Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering: Theoretical mechanics.-v. 2. Applied mechanics

Lea and Blanchard, 1848

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Pagina 202 - ... surface, and whose height is equal to the depth of the centre of gravity of the surface below the surface of the liquid.
Pagina 150 - Show that the moment of inertia of a body about any axis is equal to the moment of inertia about a parallel axis through the...
Pagina 230 - The heads are measured where the water may be considered still. TABLE II. — The Coefficients for the Efflux through rectangular orifices in a thin vertical plate, the heads of water being measured directly over the orifice.
Pagina 201 - The force which must be expended in order to raise the piston, is equal to the weight of a column of water, whose base is the section of the piston, and whose height is that to which the water is raised.
Pagina 161 - VI = 0,6324 . r ; two-fifths of the mass of the sphere, at a distance equal to the radius of the sphere from the axis of rotation, has the same moment of inertia as the entire sphere. The formula W=%M r...
Pagina 197 - It is evident that after each stroke of the pump the pressure on the piston and the force necessary to raise it will be increased by the weight of a column of water whose base is the horizontal section of the piston, and whose height is equal to the increase which the elevation of the column in CE receives from the water driven through the valve x.
Pagina 139 - Eider's theory, that the strength of pillars to bear incipient flexure is directly as the fourth power of the diameter, and inversely as the square of the length.
Pagina 207 - PC sm $ ; and this is, therefore, the greater, the greater the weight, the greater the distance of the metacentre from the centre of gravity of the ship, and the greater the angle of inclination of this last, ß 289.
Pagina 182 - ... that of the centre of oscillation from the centre of gravity, but also...
Pagina 182 - ... the times of oscillation are as the square roots of the lengths of the pendulum.

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