Plan of the Standing Army of 200,000 Men: Submitted to Congress by the Secretary of War, and Recommended by the President of the United States, Volume 266


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Pagina 10 - February 28, 1795, provided, that, " in case of an insurrection in any State against the government thereof, it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, on application of the legislature of such State or of the executive, when the legislature cannot be convened, to call forth such number of the militia of any other State or States, as may be applied for, as he may judge sufficient to suppress such insurrection.
Pagina 10 - Whenever the laws of the United States shall be opposed, or the execution thereof obstructed. In any state, by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, or by the powers vested In the marshals by this act.
Pagina 11 - ... for and during the term of five years ; and in case of the death or intermarriage of such widow before the expiration of five years, the half-pay for the remainder of the time shall go to the child or children of...
Pagina 10 - That the militia, when called into the actual service of the United States, shall be subject to the same Rules and Articles of War as the regular troops of the United States.
Pagina 6 - ... shall severally and respectively be enrolled in the militia by the captain or commanding officer of the company, within whose bounds such citizen shall reside, and that within twelve months after the passing of this act.
Pagina 6 - The Vice President of the United States; the officers, judicial and executive, of the Government of the United States...
Pagina 8 - ... and six companies, each company to consist of one captain, one first and one second lieutenant, four sergeants, four corporals, one hundred men and two musicians ; and the pay...
Pagina 6 - And every citizen so enrolled, and providing himself with the arms, ammunition and accoutrements required as aforesaid, shall hold the same exempted from all suits, distresses, executions or sales, for debt or for the payment of taxes.
Pagina 7 - ... breastplate and crupper, a pair of boots and spurs, a pair of pistols, a sabre and a cartouche box to contain twelve cartridges for pistols...
Pagina 7 - That all commissioned officers shall take rank according to the date of their commissions; and when two of the same grade bear an equal date, then their rank to be determined by lot. to be drawn by them before the commanding officer of the brigade, regiment, battalion, company, or detachment.

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