This body is made of camphor and gopherwood: prose poems

Harper & Row, 1977 - 61 pagina's
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Illustrated by a series of snail drawings, Bly's prose poems merge elements of imagination, spirituality, and eroticism as they explore the mysteries and energies of the body

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Review: This Body is Made of Camphor and Gopherwood: Prose Poems

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collection of prose poems. i couldn't get into this book when i first read it -- it just seemed like a collection of hippie rantings. but as i started getting more into bly's aesthetics about "deep ... Volledige recensie lezen


Walking Swiftly
A Dream of What Is Missing
How the Ant Takes Part

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Robert W. Bly is the author of more than 40 business books. Steve Roberts is president of Edith Roman Associates, a list brokerages and direct-marketing firm. Michelle Feit is vice president of Internet services for Edith Roman Associates.

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