WYATT (Sir MATTHEW DIGBY) and schools, colleges, and families. With illustrations.

WARING (John BURLEY).—The Mediæral Court 8vo. London, Glasgow (printed), 1866. B.M. in the Crystal Palace. Described by M. D. W. and WYLE (NICOLAUS VON).—Transzlatzion oder J. B. W. Plans and woodcuts. 8vo. London,

tütschungē des hochgeachten Nicolai von wyle: den 1854.


zyten Statschriber der Stat Esselingen: etlicher WYATT (Sir MATTHEW DIGBY) and bücher Enee silvii: Pogii florētini : Felicis hemer

WARING (JOHN BURLEY).-The Italian Court in lin: doctoris. Mit sampt andern schryfften: dern the Crystal Palace. Described by M. D. W. and xviij

. nacheinander underschydenlichen mit iren J.B. W. Plans and woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1854.

figuren und titeln begriffen sint. Woodcuts. Fol.

S.K. Jobānes Bryse: Burger tzu Strassburg, 1510. S.K. WYATT (Sir MATTHEW DIGBY)

Earlier edition. Translation oder tütschungen Digby) and

etlicher bücher. Woodcuts. G. L. Fol. (Esslingen, WARING (JOHN BURLEY).— The Byzantine and Romanesque Courts in the Crystal Palace. Described

Cr. Fyner), about 1478. by M. D. W. and J. B. W. Plans and woodcuts. WYLIE (JAMES A.).-Ruins of Bible Lands. 8vo. London, 1854. S.K. A Journey over the Region of Fulfilled Prophecy.


With illustrations. 8vo. Glasgow, 1857. WARING (JOHN BURLEY). The Renaissance WYLIE (WILLIAM MICHAEL). - Fairford Court in the Crystal Palace. Described by M. D. Graves. A record of researches in an Anglo-Saxon W. and J. B. W. Plans and woodcuts. 8vo. burial-place in Gloucestershire. 4to. Oxford, 1852. London, 1854. S.K.


WYLIE (WILLIAM MICHAEL).- Remarks on (C.), The Historý of the Painters of all Nations......

the Angon or barbed Javelin of the Franks described Edited by M. D. W. Fol. 1852, etc.

by Agathias. With 3 plates. In “ Archæologia,"

vol. xxxv. WYATT (Sir MATTHEW DIGBY). See Maw and Co., Specimens of Geometrical Mosaics. Fol. 1857. WYLIE (William MICHAEL).-Account of

the Merovingian Cemetery of Envermen, also of WYATT (THOMAS).—The Sacred Tableaux ;

certain Weapons of the Franks. With 3 plates. or, remarkable incidents in the Old and New

The same. Testament. Illustrated from the ancient masters. The description ly distinguished American writers: WYLIE (WILLIAM MICHAEL).- ObservaEdited by T. W. 12mo. Boston (U. S.), 1818. B.M.

tions on certain Sepulchral Csages of Early Times.

With 1 plate. The same. WYATT (THOMAS).--Memoirs of Generals, WYLIE (WILLIAM MICHAEL).-Account of Commodores, and other Commanders who distin

Teutonic Remains, apparently Saxon, found near guished themselves in the American Army and

Dieppe. With 4 plates. The same, Navy during the Wars of the Revolution and 1812,

vol. xxxvi. and who were presented with Medals by Congress WYLIE (WILLIAM MICHAEL).- The Graves for their gallant services. Illustrated by 82 engray

of the Alemanni at Oberflacht in Swabia. With ings on steel from original medals. 8vo. Phila- 4 plates. The same. delphia, 1848.

B.M. WYLIE (William MICHAEL). ObservaWYATT (T. H.). — Chapter House at tions on Researches in Swabia. Tumuli. With 1

Salisbury Cathedral. Sessional Paper. March plate. The same, vol. xxxvii. 1843.

