Psyche, Volume 18

Routledge, 1995 - 18 pagina's
Launched in 1920 by C K Ogden and others as the successor to the Cambridge Magazine, Psyche occupied a unique place for over 30 years as a journal of general and linguistic psychology. Committed from the outset to keeping readers abreast of developments in the burgeoning fields of experimental, theoretical, and applied psychology, Psyche provided not only systematic reporting in these domains but set itself the task of stimulating research of high quality by the critical thrust of its editorial stance.
In addition to full-length articles, Psyche featured lively correspondence and discussion, a regular chronicle of research in the US and on the continent, a comprehensive survey of current literature, and regular reports from the meetings and congresses of associations and societies. I A Richards, E J Dingwall and Whately Smith were among those who added their regular contributions to editorials and features by C K Ogden.

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Over de auteur (1995)

Ogden was educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge. He was inventor of the Basic English system, an 850-word vocabulary designed to be an international language.

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