Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, with Introductory Verses by Bernard Barton, and illustrated with numerous Engravings by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, expressly designed for this edition. FRONTISPIECES ON INDIA PAPER, and numerous woodcuts, 2 vols, post 8vo, whole bound, vellum gilt extra, gilt edges, £7 178 6d-Shakspeare Press, for John Major, 1831

*.* LARGE PAPER, a very fine copy of this rare edition; so scarce it is on the eve of being reprinted.



Hone's Tracts, numerous Woodcuts by George Cruikshank, 8vo, half calf, 12s 6d—W. Hone, 1820-2

**Contains-The House that Jack Built, Queen's Matrimonial Ladder, Political Showman, Man in the Moon, &c., &c., also the scarce plate illustrating The Queen's Ladder.


CRUIKSHANK. Landscape-Historical Illustrations of the Waverley Novels, by Sir Walter Scott, portrait, and 108 fine plates, by Turner and other artists, with descriptions in English and French, 2 vols in 1, small 4to, half morocco gilt, gilt edges, 558--1841 [167 ** Includes the series of 37 very humorons plates, by George Cruikshank, first issued in this form after the 48 volume edition,


Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's Progress, by Chas. Dickens, FIRST 8VO EDITION, 24 plates by George Cruikshank, tree calf gilt, gilt edges, £2 7s 6d-1346



Peter Schlemihl (The Shadowless Man), from the German of Lamotte Fouqué, the THIRD EDITION, 8 illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, 12mo, half Levant morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT, 15s-1861 [169 CRUIKSHANK. Philosophy in Sport made Science in Earnest (by Dr. Paris), Cuts by G.C., crown 8vo, half morocco gilt, gilt top, 9s-1833 CRUIKSHANK.


Punch and Judy, with COLOURED ILLUSTRATIONS BY GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, post 8vo, newly bound, half blue Levant morocco extra, gilt edges, scarce, £1 10s-1832 [171 CRUIKSHANK. Sunday in London, illustrated in 14 Cuts by GEO. CRUIKSHANK and a few words by a friend of his, vignette on title and whole page illustrations, post 8vo, VERY FINE COPY, in the publishers' boards, UNCUT, £1 16s-1833



Talpa, or the Chronicles of a Clay Farm, an Agricultural Fragment, by C. W. Hoskyns, Cuts by G. Cruikshank, post 8vo, half morocco gilt, gilt top, 10s 6d-1857 CRUIKSHANK.


Vicar of Wakefield and Launcelot Greaves; Amelia, 2 vols, Tristram Shandy, 2 vols; Humphrey Clinker; Tom Jones, 2 vols; Peregrine Pickle, 2 vols; WITH ALL THE PLATES BY CRUIKSHANK, together 10 vols, 12mo, in the original cloth boards, UNCUT, £1 10s-Roscoe's Novelists' Library, 1811, &c. [174 CRUIKSHANK. Jack Sheppard, 3 vols. (See Ainsworth.)

CRUIKSHANK. Life in London. (See Egan.)
CRUIKSHANK. English Spy. (See English.)





AGLEY (R.) Death's Doings, consisting of Humorous Original Compositions in Verse and Prose, principally intended as Illustrations of 30 plates designed and etched by R. Dagley, SECOND EDITION, with considerable additions, 2 vols in 1, 8vo, calf antique, red edges, £1 1s-1827


DAGLEY (R.) Takings, or the Life of a Collegian, a Poem, illustrated by 26 humorous coloured plates, royal 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £1 10s-1821 [179

*** One plate unfortunately missing; fetches about £2 2s; complete coloured copies. DAMPIER (Capt.) Collection of Voyages, describing particularly the Isthmus of America, also the Voyages among the Buccaneers of Wafer, Funnell, Sharpe, &c., maps, 4 vols (2 editions), 8vo, calf, £1 7s 6d-1699-1729


DE BURY (Richard, Bishop of Durham) Philobiblion, a Treatise on the Love of Books, translated from the First Edition of 1473, with some Collations, post Svo, cloth boards, UNCUT, £1 15-J. Rodd, 1832 181

DEER Forest.

vols, post Svo, cloth.


Stuart's Lays of the Deer Forest. with Sketches of Olden and Modern Deer-hunting, Natural History in the Forest, Traditions of the Clans, &c., UNCUT, 158-1848 DELVAU (Alfred) Dictionnaire de la Langue Verte, augmentée d'un Supplement par Gustave Fustier, square 8vo, half Levant morocco, gilt top, newly bound, 18s-1883

DELVAU (Alfred).


Les Heures Parisiennes, AVEC 25 EAUX-FORTES D'EMILE BENASSIT, post 8vo, NEWLY AND HANDSOMELY BOUND, orange morocco extra, gilt on marbled leaves, £3 5s-1882

PRINTED ENTIRELY ON JAPANEESE PAPER, with double set of the etchings in bistre and in black, only 10 copies done, now entirely out of print.

