FRIENDSHIP'S Offering and Winter's Wreath, a Literary Album, with plates by the best Artists for 1834, 1835, 1836, 1838 and 1839, 5 vols, 12mo, original embossed bindings, £1 1s


Four of the volumes contain original poems by John Ruskin.


HOST Stories. Cuentos de Duendes y Aparecidos, compuestos con el obgeto espreso de desterrar las preocupaciones Vulgares de Apariciones, SIX COLOURED PLATES BY ROWLANDSON, 12mo, half bound, £1 18-Ackermann, 1825

GHOST Stories.


Accredited Ghost Stories, col


lected by J. M. Jarvis, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, 9s-1823 GODWIN (W.) Things as they are, or the Adventures of Caleb Williams, the SCARCE FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, 12mo, calf, £1 5s-1794



GOETHE'S Faust, translated into English Verse by Theodore Martin, 12mo, cloth, 38-1870 [227 GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Life of Beau Nash, late Master of the Ceremonies at Bath, fine portrait, 8vo, cloth, 9s-1762 GOLDSMITH (Oliver), The Life and Adventures of, a Biography, by John Forster, the ORIGINAL EDITION, with 40 charming woodcut illustrations by Doyle, Maclise, Leech, Stanfield, and Hamerton, 8vo, newly bound, calf super extra, by Rivière, gilt edges, £1 15s—1848

[229 GOLDSMITH (Oliver) The Vicar of Wakefield, with 32 charming illustrations, by William Mulready, R.A., square 8vo, handsomely bound in the best Levant morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT RDGES, £2 5s-Van Voorst, 1855 [230 GORDON. Cumming (C. F.) A Lady's Cruise in a French Man of War, map and illustrations, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 12s 6d-1882


GRANT (James) Sketches in London, 24 humorous illustrations by Phiz and others, 8vo, polished calf super extra, gilt top, £1 10s-1838 GREENACRE.



[232 (R.) The Life of James Greenacre from his Earliest Youth to his Execution for the Murder of Mrs. Hannah Brown, also the Life of Sarah Gale, Accessory in the Murder, portraits and plates, 8vo, newly bound, half calf gilt, gilt top, £1 1s-1837


ALL (Captain Basil) Patchwork, the ORIGINAL EDITION, 3 vols, post 8vo, newly bound, half blue calf neat, gilt tops, 17s 6d-Moxon, 1841


HANNAY (James)

on title, 12mo, cloth, 10s


Studies on Thackeray, portrait,


As a novelist, humorist and satirist, critic essavist, and as a noet.

HARRIETTE Wilson. The Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, written by Herself, 4 vols (2 without titles), £2 15sJ. Stockdale, 1825

.* With the above is included twelve whole length portraits illustrative of the Memoirs, sketched and coloured from the life, of the Prince Esterhazy, Dukes of Devonshire, Argyle, and Wellington, Marquesses Hertford and Worcester, Lord Nugent, Hon. Arthur Upton and Geo. Lamb, and T. Raikes, Esq., in the original wrapper, 1825.



(Lieut. Col.) Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that relates to Guns and Shooting, plates and woodcuts, 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, 15s-1826

HAZLITT (William)



Works, ALL FIRST EDITIONS, together 9 vols, Svo and 12mo, NEWLY BOUND, calf super extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, by Tout, £10 10s

Comprises:-New and Improved Grammar of the English Tongue, 1812; Lectures on the English Poets, 1819: Critical Account of the Picture Galleries of England, 1824; Plain Speaker, Opinions on Books, Men and Things, 2 vols, 1826: Journey through France and Italy, 1826; Liber Amoris, or the New Pymalion, 1823; Conversations of James Northcote, 1830; Men and Manners, 1852.


HAZLITT (William) Liber Amoris, or the New Pygmalion, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, wants title, £1 5s-J. Hunt, 1823 [239 Very scarce, complete copies worth double the amount.

HAZLITT (W.) Lectures on the English Poets, delivered at the Surrey Institution, 8vo, boards, UNCUT, 10s—Taylor and Hessey, 1819


HELPS (Sir Arthur) WORKS. Compris

ing Thoughts in the Cloister, and The Crowd, 12mo-1835. Essays Written in the Intervals of Business, post 8vo-1841. Catherine Douglas, a Tragedy, 12mo-1843. King Henry the Second, an Historical Drama, 12mo-1843. Friends in Council, a Series of Readings, and Discourse Thereon, 2 vols, post 8vo-1848. The Conquerors of the New World and their Bondsmen, 2 vols, post 8vo-1848. Oulita the Serf, a Tragedy-1858. Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands, post 8vo-1868. Life and Labours of Mr. Brassey, post 8vo -1872. Together 11 vols, ALL FIRST EDITIONS in the Publisher's binding, UNCUT (Catherine Douglas, half calf, gilt top), 48 8s-1835-72

