the several Points of Controversy, which have, from Time to
Time, arisen between the several Governors of that Province,
and Their several Assemblies. Founded on Authentic Docu-
ments. London : R. Griffiths. MDCCLIX. 8vo, pp. viii, 9 l.,
pp. 444.

Generally attributed to Franklin, but perhaps by his son William. “It has recently
been ascertained, however, that he was not, in fact, the author, although it was written
under his direction, and doubtless from copious material furnished by him." - SPARKS'
Franklin, 111. 109. See also “M. Rev.,” xxi. 367. Mr. Rice's copy is printed on
very thick paper, and is perhaps unique. The editor of the following edition appa-
rently had no doubt as to the authorship:

FRANKLIN. An Historical Review of Pennsylvania, From its
Origin, Embracing, among other subjects, the Various Points of
Controversy which have arisen, from time to time, between the
several Governors and the Assemblies. Founded on Authentic
Documents. By Benjamin Franklin, ul.D. [Originally Pub-
lished in London.] Philadelphia : Públished by E. Olmsted and
W. Power. 1812. 8vo, pp. XV-xxxvi, 431.

c. 25513
Forms Vol. 11. of the edition of Franklin's Works, in 6 vols. Some copies have
the imprint, Philadelphia: W. Duane. 1808.

FRANKLIN. Information for those who would remove to
America. By Dr. Benjamin Franklin. London : M. Gurney.
1794. 8vo, pp. 23. + London. 1796. 4to.

H. 25514
Sparks says it was first published in England in 1784, and afterward 1787, included
in Dilly's edition of Franklin's Works. See Sparks' Franklin, 11. 453.

FRANKLIN. Bericht für Diejenigen so sich nach Nordamerika
begehen wollen: aus dem Englischen. Hamburg: Herold. 1786.

[FRANKLIN.] Interest of Great Britain, 1760. See [Jackson
FRANKLIN. Internal State of America. Being a True De-

scription of the Interest and Policy of that vast Continent. Lon-
don. 1784. 8vo.

I have never seen this pamphlet, and infer the title from Sparks' Franklin, 11. 453,
where it is said to be reprinted in Dilly's edition of Franklin's Works, in 1787.

FRANKLIN. Jugenbjahre, von ihm selbst beschrieben und aus
dem Englischen übersetzt von G. U. Bürger. Berlin: Rott-
mann. 1792. 8vo.

FRANKLIN. Kleine Schriften meist in der Manier de Zu-
schauers nebst seinem Leben. Aus dem Englischen von G.

Title in German text.

Schatz. Mit Franklins doppelten Bildnitze. Weimar: Im Ver-
lage des Industrie Comptoirs. 1794. 2 vols., 8vo, 7 l., pp: 352 ;
428. 2 2 Portraits of Franklin. + [Ibid.] 1802. + Weimar :
Industrie Comptoir. 1802. 2 vols., 8vo. Portrait. + Rotweil.
1822. 8vo.

FRANKLIN. Leben und Schriften. Aus dem Englischen
übersetzt. Weimar. 1818.
Weimar. 1818. 2 vols., 8vo.

Forms Vols. III, and iv. of Franklin's works in German.
[Franklin.] Die Lautere Wahrheit, oder ernsliche Be-
trachtung des gegenwärtigen Zustandes der Stadt Philadelphia,
und der Provintz Pensylvanien. Von einem Handwercksmann
in Philadelphia. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt durch J. Crell.
[Philadelphia :] Gedrucht, und zu finden bey Gotthard Armbrüster.
8vo, pp. 20.

A translation of Plain Truth. See No. 25563, infra.
FRANKLIN. Leben und Schriften, nach der von seinem Enkel
W. T. Franklin, veranstalten neuen London. Ausgabe mit
Benutzung des bei derselben bekannt gemachten nachlasses und
früherer Quellen zeitgemass bearbeitet von A. Binzer. Kiel.
1829. 4 vols., 12mo.

FRANKLIN. Leben des Benjamin Franklin, von ihm selbst
beschrieben. Leipzig: Geo. Wigand. 1839. 16mo. (Geschichts-
bibliothek fur's Volk, 3 Bd.)

FRANKLIN. Leben und Ausgewählte Schriften ... Leipzig :
G. Wigand. 1838. 16mo.

