Navorscher, Volume 16

J.C. Loman, Jr., 1866

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Pagina 167 - O'er hill and dale I throw my ball ; Breaker, my name, of mound and wall.
Pagina 97 - COSMETICS. Preparations for improving beauty were known to the ancients, and some authorities refer them even to mythology, and others to the Grecian stage. The Roman ladies painted ; and those of Italy excelled in heightening their charms artificially, by juices and colours, and by perfumes.
Pagina 189 - LACOSTE (ETIENNE-CLÉMENT), maréchal-dé -camp, commandant de la légion-d'honneur, chevalier de l'ordre de Saint-Henri de Saxe, etc., etc., naquit, le 27 décembre 1773, à Romans, département de la Drôme, et entra au service en 1792, dans un bataillon de volontaires. Le 17 novembre de la même année...
Pagina 97 - A stamp was laid on cosmetics, perfumery, and such medicines as really or suppositiously beautify the skin, or perfume the person, and the venders were obliged to take out licenses, 26th Geo.
Pagina 295 - Recht des Congressus zur Wahl und der Princessin Marien Stuardin zur Cron von Engelland. London, P. Marteau.
Pagina 37 - GLOVES. They were in use in very early times. In the middle ages, the giving of a glove was a ceremony of investiture in bestowing lands and dignities ; and two bishops were put in possession of their sees by each receiving a glove, AD 1002. In England, in the reign of Edward II. the deprivation of gloves was a ceremony of degradation. The Glovers' company of London was incorporated in 1556.
Pagina 138 - Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde van Nederlandsen Indië, uitgegeven door het Koninklijk Instituut, VIII.
Pagina 293 - Dat my mijn hoofdsom, met de renten, wederkeert. »Zo help ik u en my; en toon, aan de onderzoekers »Van mijn geheimen, 't graf des eervergeeten woekers.
Pagina 99 - ... 7. Es war aber von alters her eine solche Gewohnheit in Israel: wenn einer ein Gut nicht beerben noch erkaufen wollte, auf...
Pagina 100 - A letter to a member of Parliament in the country, from his friend in London, relative to the case of admiral Bing, with some original papers and letters which passed during the expedition.

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