[241 HELPS (Sir A.) King Henry the Second, an Historical Drama, the FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth boards, UNCUT, £1 1s-Pickering, 1843



Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland, revised by Lawrence Butters, numerous plates, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, £1 5s-1860



HOGG (T. J.) The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley,
portrait, 2 vols, fine clean copy, cloth, UNCUT, £1 15s-1858
HOOK (Theodore) Tentamen, or an Essay towards the
History of Dick Whittington, by Vicesimus Blenkinsop, LL.D., 12mo,
boards, UNCUT, 10s 6d-W. Wright, 1820

This clever squib, which was one of the wittiest effusions of Theodore
Hook, was levelled at the late Queen Caroline and Mr. Matthew Wood.
Barbam, in his Life of Hook, says it is only to be met with in the libraries of


the curious.

HORACE in London, by the Authors of "Rejected Addresses" (the Bros. Smith), 12mo, bourds, UNCUT, 3s 6d-1813 246

An Extra Illustrated Copy of

HORNE'S New Spirit of the Age, containing Sketches of Dickens, Jerrold, Barham, Landor, Talfourd, Tennyson, Macaulay, Hood, Carlyle, and others, portraits, INCI UDING FORTY EXTRA ONES INSERTED, TWO VOLS., newly bound, polished calf extra, gilt on marbled leaves, £5 5s-1844

HOWITT (William)


The Rural Life of England, illustrations by Bewick and Williams, 8vo, newly bound, half morocco gilt, gilt top, £1 10s-1840


HUISH (R.) Memoirs of the Princess Charlotte of Saxe Coburg and of her Illustrious Consort, including a variety of Anecdotes, HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED, plates, 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, by Riviere, fine copy, 17s 63 --1818 HUNT'S (Leigh) WORKS, A FINE COLLECTION. wrapper.)

(249 (See


HUNT (Leigh) Foliage, or Poems Original and Translated, 12mo, red boards, UNCUT EDGES, £2 2s -C. & J. Ollier, 1811 251

** An exceptionally fine copy, formerly in the Hamilton Palace library. with a fine proof portrait of the author and a newspaper parody on two of the poems inserted.

HUNT (Leigh) Men, Women, and Books, Essays and Critical Memoirs FROM HIS UNCOLLECTED PROSE WRITINGS, portrait from a miniature by Severn, 2 vols, post 8vo, NEWLY BOUND, tree calf extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, by RIVIERL, £2 7S 6d




HUNT (Leigh) Stories in Verse, now first Collected, with illustrations, 12mo, cloth, 9s -1855 HUNT (Leigh) The Descent of Liberty, a Mask, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, 10s -Gale and Fenner, 1816 HUNT (Leigh) The Story of Rimini, a Poem, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, half blue morocco, gilt top, £1 5s-1816



NDIA. Alexandri Macedonis quoodam illius Magni Regis ad Aristolem preceptorem de Rebus Indiæ, mirabilibus Epistolæ, small 8vo, £2 2s-Lutetia, 1537

A remarkably fine and clean copy of an early printed work on India, pronounced by Thorpe to be " uncommonly rare," being unknown to all bibliographers.


INGOLDSBY Legends, or Mirth and Marvels (The), by R. H. Barham, 60 illustrations by George Cruikshank, John Leech, and Tenniel, the FIRST 4TO EDITION, original cloth, £1 1s-1864 (257 IRVING (Washington) Bracebridge Hall, and Old Christmas, with charming illustrations by R. Caldecott, 2 vols, post Svo, cloth, gilt edges, 12s 6d--1876-77



AMES' Book of the Passions, illustrated with 16 fine engravings by the most eminent artists, royal 8vo, newly bound, half blue morocco, gilt edges, 17s 6d-1839


JERROLD (Douglas) Man Made of Money, TWELVE PLATES BY JOHN LEECH, the FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, newly bound, polished calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, £1 10s-Punch Office, 1849 260 JESSE (J. Heneage) Literary and Historical Memorials of London, the ORIGINAL EDITION, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, with map in pocket, £2 12s 6d---1847 [261


Democritus, or the Laughing Philosopher, a Collection of Merry Stories, Jests, Epigrams, Repartees, &c., frontispiece, 12mo, half morocco, 10s 6d-N.D. [262 JESTS. Killigrew's (F.) Jests, or a Pocket Companion for the Wits, to which are added Mr. Puzzlewit's Gimcracks, &c., &c., humbly inscribed to the choice spirits of the age, 12mo, half calf, 12s 6d-1759

