The Wiley-Blackwell History of Jews and Judaism

John Wiley & Sons, 12 mrt. 2012 - 712 pagina's
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In The Wiley-Blackwell History of Jews and Judaism, a team of internationally-renowned scholars offer a comprehensive and authoritative overview of Jewish life and culture, from the biblical period to contemporary times.
  • Provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the main periods and themes of Jewish history, from Biblical Israel, through medieval and early modern periods, to Judaism since the Holocaust, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Judaism today
  • Brings together an international team of established and emerging scholars across a range of disciplines
  • Discusses how to present Judaism - to both non-Jews and Jews - as a religious system on its own terms and with its own unique vocabulary
  • Explores the latest scholarship on a range of issues, including folk practices, politics, economic structure, the relationship of Judaism to Christianity, and the nature of Zionism diaspora and its implications for contemporary Israel
  • Considers Jewish historiography and the lives of ordinary people, the achievements of Jewish women, and the sustained interaction of Jews within the environments they inhabited
  • Edited by a leading scholar in Jewish studies and history

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Early Israel
The States of Israel and Judah
Prophecy and Technical Divination
Literature and History
What Do Biblical Prophets Do?
What Did Prophets Do in Ancient Israel and Judah?
TransJordanian prophecy
the Eastern communities
The Jews of Sepharad
Ashkenazic Jewry
Pesach Passover
Shavuot Feast of Weeks
Yom Haatzmaut Israel Independence Day and Yom Hazikaron Memorial Day

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Over de auteur (2012)

Alan T. Levenson is Schusterman/Josey Professor of Jewish Intellectual and Religious History at the University of Oklahoma. His publications include Modern Jewish Thinkers: An Introduction (2006); Between Philosemitism and Antisemitism: German Defenses of Jews and Judaism (2004); The Story of Joseph: A Jewish Journey of Interpretation (2004); and The Making of the Modern Jewish Bible (2011).

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