Bibliotheca Spenceriana; Or A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books Printed in the Fifteenth Century, and of Many Valuable First Editions, in the Library of George John Earl Spencer, K.G. &c. &c. &c, Volume 3


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Pagina 8 - CLING to thy home ! if there the meanest shed Yield thee a hearth and shelter for thy head, And some poor plot, with vegetables stored, Be all that Heaven allots thee for thy board, — Unsavory bread, and herbs that scattered grow Wild on the river brink or mountain brow, Yet e'en this cheerless mansion shall provide More heart's repose than all the world beside.
Pagina 251 - Koberger had printed only this Chronicle, he would have done enough to place his name among the most distinguished of his typographical brethren ; but he has other, and nearly equal, claims to a very marked celebrity.
Pagina 11 - Before we describe this exceedingly elegant volume, it may be as well to give a brief account of the blunders which have been committed, by the older bibliographers, in regard to the date of it. Happening to possess two of the earlier editions of the...
Pagina 303 - The printer of this work was a physician.* The volumes which issued from his press are of equal beauty and rarity; and it is seldom that we behold a more elegant specimen of ancient typography than that which is now before us. The types are a mixture of those used at the early Milan and Parma presses : being, however, taller and more beautiful than either of them.
Pagina 494 - If the lover of fine and legible printing wishes for a specimen of one of the choicest productions of the XV. Century, let him lose no opportunity of obtaining the present impression when a reasonable hope of its possession is held out to him ; nor is the work less intrinsically valuable than its exterior form is inviting. A nobler book cannot grace the shelves of any collection.
Pagina 182 - ... sunt. Tu cherub extentus et protegens, et posui te in monte sancto Dei, in medio lapidum ignitorum ambulasti perfectus in viis tuis a die conditionis tuae, donec inventa est iniquitas in te.
Pagina 466 - Not. Hist. Lit. pt. ii. p. 124-5. He is however wrong in supposing that any of the cuts were executed in copper. In regard to the beauty of the impression, it is deserving of all praise ; and the volume may be ranked among the choicest specimens of Ratdolt's press. We shall presently see that it has other claims to a distinguished notice. Meanwhile, it may be as well to refer the reader to Mittarelli's satisfactory account of the present edition, and of the author of the work. If Braun had consulted...
Pagina 415 - Freytag,) who was occupied in revising and correcting the proofs of Gerard de Lisa's press, is the same who published some emendations upon Varro, de Lingua Latino, Parma, 1480. Folio. Adpar, Literar. vol. iii. p. 84-5 :' see also the authorities quoted in Panzer, vol. iii. p. 31.* An address from Marsilius Ficinus to Cosmo de Medici, ' In librum Mercurii Trismegisti,' immediately follows the preceding extract. On the recto of the 5th leaf begins the work itself. There are neither numerals, signatures,...
Pagina 482 - ... satisfactory, description of this curious, interesting, and uncommon volume. The manner in which it is executed by the printer, is equal to the singularity of its contents ; and it is rarely that we see a more elegant specimen of the roman type of Ratdolt. Indeed no type of any printer, whether gothic or roman, can exceed, in neatness of form, or skilfulness of execution, that which the printer of this volume may fairly boast to have produced.
Pagina 12 - Provincialato de NMRP fr. Juan Bautista. The title is on the recto of the second leaf. On the recto of the first leaf is the form of absolution in Latin and Cakchiquel ; on the verso a note dated 1732 to the effect that the owner, a priest, received this volume in payment for masses for the soul of its previous possessor, a certain Seilor Achutegui.

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