- [263

JOKEBY, a Burlesque on Rokeby, by an Amateur of Fashion, with Notes by our most Popular Characters, 12mo, original boards, UNCUT, 5s; ditto, newly bound, half calf, gilt top, 8s 6d-1813




12mo, 1817; Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of Saint Agnes, &c., FIRST EDITION, 12mo, 1820; Endymion, a Poetic Romance, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, 1818: together 3 vols, FINE UNCUT COPIES, in the original boards, with the publisher's labels, UNCUT, £26 158


KEATS (John) Endymion, a Poetic Romance, the FIRST EDITION, 8vo, newly bound by Rivière, morocco neat, gilt leaves, £4 4s-Taylor and Hessey [266 KEATS (John) Poetical Works, with a Memoir by Lord Houghton, illustrated with 120 designs, original and from the Antique, drawn on wood by G. Scharf, jun., whole bound, olive morocco, gilt edges by Rivière, Antique style, £2 15s-Moxon, 1854

The first issue of this beautiful edition of Keats.



KEATS (John) Poetical Works, with a Memoir by Lord Houghton, illustrated with 120 designs, original and from the Antique, drawn on wood by G. Scharf, jun., cloth, gilt edges, 15s-Mozon, 1866 KEATS (John) Letters to Fanny Brawne, written in the years 1819 and 1820, and now given from the original Manuscripts, with Introduction and Notes by H. B. Forman, etched portrait by Severn, 8vo, beautifully printed on ribbed paper, UNCUT EDGES, 178 6d -1878 (269

*.* Large paper; only fifty copies so printed.

KENT. Lambarde (W.) A Perambulation of Kent, containing the Description, Hystorie, and Customs of that Shire, portrait and map, 8vo, boards, UNCUT, 7s 6d-1826


KINGSLEY (Charles) Miscellanies, reprinted chiefly
from Fraser's Magazine" and the North British Review," FIRST
EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-1859
KINGSLEY (Charles) The Saint's Tragedy, or the
True Story of Elizabeth of Hungary, with a Preface by Prof. Maurice,
FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 9s-1848

A FONTAINE (J. de) Contes et Nouvelles, en
Vers, with 63 plates by ROMEYNE DE HOOGHE, BRILLIANT
ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 2 vols, small 8vo, newly bound in the
best olive morocco extra, gilt leaves, by RIVIERE, £5 15s-
Amsterdam, 1685


The first edition with Romeyne de Hooghe's plates, and valued beyond all others for its superior impressions. LA FONTAINE. Fables mises en Vers, 2 vols, Svo, green morocco, gilt edges (binding slightly rubbed), 10s—Dijon, P. Causse, 1793


LA FONTAINE'S Tales, imitated in English Verse, 2 vols in 1, small 8vo, calf, £3 3s-C. Chapple, 1814

*.* The authorship is ascribed by some to Tom Moore.


LAMB (Charles) Satan in Search of a Wife, with the whole Process of his Courtship and Marriage and who danced at the Wedding, by an Eye-Witness, woodcuts, 12mo, £3 3s -E. Moxon, 1831

Fine copy in the original wrapper as published, of extreme rarity in such state.


LAMB (Charles) Album Verses, with a few others, vignette on title, the FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, original boards, UNCUT, £2 10s-E. Moxon, 1830

* Presented to me by the publisher by desire of the author, J. L. Sisson (written on back of first board).




LAMB (Charles) The Adventures of Ulysses, frontispiece and engraved title by Corbould, small 8vo, calf, ROUGH EDGES, £3 10s-Printed at the Juvenile Library, 1808 LAMB (Charles) Elia, both series, COLLECTED EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, half calf, £1 1s-Moxon, 1840 LAMB (Charles), The Final Memorials of, consisting of his Letters, NOT BEFORE PUBLISHED, with Sketches of some of his Companions by Thomas Noon Talfourd, the FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, post Svo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 58-Moxon, 1848 (280 LAMB. Watts (Alaric) Poetical Sketches, and other Poems, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, 12s 6d-Printed for private distribution,


I'resentation copy to Charles Lamb, with autograph of the Author.


LANDOR (W. S.) Guy's Porridge Pot, with the Dun Cow Roasted Whole, an Epic Poem, in 25 Books, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, VERY SCARCE, £1 2s 6d-1809

** In the British Museua copy of this book is a MS. note by the late Joseph Parkes, Esq., stating that it was written by W. S. Landor as an attack on Dr. Parr,


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