DE MORGAN (Augustus)


Formal Logic, or the Calculus of Inference Necessary and Probable, 8vo, cloth, 18s—1847


DEROME (L.) Le Luxe des Livres, 12mo, uncut, 5s -Paris, 1879


DICKENS (C.) The Strange Gentleman, a Comic Burletta in Two Acts by Boz, first performed at the St. James's Theatre, on Thursday, September 29, 1836, the FIRST EDITION, IN THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER, WITH EDGES unopened as from the publisher's. £13 13s-Chapman and Hall, 1837

It is needless to remark that in comparison with the other smaller pieces of Dickens, THIS IS BY FAR THE RAREST. During the very long time I have been engaged collecting the works of this author for my customers, 1 have never had a copy of " The Strange Gentleman," whilst the finest possible copies of every other of his works have passed through my hands.


DICKENS (C.) Sunday under Three Heads-As it is, As Sabbath Bills would make it, As it might be made, with illustra tions, 12mo, in the original wrapper, £9 9s-1836


DICKENS (Charles) Complete Works, THE LIBRARY EDITION, with all the original illustrations by Cruikshank, Phiz, Doyle, and others, 30 vols, post Svo, half green morocco gilt, marbled edges, £10-1866



DICKENS (C.) Martin Chuzzlewit, WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY PHIZ, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, fine copy in the original cloth, £3 10s-1844 DICKENS (C.) Dombey and Son, the four portraits of Edith, Florence, Alice, and Little Paul engraved under the superintendence of R. Young and H. K. Browne from designs by Halbot K. Browne, and published with the sanction of Mr. Charles Dickens, 8vo, IN THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER, £1 10s-1848 [191


A Curious Dance round a Curious Tree, by Charles Dickens, crown 8vo (19 pages), IN THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER, £55s-1852



A Tale of Two Cities, ILLUSTRATIONS BY PHIZ, the FIRST EDITION, complete in the original parts, with all the covers, £4 4s-1859

[193 DICKENS (C.) The Story of Little Dombey, by Charles Dickens, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, in the original green wrapper with woodent, UNCUT EDGES, £1 15s-Bradbury and Evans, 1858 194 DICKENS. Sketches by Boz, PLATES BY GEO. CRUIK SHANK, the exceedingly rare FIRST EDITION of both series, 3 vols, post 8vo, clean copy, whole bound, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Zaehnsdorf, £12 12s -1836

195 DICKENS. The Beauties of Boz, collected from the "Pickwick Papers" and arranged by Sam Weller, 12mo, yellow cover, 10s-Printed for the Booksellers, 1838 DIGBY (Kenelm Henry) The Children's Bower, or What You Like, 2 vols, 12mo, newly bound, half blue calf, gilt tops, 128-1858


[197 DOCTOR Syntax's Three Tours, by William Combe, EIGHTY COLOURED PLATES BY ROWLANDSON (one plate missing), 3 vols, 18mo, half calf, one vol cloth, £1 8s-Ackermann, 1828 [198 DODSLEY'S Collection of Old Plays, 12 vols, Supplement by Dilke, 6 vols, with additional notes and corrections by Isaac Reed, Octavius Gilchrist and the Editor, LARGE PAPER, together 18 vols. 8vo, half morocco neat, contents lettered, gilt tops, UNCUT, £6 68-Prowett, 1815-25 [199

The best edition of this esteemed collection of Plays.

DON QUIXOTE, translated from the Original Spanish, by


Chas. Jarvis, EMBELLISHED WITH 24 HUMOROUS COLOURED PLATES, designed expressly for this Edition, 4 vols, 8vo, whole bound, RED MOROCCO GILT, gilt edges, £3 10s-McLean, 1819 DONNE (J.) Poems, by J. D., with Elegies on the Author's Death. The SCARCE FIRST EDITION, small 4to, contemporary



DORAN (Dr.) "Their Majesties' Servants," or Annals of the English Stage, post 8vo, cloth, 10s-1865 DORSET. Hutchins (John) History and Antiquities of Sherborne, plan of the town, pedigree of Digby family, and plates (2 plates wanting), folio, boards, UNCUT, 12s 6d-1815 DOUCE (Francis) The Dance of Death, exhibited in elegant engravings on wood, with a Dissertation on the several representations of that Subject, but more particularly on those ascribed to MACABER and HANS HOLBEIN, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £2 5s-Pickering, [204


D'OUVILLY (Geo. Gerbier) The False Favourite Disgraced, and the Reward of Loyalty, a Tragi-Comedy never Acted, small 8vo, calf, 7s 6d-1657


GAN (Pierce) Life in London, or the Day and
Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his elegant friend
CORINTHIAN TOм, accompanied by BOB LOGIC, in their Rambles
and Sprees through the Metropolis, EMBELLISHED WITH 36

ETCHED BY J. R. and GEO. CRUIKSHANK, and numerous original designs
on wood by the same artists, the FIRST EDITION, royal 8vo, half red
morocco neat, £7 7s-1821

