God's Wife, God's Servant: The God's Wife of Amun (ca.740–525 BC)

Routledge, 2 jun. 2009 - 232 pagina's
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Mariam F. Ayad explores how five women were elevated to a position of supreme religious authority. Drawing on a variety of textual, iconographic, and archaeological evidence, and containing fifty-one black and white and colour illustrations, the volume discusses this often neglected subject, placing the women within the broader context of the politically volatile, turbulent seventh and eighth centuries BCE.


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List of figures
20a Taharqo embracedbyOsiris chapelof Osiris Lord of Life southerndoorjamb 2 20b Shepenwepetembraced by Isis chapelof Osiris Lordof Life nort...
wallKarnakOpen Museum 2 25 Shepenwepet IIfunerary chapel ofAmenirdis
Celebrating the sed festival 3 Avenues to legitimacy Assumption of the priesthood The gradual appropriation ofpriestly
walleasternhalfupper register 3 2 Hatshepsuts chapelle rougeinner sanctuary northwall Karnak Open Museum
List of abbreviations
historical development and associated titles
Egypt atthe endofthe New Kingdom Egypt during theLibyan period
Rites and rituals Entertaining the gods

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Over de auteur (2009)

Mariam F. Ayad is Assistant Director, Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, University of Memphis; previous career at American University in Cairo and at Brown University.

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