved on wood by T. Berick, FINE IMPRESSIONS, 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £3—Newcastle, 1820

[42 THICK PAPER COPY, very scarce, especially in U'NCUT state. BEWICK. Thornton's Family Herbal, an Account of

the Medical Properties of British and Foreign Plants, upwards of 250 uvodcuts by Beuick, LARGE PAPER, royal 8vo, cloth, UNCUT EDGES, £1 15-1810

[43 BEWICK (Thomas) Memoir written by himself,

embellished with numerous wood engravings designed and engraved by the Author for a work on Fishes, and NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED, 8vo, newly

buunil, polished calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, £1 2s 60—1862 BIBLIOTHEQUE Elzevirienne, a Series of Reprints

of Interesting, Rare, and Valuable Works, together 38 volumes, 12mo, in the original cloth boards, UNCUT, £6 63-Jannet, 1853-8

[45 Ancien Théatre Francais, 6 vols of - Adventures du Baron de FunesteChronique de J. Chartier, Tome 1- Chapelle et Bachaumont--Dictionnaire des Précieuses, 2 vols-Don Juan de Vargas--Evangiles des Quenouilles-En Blanceflor--Gérard de Rossillon--Hitopadésa---Jehan de Paris --La Herhefoucauld - Le Chevalier de la Tour-Memoires de Mme. de CourcellesHieruires de Mme. de la Guette-Memoires de St. Aubin-Nouvelle Fabrique - Psice de Lescurel-Roger de Callerye--- Saint Amant, 2 vols - Sénecé Curres, 2 vol --Tharın hile, 2 vols-V. riéthu Historiques et Litteraires, 6 vols

Sir Voie

BIBLIOGRAPHIE des Ouvrages Illustrés du XIXe.

Siecle; principalement des Livres à gravures sur bois, par Jules Brivois, excellently printed on hand-made paper with title in red and black, royal 8vo, publishers' wrappers, UNCUT, £1 1s-Paris, 1883 [46

Invaluable to the collector of the illustrated French books of this century as giving the most minuto details of the several editions, the different forms

of issue, number of copies printed, &c., &c. BIBLIOGRAPHIE des Ouvrages relatifs à l'Amour,

aux Femmes, au Mariage, et des Livres Facétieux, Pantagruéliques Scotologiques, Satyriques, &c., contenant les Titres, détaillés de ces

Ouvrages, les noms des Auteurs, un Apercu de leur Sujet, leur Valeur • et leur Prix dans les Ventes, &c., par M. le C. d'I—, 6 vols, small 4to, half green morocco neat, gilt tops, beautifully printed, the BEST EDITION, £7 78J. Gay, Turin, 1871-73

[47 One of 100 copies only, printed on large paper, very scarce (No. 61). BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mendham (Joseph) An Index of

Prohibited Books, by command of Pope Gregory XVI. in 1835, being the latest Specimen of the Literary Policy of the Church of Rome, medallion portrait of Gregory XVI., 12mo, newly bound, half calj extra, gilt top, 95—1840

[48 BIBLIOGRAPHY. A Dialogue in the Shades, between

William Caxton, a Bibliomaniac, and William Wynken, Clerk. Rare Doings at Roxburgh Hall, a Ballad. The Diary of Roger Payne, engraved vignette and one plate, 8vo, newly bound, half calj extra, gilt top, 10s 60-W. Clark, 1821

[49 BIRCH (Samuel) History of Ancient Pottery, Egyp

tian, Assyrian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman, NEW AND REVISED EDITION, with coloured plates and woodcuts, 8vo, whole bound morocco, extra gilt sides and back, £1 105–1873

[50 BLADES (William) The Enemies of Books, facsimile

etchings, photographs, &c., the FIRST EDITION, post Svo, vellum urapper, £1 55-1880

(51 BLAKE (W.) Songs of Innocence and Experience,

with other Poems, 12mo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, 10sPickering, 1866

[52 BLAKE. Blair (Robert)

Blair (Robert) The Grave, a Poem, illustrated with beautiful portrait by T. Phillips, R.A., and 12 etchings executed by Louis Schiavonetti, from the sublime inventions by William

Blake, LARGE PAPER, imperial 4to, half calf, £3 3s-Bensley, 1813 (53 BLAKE. Hayley (W.) Triumphs of Temper, illus

trated with beautiful plates by WILLIAM BLAKE after designs by Maria Flaxman, 12mo, newly bound, panelled calf extra, yellow edges, by RIVIERE, £1 5sChichester, 1803

[54 BLAKE. Wollstonecraft (Mary) Original Stories

from Real Life, ILLUSTRATED WITH SIX PLATES BY WILLIAM BLAKE, 12mo, original sheep binding, £2 55–J. Johnson, 1791