FRANKLIN. A Letter from Benjamin Franklin to a Gentle-
man in New Jersey, dated Philadelphia, June 6th, 1753. Not-
tingham [England. n. d.] Folio, 1 l.

[FRANKLIN.] A Letter to a Friend in the Country, Contain-
ing the Substance of a Sermon Preached at Philadelphia, in the
Congregation of The Rev. Mr. Hemphill, concerning the Terms
of Christian and Ministerial Communion. Printed and sold by
B. Franklin: Philadelphia. 1735.

See Sparks' “ Life of Franklin," p. 125.
[FRANKLIN?] Letters | between Theophilus and Eugenio, /
on the Moral Pravity of Man, and the Means of His Restora-
tion. Wrote in the East-Indies, And now First Published from

the Original Manuscript. | Philadelphia :| Printed and Sold by B. Franklin. MDCCXLvii. 4to, pp. iv, 64.

25528 Very rare. This is attributed to Franklin, on the authority of an auction sale catalogue. FRANKLIN. Letters and Essays. London. 1820. 8vo. A.

Also many other editions. FRANKLIN. The Life and Essays of Dr. Franklin. London: T. Kinnersly. [n. d.] 2 vols., 12mo, Engraved Title, pp. vi, 471. + New York. 1807. 12mo. + London. 1816. 8vo. + New York. 1858. 12mo, pp. 375.

25530 Reprinted as Life and Essays, Humorous, Moral and Literary. Dublin. 1793. 8vo. Portrait. + Third Edition. London. 1800. 2 vols., 8vo; and afterwards in numerous forms.

FRANKLIN. The Life of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D. Printed and sold by George Nicholson, Poughnell, near Ludlow. [n. d.] 12mo, Engraved Title, pp. 56. Portrait.

25531 FRANKLIN. The Life of Dr. Benjamin Franklin.

Written by Himself. Second American Edition. Philadelphia : Benjamin Johnson. 1794. 16mo, pp. 197. + Third American Edition. New-York: T. and y. Swords. 1794. 16mo, pp. 214. Portrait. + Salem : Cushing and Carleton. 1796. 16mo, pp. 132. c. + Albany. 1797. iomo. + Montpelier, Vt. [n. d.] 16mo. 16mo

+Montpelier: printed by Samuel Goss, for Joseph Parks. 1809. 16mo. + New-York: Printed by Clayton & Van Norden. 1824. 16mo. + [Ibid.] 1825.

W. 25532 FRANKLIN. The Life of the late Doctor Benjamin Franklin. Written by Himself. Philadelphia : Johnson & Warner. 1811. 12mo, pp. 104. + [Ibid.] 1812. + Edinburgh. 1839. + Philadelphia. 1864. BA. BA. + New York. (n. d.]

25533 FRANKLIN. Life of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself; with Essays, Humorous, Moral, and Literary. Boston. 1815. 16mo. Portrait.

W. 25534 FRANKLIN. The Life of Benjamin Franklin, including a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the War of Independence, and of the Various Negotiations at Paris for Peace; with the History of his Political and other Writings. London. 1826. 12mo.

25535 FRANKLIN. Life of Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself. Together with his Essays, Humorous, Moral and Literary. Auburn, N. N. [sic] Derby, Miller & Co. 1848. 12mo. 25536

Reprinted. Auburn, N. 7. 1853. 12mo. Also issued in 8vo.


FRANKLIN. The Life of Benjamin Franklins. Vol. 1. B. Franklin's Autobiography. With an Appendix. Leipzig: A. Dürr. 185– 8vo, pp. X, 239. i Lithograph. (Dürr's Coll. of Stand. Amer. Auth., Vol. 11.)

25537 FRANKLIN. The Life of Benjamin Franklin ; containing the Autobiography ; with Notes and a Continuation. By Jared Sparks. Boston. 1845. 8vo, pp. 612. + Dessau. 1854. 8vo.

. Franklin. The Life of Benjamin Franklin. Illustrated by Tales, Sketches, and Anecdotes. Adapted to the Use of Schools. Philadelphia : Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. 1838. 12mo.

FRANKLIN. Franklin's Leben. Tübingen. 1795. 8vo.

