The Coming Prince

Trumpet Press, 1963 - 224 pagina's

Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918) was an investigator with Scotland Yard, who turned his investigative skills to the book of Daniel.

This book examines Daniel, especially the 70 weeks, and the coming of the Antichrist, but also provides apologetic evidence for the genuineness of the book of Daniel, examining its date and authorship.

He is also the author of several other books such as, Forgotten Truths, The Lord From Heaven, Daniel in the Critics' Den, The Silence of God, Types in Hebrews, Redemption Truths, and more.

CHAPTER 1: Introductory … 34
CHAPTER 2: Daniel And His Times … 43
CHAPTER 3: The King’s Dream And The Prophet’s Visions … 50
CHAPTER 4: The Vision By The River Of Ulai … 57
CHAPTER 5: The Angel’ s Message … 63
CHAPTER 6: The Prophetic Year … 72
CHAPTER 7: The Mystic Era Of The Weeks … 77
CHAPTER 8: “Messiah The Prince” … 83
CHAPTER 9: The Paschal Supper … 94
CHAPTER 10: Fulfillment Of The Prophecy … 101
CHAPTER 11: Principles Of Interpretation … 107
CHAPTER 12: Fullness Of The Gentiles … 117
CHAPTER 13: Second Sermon On The Mount … 122
CHAPTER 14: The Patmos Visions … 129
CHAPTER 15: The Coming Prince … 140

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"This classic interpretation of the book of Daniel, dealing with the prophecy of the ninth chapter in particular, has long been considered a standard volume in the field, often quoted, and original in its fresh exposition of Daniel's seventy weeks.... This book belongs on the shelf of every pastor and layman intelligent in the study of the prophetic Word." (Dr. John F. Walvoord)

"This is the ablest explanation of Daniel's seventy weeks and related subjects in existence." Dr. Frederick A. Tatford†

"This book contains so many hidden gems, it should be read slowly to mine all it value. "(Michael D. Fortner, author of Discoveries in Bible Prophecy, and The Beast and False Prophet Revealed)†


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