Travels in North America, in the Years 1841-2: With Geological Observations on the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia, Volume 2

Wiley and Putnam, 1845 - 231 pagina's

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Pagina 146 - I found another set of similar furrows, having the same general direction within five degrees ; and I made up my mind that, if these grooves could not be referred to the modern instrumentality of ice, it would throw no small doubt on the glacial hypothesis. When I asked my guide — a peasant of the neighborhood — whether he had ever seen much ice on the spot where we stood...
Pagina 146 - He also staled that fragments of the ' black stone ' which fell from the summit of the cliff, a pile of which lay at its base, were often frozen into the ice, and moved along with it. I then examined these fallen blocks of amygdaloid scattered round me, and observed in them numerous geodes coated with quartz crystals. I have no doubt that the hardness of these gravers, firmly fixed in masses of ice, which, although only fifteen feet thick, are often of considerable horizontal extent, have furnished...
Pagina 199 - L, and to map, PI. III., and^ to the observations made at p. 93 and 95., Vol. II., will enable the reader to understand the details exhibited in this view. The numbers on the right-hand margin from 1 to 6 correspond with those referring to similar colours in the map of the Niagara district, PI. III. Vol. I. p. 30., in which the usual position of North and South have been reversed, that it might correspond with the bird's-eye view. In the latter, Lake Erie is seen in the distance, or to the South,...
Pagina 22 - I was truly astonished, now that I had entered the hydrographical basin of the Ohio, at beholding the richness of the seams of coal, which appear everywhere on the flanks of the hills and at the bottom of the valleys, and which are accessible in a degree I never witnessed elsewhere. The time has not yet arrived, the soil being still densely covered with the primeval forest, and manufacturing industry in its infancy, when the full value of this inexhaustible supply of cheap fuel can be appreciated...
Pagina 25 - Horizontal galleries may be driven everywhere at very slight expense, and so worked as to drain themselves, while the cars, laden with coal and attached to each other, glide down on a railway, so as to deliver their burden into barges moored to the river's bank.
Pagina 61 - THE pork aristocracy of Cincinnati does not mean those innumerable pigs which walk at large about the streets, as if they owned the town, but a class of rich merchants, who have made their fortunes by killing annually, salting, and exporting, about 200,000 swine. There are, besides these, other wealthy proprietors, who have speculated successfully in land, which often rises rapidly in value as the population increases.

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