The History of Ancient Greece: Its Colonies and Conquests, from the Earliest Accounts Till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East: Including the History of Literature, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts

J. Marot, 1831 - 492 pagina's

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Pagina 363 - No wonder, such celestial charms For nine long years have set the world in arms! What winning graces! what majestic mien! She moves a Goddess, and she looks a Queen. Yet hence, oh Heav'n! convey that fatal face, And from destruction save the Trojan race.
Pagina 379 - That part of the island we had landed on was a narrow ridge, not above musket-shot across, bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other by a creek, extending upwards of a mile inland, and nearly communicating with the sea at its head.
Pagina 90 - Mede, who accidentally observed a sentinel descend part of the rock in order to recover his helmet. Hyreades was a native of the mountainous province of Mardia, and, being accustomed to clamber over the dangerous precipices of his native country, resolved to try his activity in passing the rock upon which he had discovered the Lydian. The design was more easily accomplished than he had reason to expect ; emulation and success encouraged the bravest of the Persians to follow his example ; these were...
Pagina 186 - ... are reprefented with the greateft moderation and dignity. The remark is juftified by examining the remains or imitations of Grecian art; and were we to deduce from thefe alone the character of the nation, it would feem at...

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