Women's Writing from the Low Countries 1200-1875: A Bilingual Anthology

Lia van Gemert
Amsterdam University Press, 2010 - 624 pagina's
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This landmark bilingual Dutch-English anthology introduces women’s writing in the Low Countries, the low-lying delta of the Rhine, Scheldt, and Meuse rivers, from 1200 to 1875. The Dutch and Flemish writers featured here produced work of ardent religious passion, ranging from medieval mysticism to scathing anti-Reformation polemic to pious Anabaptist reflections. Others addressed current social and political debates or demonstrated fierce feminist engagement. This survey includes a range of genres, from sonnets to social and epistolary novels, and will serve as a unique resource for the study of women’s writing throughout the ages as well as an unparalleled portrait of the emotional, social, and political worlds of female writers in the Low Countries.


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Over de auteur (2010)

Lia van Gemert is professor of Dutch literature at the University of Amsterdam and director of the Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age.

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