[55 BLANCHARD (Laman) Sketches from Life, with

Memoir of the Author by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, portrait after Maclise, and woodcuts by G. Cruikshank and others, 3 vols, post Svo, original cloth, URCUT, 17s 60– 1949


BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) 11 Decamerone, portrait,

Il frontispieces, 110 plates and 97 culs-de-lampe by Gravelot, Cochin, and Eisen, 5 vols, 8vo, fine impressions, calf, red edges, contemporary binding, £10Londra (Paris), 1757

[57 BOCCACCIO'S Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertain

ment, from the Italian of Boccaccio, NEW EDITION, in which are restored many PASSAGES OMITTED in former editions, twenty-one

engravings by G. Standfast, thick 12mo, cloth, £1 1s—Daly [58 BOILEAU (Mon. de) Euvres, avec des Eclaircisse

ments Historiques, portrait, 7 vignettes par Trémolières, gravées par karenet, 38 culs-de-lampe, &c., 2 vols, 4to, fine copy, calf gilt, red edges, £1 10s--Paris, chez Veuve Alix, 1740

[59 Ce qni donne de l'interêt à cette belle edition, c'est que l'orthographie de

Boileau n'a point été modernisée comme dans toutes les autres. BON GAULTIER'S Book of Ballads, ILLUSTRATED BY

ALFRED CROWQUILL AND RICHARD DOYLE, illuminated title and numerous woodcuts, the FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, half green morocco extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £1 5sOrr and Co., 1849

[60 BOYDELL'S Graphic Illustrations of the Dramatic

Works of Shakespeare, forming an elegant companion to the various editions of his works, 100 exquisite engravings from pictures painted by STOTHARD, SMIRKE, WESTALL, REYNOLDS, WHEATLEY, HAMILTON, NORTHCOTE, and other esteemed artists, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, folio, half bound, red morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT EDGES, £7 75—1802

61 BRONTE. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Acton

Bell, the FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, post 8vo, newly bound, half blue calf

eztra, gilt edges, £2—1848 BRONTE. The Professor, a Tale by Currer Bell, the

FIRST EDITION, uniform with preceding, £1 10s. Another copy, half culf extra, gilt tops, £1 15s--1857

63 BRONTE. Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, 12mo, cloth, £1 155-1846

[64 BROWNE (Sir Thomas) Christian Morals, published

from the Original and Correct Manuscript of the Author. by Archdeacon Jeffery, of Norwich, the FIRST EDITION, 12mo, 15s-Cambridge, 1716

[65 BROWNING (Robert) Strafford, an Historical Tragedy

the FIRST EDITION, 8vo, newly bound, half sage green Levant morocco estra, gilt edges, £1 ls

[66 BROWNING (R.) Sordello, the FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 158—Moxon, 1840

[67 BROWNING (R.) Christmas Eve and Easter Day,

a Poem, the FIRST EDITION, original cloth, UNCUT, 10s-1850 [68 BROWNING (R.) Men and Women, the FIRST EDITION,

2 vols, 12mo, newlý bound, half blue Levant morocco, gilt tops, by RIVIERE, £1 104-1855


R.) The Ring and the Book, FIRST



1 mo cloth 19..


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BROWNING (Mrs.) Casa Guidi Windows, a Poem, the FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, 10s 60—1851

[71 BRYAN (Michael) Biographical and Critical Dic

tionary of Painters and Engravers, with a list of Ciphers, Monograms and Marks, a NEW EDITION, comprising above 1,000 additional Memoirs, and new plates of Ciphers and Monograms, by George Stanley, imperial 8vo, portrait, calf gilt, £2 128 6d-1849

[72 BUCKINGHAM (Duke of) The Chances, a Comedy;

The Rehearsal ; A Key to the Rehearsal; and A Conference between the Duke of Buckingham and an Irish Priest, plates, in 1 vol, Svo, 99 -London, 1714

[73 BUCKLE (Henry Thomas) History of Civilization in

England, the LIBRARY EDITION, 2 vols, 8vo, newly bound, handsome tree

cals extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, by RIVIERE, £4 4s--1858 BULWER (Sir E. L.) Eva! a True Story, The Ill.

Omened Marriage, and other Tales and Poems, 12mo, half calj extra; gilt top, 10s 60-1842

[75 BUNBURY (S.) Coombe Abbey, an Historical Tale

of the Reign of James the First, numerous illustrations, 8vo, newly bound, handsome tree calf extra, gilt top, £1 55—1844

[76 BURNS (Robert) Poetical Works, PICKERING'S ALDINE EDITION, portrait, 3 vols, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 185--1839

177 BURNEY (Miss) Camilla, or a Picture of Youth, by

the Author of “ Evelina" and " Cecilia," 5 vols, small 8v?, fine cop!, contemporary calj gilt, yellow edges, £1 155—1796

(78 BURNEY'S Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress, 5 vols, small 8vo, in 3, half calf gilt, 17s 60—1784

