A Cannabis Reader: Global Issues and Local Experiences : Perspectives on Cannabis Controversies, Treatment and Regulation in Europe, Volume 1

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 2008 - 320 pagina's
Smoked, eaten, imbibed--or just talked about--it seems the world has a strong taste for cannabis. An estimated one in five European adults has tried it at some time in their lives. Over 13 million Europeans have consumed it in the past month. Globally, nearly 50 000 tonnes of cannabis herb or resin are produced for consumption every year. Little wonder, then, that cannabis has become a controversial cultural phenomenon. Through short, sharp insights on a range of cannabis topics, this book is a shortcut for those entering the area for the first time, as well as a synthesis for the more seasoned expert. Aimed at policymakers, sociologists, historians, journalists and those involved in enforcement, this Volume 1 deals with the history of cannabis; events in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s; recent cannabis developments in the EU's newer Member States; policy shifts in governmental approaches to cannabis; the cannabis resin trade linking Morocco to Northern Europe; and information on how coffee shops developed in the Netherlands. While some of these articles focus only on smaller pieces of the cannabis puzzle, they provide insights into the many different ways Europe has dealt with cannabis to date. Centred on drug professionals working in the fields of treatment, prevention and healthcare, Volume 2 assesses the impact of cannabis use on health, from an individual perspective and public health perspective; descriptions of contemporary European patterns of cannabis use, from a general population perspective and in terms of adolescent use; and descriptions of treatment demand for cannabis use disorders in Europe.

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Cannabis in the past
The reemergence of the therapeutic use of cannabis
Soma the Wootton Report and cannabis law reform

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