France, Social, Literary, Political, Volume 2

R. Bentley, 1834
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Pagina 191 - ... receipts whereupon they are confident and adventurous, but know neither the causes of diseases, nor the complexions of patients, nor peril of accidents, nor the true method of cures...
Pagina 191 - ... patients, nor peril of accidents, nor the true method of cures. We see it is a like error to rely upon advocates or lawyers which are only men of practice and not grounded in their books, who are many times easily surprised when matter falleth out besides their experience, to the prejudice of the causes they handle. So by like reason it cannot be but a matter of doubtful consequence, if states be managed by empiric statesmen, not well mingled with men grounded in learning. But contrariwise, it...
Pagina 98 - Men met each other with erected look, The steps were higher that they took ; Friends to congratulate their friends made haste, And long inveterate foes saluted as they pass'd...
Pagina 354 - Cependant, Sire,, au milieu des sentiments unanimes de respect et d'affection dont votre peuple vous entoure, il se manifeste dans les esprits une vive inquiétude qui trouble la sécurité dont la France avait commencé à jouir, altère les sources de sa prospérité, et pourrait, si elle se prolongeait, devenir funeste à son repos.
Pagina 325 - whoever he be : that man is a dramatist, the piece he has written is a drama : ' Go and see it ! There is great art, great nature, great improbability, all massed and mingled all together in the rapid rush of terrible things, which pour upon you, press upon you, keep you fixed to your seat, breathless, motionless. And then a pause comes — the piece is over — you shake your head, you stretch your limbs, you still feel shocked, bewildered, and walk home as if awakened from a, terrible nightmare....
Pagina 239 - ... Pope to sanction his undertaking. The Pope sent him a consecrated flag, and a bull authorizing the descent upon England, in the year 1066. William published his war-ban in the countries adjacent. He offered a large sum of money and the pillage of England, to every man of tall and robust stature who would serve either with the lance, the sword, or the crossbow ; and a multitude poured in from all parts, from far and near, from north and from south, from Maine and from Anjou, from Poitou and from...
Pagina 288 - Os habent, et non loquentur : * oculos habent, et non videbunt. Aures habent, et non audient :* nares habent et non odorabunt. Manus habent, et non palpabunt, pedes habent et non ambulabunt : * non clamabunt in gutture suo.
Pagina 94 - Plus de crainte pour les droits acquis, plus de barrière entre nous et les droits qui nous manquent encore. « Un gouvernement qui sans délai nous garantisse ces biens est aujourd'hui le premier besoin de la patrie. Français, ceux de vos députés qui se trouvent déjà à Paris se sont réunis; et, en attendant l'intervention régulière des chambres, ils ont invité un Français qui n'a jamais combattu que pour la France , M.
Pagina 142 - Pans, slain on the field of battle, to which they had been led, not so much by a violent passion for their lovers, (French women do not love so violently,) as by a passion for that action and adventure which they are willing to seek even in the camp. At the battle of Jemmapes...
Pagina 192 - ... present times may sort better with ancient examples than with those of the later or immediate times. And lastly, the wit of one man can no more countervail learning than one man's means can hold way with a common purse.

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