Opened for Instruction in 1876.

The Johns Hopkins University was founded by the munificence of a citizen of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins, who bequeathed the most of his large estate for the establishment of a University and a Hospital. It was intended that these institutions should coöperate in the promotion of medical education. The Hospital buildings are approaching completion.

The foundation of the University is a capital, in land and stocks, estimated in value at more than $3,000,000; the capital of the Hospital is not less in amount.

The University was incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland, August 24, 1867. Power to confer degrees was granted by the Legislature in 1876.

Suitable buildings have been provided in Baltimore at the corner of Howard and Little Ross Sts., and are furnished with the necessary apparatus and books.


DANIEL C. GILMAN, LL. D., President of the University.

J. J. SYLVESTER, F. R. S., D. C. L., Professor (Emeritus) of Mathematics.

BASIL L. GILDERSLEEVE, PH. D., LL. D., Professor of Greek, G. STANLEY HALL, PH. D., Professor of Psychology and Pedagogics.

PAUL HAUPT, PH. D., Professor of the Shemitic Languages.
H. NEWELL MARTIN, DR. SC., A. M., Professor of Biology and
Director of the Biological Laboratory.

CHARLES D. MORRIS, A. M., Collegiate Professor of Latin and

SIMON NEWCOMB, LL. D., Professor of Mathematics and As


IRA KEMSEN, M. D., PH. D., Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Chemical Laboratory.

HENRY A. ROWLAND, PH. D., Professor of Physics and Director of the Physical Laboratory.

WILLIAM H. WELCH, M. D., Professor of Pathology.
JOHN S. BILLINGS, M. D., Lecturer on Hygiene.

HIRAM CORSON, A. M., LL. D., Lecturer on English Literature.
EDMUND GOSSE, Lecturer on English Literature.

GEORGE S. MORRIS, A. M., PH. D., Lecturer on the History of Philosophy.

LEONCE RABILLON, BACH. ÈS LETT., Lecturer on French Lilerature.

WILLIAM THOMSON, LL. D., Lecturer on Molecular Dynamics. HERBERT B. ADAMS, PH. D., Associate Professor of History.

MAURICE BLOOMFIELD, PH. D., Associate Professor of Sanskrit. WILLIAM K. BROOKS, PH. D., Associate Professor of Morphology and Director of the Chesapeake Zoological Laboratory. THOMAS CRAIG, PH. D., Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics.

A. MARSHALL ELLIOTT, A. M., Associate Professor of Romance Languages.

J. RENDEL HARRIS, A. M., Associate Professor of New Testament Greek and Palaeography. HARMON N. MORSE, PH. D., Associate Professor of Chemistry and Sub-Director of the Chemical Laboratory.

WILLIAM E. STORY, PH. D., Associate Professor of Mathematics. MINTON WARREN, PH. D., Associate Professor of Latin. WILLIAM HAND BROWNE, M. D., Librarian and Associate in English.

WILLIAM T. COUNCILMAN, M. D., Associate in Pathology.
RICHARD T. ELY, PH. D., Associate in Political Economy.
FABIAN FRANKLIN, PH. D., Associate in Mathematics.
EDWARD M. HARTWELL, M. D., PH. D., Associate in Physical
Culture and Director of the Gymnasium.

J. FRANKLIN JAMESON, PH. D., Associate in History.
ARTHUR L. KIMBALL, PH. D., Associate in Physics.
PHILIP R. UHLER, Associate in Natural History.
GEORGE H. WILLIAMS, PH. D., Associate in Mineralogy.
HENRY WOOD, PH. D., Associale in English.
CHARLES F. RADDATZ, Examiner in German.

HUGH NEWELL, Instructor in Drawing.

EDWARD H. SPIEKER, PH, D., Instructor in Latin and Greek.
HENRY A. TODD, A. B., Instructor in Romance Languages.
CHARLES L. WOODWORTH, JR., Instructor in Elocution.
GEORGE HEMPL, A. B., Assistant in German.

WILLIAM H. HOWELL, PH. D., Assistant in Biology.
CHARLES A. PERKINS, PH. D., Assistant in Physics.
OTTO LUGGER, Curator of the Biological Museum.

PLAN OF THE CIRCULARS. The Johns Hopkins University Circulars are published at convenient intervals during the academic year for the purpose of communicating intelligence to the various members of the University in respect to work which is here in progress, as well as for the purpose of promulgating official announcements from the governing and teaching bodies. During the current academic year, successive circulars may be expected in the months of November, December, January, March, April, May, and June, to be followed at the close of the year by an index.

Although these circulars are designed for the members of the University, they have frequently been called for by institutions and libraries at a distance, and also by individuals who are interested in the literary and scientific activity of this University. Subscriptions and exchanges are therefore received.


For the current year, 1884-5, $1.

For the year 1883-4, (140 pp. in cloth covers), $1.50.

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HOPKINS HALL LECTURES. Notice in Respect to the Admission of the Public.

In answer to inquiries, and in correction of some current misapprehensions, the following statements are made in respect to these courses of lectures annually given in the Johns Hopkins University.

1. These courses are academic lectures, designed primarily for the members of the University, and supplementary to the regular class-room work of the students.

2. As the members of the University rarely require the entire room, the Trustees have taken great pleasure in inviting other persons, not connected with the University, to attend.

3. As these lectures are not intended for popular entertainment, but for the instruction of students, those persons first receive tickets, in most cases, who are known to be especially interested in a particular course,-ladies as well as gentlemen. Preference is thus given according to the character of the course, to teachers in other institutions, public and private; students of medicine, law, etc.; professional men and others. If any tickets remain undistributed, they are given out to those who may have applied for them, in order of application.