FRANKLIN. Het Leven van Benjamin Franklin, door hemzelven beschreven. Benevens deszelfs zede-, staat-, letterkundige en geestige schriften. Uit het Engelsch. Groningen: W. Zuidema. 1798-1800. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, 6 l., pp. 258; 5 l., pp. 432.

C. 25541 FRANKLIN. Der Weg zum Glück, oder Leben und Meynungen des Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Von ihm selbst geschrieben. Reading, (Pa.): Heinrich B. Sage. 1820. 18mo, pp. 128. + 's Hage. 1828. 8vo.

25542 FRANKLIN. Vie de Benjamin Franklin : écrite par lui-même, suivie de ses euvres morales, politiques et littéraires, dont la plus grand partie n'avoit pas encore été publiée. Traduite de l'Anglais, avec des notes, par J. Castéra. Paris: F. Buisson An vi. de la République. [1799.] 8vo, pp. viii, 438.

25543 FRANKLIN. Mélanges de morale, d'économie et de politique, extraits des ouvrages de Benjamin Franklin ... Paris : Chez Antoine-Augustin Renouard. 1824. 2 vols., 12mo, pp. vi, 252; (2), 182. Portrait.

25544 FRANKLIN. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D., F.R.S., &c. Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States of America, at the Court of France, and for the Treaty of Peace and Independence with Great Britain, &c. &c. Written by Himself to a late Period, and continued to the time of his Death, by his Grandson; William Temple Franklin. Now first published from the original MSS. Comprising the Private Correspondence and Public Negociations of Dr. Franklin, and a selection from his Political, Philosophical, and Miscellaneous Works. London : Henry Colburn. 1818–19. 6 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 542; (2), 450 ; xvi, 456 ; xii, 392 ; xvi, 493; viii,

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523. 10 Plates.

H. + Second [and Third] Edition. [Ibid.] 3 vols., 4to, pp. X, 450, lxxxviii, (i), Map; xxiv, 449; (2), xii, 570, 10 Plates. + New Edition. London: published for Henry

. Colburn by R. Bentley. 1833. 6 vols., 8vo.

C. 25545 All of these sets are often broken up, and the three series of Life, Correspondence, and Posthumous Writings sold separately with the same general title, and the editions are sometimes mixed. “ Caveat emptor." The so-called new edition of 1833 is the first edition of 1818, with new title-pages only. See “M. Rev., ; LXXXII). 18 and 133; LXXXVIII. 409; and “N. Am. Rev.," vii. 289.

FRANKLIN. Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself and Continued by his Grandson, with his Correspondence, Essays, Diplomatic Transactions, &c. with a Postliminious Pref

Philadelphia. 1834. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxxviii, 624; vii, 517. + New York. 1861. 2 vols., 8vo.

25546 FRANKLIN. Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin ; Written by Himself. With his most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical. Selected with care from all his Published Productions, and comprising whatever is most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader. New-York: Harper & Brothers. 1839. 2 vols., 18mo, pp. 287; (2), 288. B., BA. + [Ibid.] 1840. + [Ibid.] 1845.

25547 FRANKLIN. Memoirs of the Life of Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself. Illustrated Edition. New-York: John Doggett, Jr. 1850. 8vo.

25548 FRANKLIN. Mémoires de la vie privée de Benj. Franklin écrits par lui-même, suivis d'un précis historique de sa vie po tique. Paris. 1791. 8vo.

25549 FRANKLIN. Mémoires sur la vie et les écrits de Benjamin Franklin, ... Publiés sur le manuscrit origina rédigée par luimême en grande partie, et continué jusqu'a sa mort, Par William Temple Franklin, son petit-fils. Tome Premier, Avec une Portrait de B. Franklin. A Paris : Chez Treuttel et Würtz, Libraires, rue de Bourbon, no 17; Et à Strasbourg, même Maison de Commerce. A Londres : Chez H. Colburne. 1818. 3 vols., 4to, 10 l., pp. 390 ; (6), 435; 16 l., pp. 410.

25550 This translation was by M. Le Veillard. See Sparks' Frank n, x. 231 FRANKLIN. Mémoires complets, quvres morales et littéraires, traduites d'après la dernière édition publiée à New-York. Paris. 1841. 8vo.

25551 VOL. VII.


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