The Scotish GaŽl: Or, Celtic Manners, as Preserved Among the Highlanders, Being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National Peculiarities of Scotland: More Particularly of the Northern, Or GaŽlic Parts of the Country, where the Singular Habits of the Aboriginal Celts are Most Tenaciously Retained

S. Andrus and Son, 1851 - 520 pagina's

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Pagina 467 - But zealous crowds in ignorance adore, And still the less they know, they fear the more. Oft (as Fame tells) the earth in sounds of woe Is heard to groan from hollow depths below; The baleful yew, though dead, has oft been seen To rise from earth, and spring with dusky green: With sparkling flames the trees unburning shine, And round their boles prodigious serpents twine.
Pagina 157 - It is not a web of one uniform colour and texture, without any variety of figures, that pleascth the eye, and appears beautiful ; but one that is woven by shuttles, filled with threads of purple, and many other colours flying from side to side, and forming a variety of figures and images in different compartments with admirable art.
Pagina 95 - The most singular and extraordinary combat immediately followed. The Highlanders, stretched on the ground, thrust their dirks into the bellies of the horses. Some seized the riders by their clothes, dragged them down, and stabbed them with their dirks; several again used their pistols ; but few of them had sufficient space to handle their swords.
Pagina 176 - A law was enacted that every person above seven years of age should wear on Sundays and holidays a cap of wool, knit, made, thickened, and dressed in England by some of the trade of cappers, under the forfeiture of three farthings for every day's neglect, 1571.
Pagina 36 - The ancient dialects of Italy, the Sabine, the Etruscan, and the Venetian, sunk into oblivion; but in the provinces, the east was less docile than the west, to the voice of its victorious preceptors. This obvious difference...
Pagina 480 - The body of the deceased had been burned, and the bones and ashes had been piled up in a small heap, which was surrounded by a circular wreath of horns of the red deer, within which, and amidst the ashes, were five beautiful arrow heads, cut out of flint, and a small red pebble.
Pagina 475 - ... of whisky. This settled, the father, or next of kin to the bride, sends round to his neighbors and friends, and every one gives his cow or heifer, by which means the portion is soon raised. Caution is, however, taken of the bridegroom on the day of delivery for restitution of the cattle, should the bride die childless, in which case, within a stipulated time, each receives back his own; care being thus taken that no man get rich by frequent marriage. On the day of
Pagina 494 - Romans, or from any other people, the names would certainly have been the same, and the same order would have been preserved, which is not the case in the Irish Beth-luisnium alphabet, which, it may be observed, is presumed to be according to the ancient and proper arrangement, and is so termed from its three first letters. It stands thus -B, L, N, F, S, H, D, T, C, M, G, P, R, A, O, U, E, I. The word aos in Irish, which at first signified a tree, was applied to a learned person; and feadha, woods,...
Pagina 107 - By God himself, and as I shall answer to God at the great Day, I shall speak the Truth: if I do not, may I never thrive while I live ; may I go to Hell and be damned when I die. May my Land bear neither Grass nor Corn : may my Wife and Bairns never prosper ; may my Cows, Calves, Sheep, and Lambs, all perish,
Pagina 240 - I never yielded, king of spears!' replied the noble pride of Carthon: 'I have also fought in war; I behold my future fame. Despise me not, thou chief of men! my arm, my spear is strong. Retire among thy friends, let younger heroes fight.

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