4. The hall is full when 200 hearers are present; it is uncomfortable if more are admitted. Not infrequently two or three times that number of persons apply for admission, and often applications for tickets cannot be granted. To give the lectures elsewhere would alter their character as a part of the ordinary academic work of the University.

5. There is no general course ticket issued. Applications should state specifically the course for which tickets are desired. Programmes and other current information pertinent to university work may be found in the University Circulars, sent to subscribers on the payment of one dollar per annum, either by Messrs. Cushings & Bailey, Messrs. John Murphy & Co., or the University.

The usage of giving personal notification is not likely to be continued, and those therefore who have been accustomed to receiving such announcements, should hereafter consult the Circulars.

6. It will save much delay if applications for tickets and inquiries on these and other routine matters are addressed not to individuals but to the JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, by postal card, and answers will be promptly returned by mail. Personal applications consume time needlessly.

The lectures begin at 5 o'clock punctually. The doors of the hall are opened at fifteen minutes before 5, and the lectures do not exceed an hour in the delivery.

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II, American Chemical Journal. This journal was commenced in 1879, with Professor Remsen as editor. Five volumes of about 450 pages each have been issued, and the sixth is in progress. It appears bi-monthly. Subscription $3 per year. Single numbers 50 cts.

III. American Journal of Philology.

The publication of this journal commenced in 1880, under the editorial direction of Professor Gildersleeve. Four volumes of about 570 pages each have been issued, and the fifth is in progress. It appears four times yearly. Subscription $3 per volume. Single numbers $1.00.

IV. Studies from the Biological Laboratory.

[Including the Chesapeake Zoological Laboratory.] The publication of these papers commenced in 1879, under the direction of Professor Martin, with the assistance of Dr. W. K. Brooks. Two volumes of about 500 pages, octavo, and 40 plates each, have been issued, and the third is in progress.

V. Studies in Historical and Political Science.

The publication of these papers was begun in 1882, under the editorial direction of Dr. H. B. Adams. The first volume of 470 pages is now completed, and the second is in progress. Subscription $3 per volume.

The following publications are also issued by the University:



The ANNUAL REPORT presented by the President to the Board of Trustees reviewing the operations of the University during the past academic year.

The ANNUAL REGISTER giving the list of officers and students and stating the regulations of the University. Published at the close of the academic year.

The University Circulars, Annual Report, and Annual Register will be sent by mail for one dollar per annum.

All communications in respect to these publications should be addressed to the "Publication Agency of the Johns Hopkins University," Baltimore, Maryland.

In addition to the serials above named, a few copies are for sale of the papers named below:

STUDIES IN LOGIC. By members of the Johns Hopkins University. C. S. Peirce, Editor. (Boston: Little, Brown & Co.) 1883. 123 pp., 120. $2.

THE DEVELOPMENT AND PROPAGATION OF THE OYSTER IN MARYLAND. By W. K. Brooks. 1884. 193 pp., 4o. 13 plates and 3 maps. $5.

ON THE MECHANICAL EQUIVALENT OF HEAT. By H. A. Rowland. 1880. 127 pp., 80. $1.50.

NEW TESTAMENT AUTOGRAPHS. By J. Rendel Harris. 1882. 54 pp., 8o. 4 plates. 50 cents.


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Buckler. Campbell. Donaldson. Duggan.





















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Marine Laboratory: DR. BROOKS. At Beaufort, N. C., during the


summer months.




Kemp. Lee.

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Greek. (36 Students).



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(The meetings on Wednesday are devoted to reading Latin at sight). Cicero: (De Orat., i: Tusc. Disp., i): PROFESSOR C. D. MORRIS. Four times weekly, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 10 a. m. (4). English. Hughes. Roberts, B. T. (The meetings on Wednesday are devoted to reading Latin at sight). Livy, ii, iii: DR. SPIEKER. Four times weekly, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9 a. m. (16).

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Egge. Fossum.



Howard. Learned.


Perkins, C. A.

Matzke. Van Meter.

Van Meter.


Spanish: MR. TODD. Twice weekly, Thursday and Friday, 9 a. m. (4).
French: Major Course: (Bartsch's Old French Chrestomathie): MR.
TODD. Daily, 10 a. m. (4).
French: Minor Course: (3 classes). MR. TODD (Literary Course),
Wednesday and Thursday, 12 m.; MR. BOWEN (Historical and Scientific
Courses), Tuesday and Friday, 12 m.; MR. FONTAINE (Composition),
Monday, 11 a. m.

Ames. Beckwith.



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French Conversation: MR. FONTAINE. Daily, 3 p. m. (25).


Beck with.









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Pleasants, R. H. Reeves. Winslow.

[blocks in formation]

Lichty. Lowndes.


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[blocks in formation]

Taylor, F. M. Van Meter. Wilson, W. Wood, J. Worthington.

English Constitution: DR. JAMESON. Three times weekly, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 12 m. (5).

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Elements of Political Economy: DR. ELY. Daily, 1 p. m. (19).

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White, E. L. White, J.


Williams, J. W.



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McLane, R. M.
Morris, H. H.

Roberts, D. E.

Schaefer, J. Shemwell. Stow.

Straus. Thompson. Trower. Weech. White, E. L.

White, J.

Williams, J. W. Willis.

Applegarth, E. C.




[blocks in formation]


Thompson. Trower.


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