79 BUTLER (Samuel) Hudibras, Poeme ecrit dans le

tems des Troubles d'Angleterre, Traduit en Vers Francois, portrait of the Author and FOLDING PLATES AFTER HOGARTH, 3 vols, 12mo, smooth grained brown morocco neat, gilt edges, BY LEWIS, £2 12s 6d--Londres, 1757

80 The BEST EDITION of Captain Townley's masterly translation with the Text

in English also on one side. BUTLER (Samuel) Hudibras, with Annotations and

Preface by Grey, plates by Rowlandson after Hogarth, 2 vols, fcap,

NEWLY BOUND, hali green morocco ertra, gilt tops, UNCUT, 189--1810 (81 BYRON (Lord) Poetical Works. An

28 vols, 8vo, 12mo and 4to, NEWLY AND CHOICELY BOUND BY RIVIERE,
half sage green Levant morocco, Vlind tooled, gilt leaves, £30_-1808-24

Poems, 2nd Edition, Newark
English Bards
C. Harola, Cantos I, n..

Don Juan, Captos VI, VII, vu.. 18:33
C. Harold, Canto III



1809 Don Juan, Cantos I, II..
1809 Don Juan, Cantos III, IV, V

Don Juan, Cantos IX, X, XI C. Harold, Canto IV

Don Juan, Cantos SIT, XIII, XIV 1933

Don Juan, Cantos IV, YTI Bride of Abydos

Letter on Bowles' Pope Lara and Jacqueline

Doge of Venice

Poems, suppressed..
Prisoner of Chillon

1816 The Island
Lamant of Tisso


1812 .. 1816

1818 1813 1813 1814 1815



.. 124

182 .. 1921 ., 1821

Hebrew Melodies

.. 1816

1973 1223 1933

. . 1817

Age of Bron ze..
Deformed Traneformeil







BYRON (Lord) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, with the

Notes, MURRAY'S BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED EDITION, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, with 62 exquisite vignette engravings by Finden, from pictures by Creswick, Warren, and other eminent Painters, royal 8vo, newly bound in straight grained green morocco extra, handsomely gilt back in the style

of Roger Payne, gilt top, UNCUT, BY RIVIERE, £4 10s-1841 BYRON. Don Juan, Cantos 17 to 24, by John Clark (of Bridgewater), in 2 vols., 8vo boards, very rare, £4 4s-Bridgewater,

84 This continuation of Don Juan was privately printed by the author and never published; the volumes have no titles, none having been printed. It is believed that not more than two copies exist. The present has corrections in the autograph of the author, John Clark; the printing is very rude, and in

7 some places have pieces of paper pasted over, on which are reprinted the BYRON. The Wanderings of Childe Harold,

Romance of Real Life, interspersed with Memoirs of the English Wife, The Foreign Mistress, and various other Celebrated Characters, by John Harman Bedford, Lt., K.N., 3 vols, 12mo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, £3 3s-Sherwood, Jones Co., 1825

Assumed to be a history of Lord Byron's life and wanderings, liaisons, &c., after his separation from his wife, and contains very grap descriptions of the manners and customs of the southern climes, with racy anecdotes of several famous contemporary characters, including Lord Nelson, Lady and

Sir William Hamilton, Bonaparte, and others. BYRON. Glenarvon, a Novel, by Lady Caroline Lamb,


(86 The character of Glenarvon was intended for Lord Byron, who spoke of the work as “a very insincere production." The authorens's passion for him, which was unreturned, was so great that she once attempted to commit suicide,

on being slighted by him at a ball. BYRON. Guiccioli's Recollections of Lord Byron,

2 vols, 8vo, £1-1869; Vindication of Lady Byron, 8vo, 9s-1871; Galt’s Life of Byron, 12mo, 6s 6d-1830 ; Medwin's Conversations of Byron (and Shelley), 2 vols in 1 (FIRST 12M0 EDITION), 98–1832, all newly and uniformly bound, half light brown calj extra, gilt tops (87


BYRONIANA. ONE of the largest and most interesting

Collections ever formed, comprising no less than upwards of 200 separate volumes, the result of the most persevering industry in seeking out every scrap of interest relating to our great Poet, regardless of time, trouble, and expense, price £35

188 The above collection will be catalogued in extenso for some future catalogne if not disposed of, or can be arranged and described for an intending

purchaser at a reasonable cost, if required. ÆSAR. The Eight Bookes of Caius Julius Cæsar,

conteyning his Martiall Exployts in the Realme of Gallia, and the Countries bordering upon the same. Translated into English by Arthur Golding, small 4to, black letter, hulf bound, £1 155Thomas Este, Aldersgate-street1590

[86 CAMPBELL (Thomas) Poetical Works, ILLUSTRATED

EDITINY rith hest imnressions. Sya meredu bound blue morocco extra, gilt

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