Elements of Chemistry: Including the Recent Discoveries and Doctrines of the Science

Thomas, Cowperthwait & Company, 1840 - 666 pagina's

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Pagina 169 - The uses of nitrogen are in a great measure unknown. It has been supposed to act as a diluent to the oxygen, but it most probably serves some useful purpose in the economy of animals and vegetables, the exact nature of which has not been discovered.
Pagina 34 - Let a pound of water at 32° be mixed with a pound of water at 172°, and the temperature of the mixture will be intermediate between them, or 102°.
Pagina 57 - As the sine of the angle of refraction is to the sine of the angle of incidence, so is unity to the index of refraction ; or...
Pagina 186 - The quantity absorbed is in exact ratio with the compressing force, the water dissolving twice its volume when the pressure is doubled, and three times its volume when the pressure is trebled. On removing...
Pagina 181 - To separate the muriatic acid, it is necessary to drop a solution of nitrate of silver into the nitric acid as long as a precipitate is formed, and draw off the pure acid by distillation.
Pagina 396 - AMA'LGAM is the term applied to that class of alloys (qv) in which one of the combining metals is mercury. On the nature of the union, it has been observed that ' on adding successive small quantities of silver to mercury, a great variety of fluid amalgams are apparently produced ; but in reality, the chief, if not the sole compound, is a solid A, which is merely diffused throughout the fluid mass.
Pagina 158 - When the action of heat, the electric spark and spongy platinum no longer cause an explosion, a silent and gradual combination between the gases may still be occasioned by them. Oxygen and hydrogen gases unite slowly with one another when exposed to a temperature above the boiling point of mercury, and below that at which glass begins to appear luminous in the dark. An explosive mixture, diluted with air to too great a degree to explode by electricity, is made to unite silently by a succession of...
Pagina 620 - By boiling it for fifteen or twenty minutes with a solution of twice its weight of the carbonate of soda, double decomposition ensues ; and the carbonate of lime, after being collected on a filter and washed with hot water, is either heated to low redness to expel the water, and weighed, or at once reduced to quicklime by a white heat. Of the dry carbonate, fifty parts correspond to twenty-eight of lime.
Pagina 561 - It is then removed to the couch frame, where it is laid in heaps, thirty inches in depth, from twenty-six to thirty hours. In this situation, the grain becomes warm, and acquires a disposition to germinate ; but as the temperature, in such large heaps, would rise very unequally, and germination consequently be rapid in some portions and slow in others, the process of flooring is employed. This consists in laying the grain in strata a few inches thick, on large, airy, but shaded floors, where it remains...
Pagina 169 - Combustion. greater in summer than in winter, and during night than during day. It is also rather more abundant in elevated situations, as on the summits of high mountains, than in plains ; this is probably owing to an absorption of the gas near the surface of the earth by plants and moist surfaces.

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