*** Avery fine clean original copy, with splendid impressions of the humorous plates.

EGAN (Pierce) The Life of an Actor, the Poetical Descriptions by T. GREENWOOD, EMBELLISHED WITH 27 CHARACTERISTIC COLOURED PLATES BY THEODORE LANE, and some original designs on wood by Thompson, royal 8vo, FINE COPY, NEWLY BOUND, polished calf super extra, gilt edges, BOUND BY RIVIERE, £5-1825 [207 EARLY English Poets. Ellis' Specimens of the Early English Poets, the SCARCE FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, Etruscan calf gilt, gilt edges (neatly rebacked), 7s 6d-1790 EGAN (Pierce) Every Gentleman's Manual, a Lecture on the Art of Self-Defence, with Animated Sketches of the most Celebrated Pugilists during the last Century. Plates of attitudes of the most accomplished Boxers in the P. R., 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 15s—


*.* Very scarce, containsa frontispiece representing Lord Byron engaged in the art of self-defence with John Jackson, Esq.



ELIOT'S (GEORGE) NOVELS and ROMANCES, A COMPLETE SET, comprising,-Scenes of Clerical Life, 2 vols, 1858; Adam Bede, 3 vols, 1859; The Mill on the Floss, 3 vols, 1860; Silas Marner, 1861; Romola, 3 vols, 1863; Felix Holt, 3 vols, 1866; Spanish Gypsy, 1868; Middlemarch, 4 vols, 1871-2; Jubal, 1874; Daniel Deronda, 4 vols, 1876; Impressions of Theophrastus Such, 1879, ALL FIRST EDITIONS (except Adam Bode, THIRD EDITION), together 26 vols, newly bound, uniform, half sage green morocco, very neat, gilt tops, UNCUT, £28-1858-79

Complete sets of this esteemed novelist's writings are extremely scarce, especially with uncut edges.

A series of 22 volumes only brought £29 10s at Sotheby's Rooms last year with the edges cut.


ENGLISH SPY, The, an Original Work, Characteristic, Satirical and Humorous, comprising Scenes and Sketches in every Rank of Society, being Portraits of the Illustrious, Eminent, Eccentric, and Notorious, drawn from the Life, by Bernard Blackmantle (CHARLES H. WESTAMACOTT), 72 MOST HUMOROUS COLOURED PLATES BY ROBERT CRUIKSHANK, AND 36 WOODCUTS BY ROWLANDSON, GILLRAY and others, 2 vols, royal 8vo, calf, £12-1825 ETCHINGS. English Etchings, a Monthly Publication of Original Etchings by English Artists, Parts I. to XVI., containing Fifty-two very interesting and pretty Etchings, folio, in wrappers as published (at £2 16s), £1 10s




The Etonian, Essays on Various Subjects by Young Etonians, 3 vols, 12mo, whole bound blue calf neat, 17s 6d1824


ETON. The Microcosm, a Periodical Work by Gregory Griffin (G. Canning), LARGE PAPER, Svo, boards, UNCUT, 5s-1825 [214 EVELYN'S Memoirs, Diary and Correspondence, Edited from the Original MSS. by W. Bray, BEST EDITION, 5 vols, 8vo, NEWLY BOUND, tree calf extra, by RIVIERE, GILT TOPS, UNCUT, £5 15s



TRATED BY GRANDVILLE, full of most humorous woodcuts, 2 vols,
8vo, newly bound, half calf gilt, gilt edges, £1 10s-Fournier et
Perrotin, 1838

[216 FABLES for the Holy Alliance, Rhymes on the Road, &c., by Tom Moore, post 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d-1823 [217 FACTS and Faces, or the Mutual Connexion between Linear and Mental Portraiture Considered, with a Dissertation on Personal Beauty and Complexion of Character, by Thos. Woolnoth, 24 fine plates, royal 8vo, newly bound, half calj gilt, gilt top, 15s-1852 [218 FIELDING (Henry, the Novelist) Complete Works, with Memoir by Thomas Roscoe, portrait, royal 8vo, cloth, 10s-1840

[219 FIELDING (Henry) An Enquiry into the Causes of the late Increase of Robbers, &c., with proposals for remedying this Growing Evil, 12mo, newly half bound calf gilt, gilt edges, 12s 6d1751


FRENCH Humour. Physiologie des Amoureux, Physiologie du Débardeur, Physiologie de l'Homme de Loi, &c., amusing cuts by Gavarni, Trimolet and others, vols, 18mo, half blue morocco, gilt top, UNCUT, uniform, by Zachnsdorf, £1 2s 6d-1841, &c.

[221 FRENCH Plays. A Collection of Twenty-nine Plays by the most esteemed Writers at the beginning of this Century, MANY SCARCE EDITIONS, Small 8vo, uniformly bound, half green morocco neat, by Simier, with Coronet and Monogram on sides, £1 9s-1818, &c. [222 The Authors include Barré, Radet, Sewrin, Gersin, Francis, Scribe, Dela

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