B. Arch. WYLIE (William MICHAEL).-Notes on the WYATT (T. H.). - Remarks upon the Interment of a Frankish Warrior discovered at

Church of St. Andrew, at Greensted, in Essex, Enrermen. (Seine Inférieure), 1856. With 1 plate. supposed to have been erected for the reception of

The same. the body of St. Edmund. Sessional Paper. 1849. WYLIE (William MICHAEL).—The Burning

B. Arch.

and Burial of the Dead. The same. WYATT (T. H.) and THURNAM (J.). WYLIE (Willid MICHAEL).-On Lake Wilts County Lunatic Asylum ; description of the

Dwellings of the Early Period. The same, vol. building. 8vo. n.p. 1852.

B. Arch.

xxxviii. WYKEHAM (WILLIAM OF). See Scott (G. WYLSON (J.).-Remarks on Workmen's G.), The Restoration of Winchester City Cross, etc.

Houses in Town Districts. With illustrations. 8vo. 12mo. 1865.

Glasgow, 1818.

B. Arch. WYKEHAM (WILLIAM OF). See Walcott (M. WYMESWOLD CHURCH.—A History E. C.), William of Wykeham and his Colleges. 8vo.

and Description of the restored Parish Church of 1852.

Saint Mary, Wymeswold, Leicestershire. Royal WYLD (W.).—Monuments et Rues de 4to. London, (1816).

S.K. Paris. Oblong fol. Paris, 1839.

S.K. WYNDHAM (Francis M.).-Wild Life on WYLDE (JAMES).—The Book of Trades. the Fjelds of Norway. With chromo-lithographs A circle of the Arts and Manufactures, adapted for and maps. 8vo. London, 1861.

B.M. and Queries


WYNDHAM (HENRY PENRUDDOCKE). — A WYSE (Sir Thomas). -- An Excursion in

Gentleman's Tour through Monmouthshire and the Peloponnesus in the year 1858. Edited by his Wales, in the months of June and July, 1774. 12mo. niece, Winifredo M. Wyse. With numerous illusLondon, 1775.

S.K. trations. 2 vols. Imp. 8vo. London, 1865. 2nd edition. 16 plates. 4to. Salisbury, 1781.

S.K. B.M. WYSE (Sir Thomas). - An Excursion in WYNDHAM (HENRY PENRUDDOCKE). – A the Peloponnesus in the year 1858. From the

Picture of the Isle of Wight, delineated upon the Edinburgh Review,” No. 250, October 1865. S.K. spot, in 1793. 8vo. London, 1794.



Kunst, der schweiz. Künstlergesellschaft gewidservations on an ancient Building at Warnford in met, mit Raphaels Bildniss. 8vo. Zürich, 1809. the County of Southampton. With 2 plates. In " Archæologia," vol. v.

WYSS (JOHANN RUDOLPH). - Der schweizWYNNE (JAMES). - Private Libraries of

erische Robinson oder der schiffbrüchige SchweizNew York. 8vo. New York, 1860.


erprediger und seine Familie. Neue, mit Holz

schnitten illustrirte Ausgabe. Nach den Orig.WYNNE (Sir John).- The History of the

Zeichnungen von Lemercier, gravirt von Breval, etc. Gwydir Family, by Sir J. W., who was born in Large 8vo. Zurich, 1841. 1553. First published by the Hon. Daines Barrington, with an Introduction and Notes; now re

WYTTENBACH (JOHANN Hugo). - Neue edited, with additional notes, by a native of the Forschungen über die römischen architektonischen Principality; to which is added an original work,

Alterthümer im Moselthale zu Trier. 8vo. Trier, containing memoirs of celebrated and distinguished

1835. cotemporary Welshmen, Bishops, etc. Plates. 4to. 2nd edition. 8vo. Trier, 1844. Ruthin, 1827.

B.M. English translation. The Stranger's Guide to WYON (WILLIAM). See CARLISLE (N.), A

the Roman Antiquities of the City of Treres, from

the German of J. H. W. To which are added Memoir of the Life and Works of W. W. 8vo.

Plates from unpublished Drawings, and other Illus1837.

trations. Edited under the direction of Dawson WYRLEY (WILLIAM). — The true Use of Turner. 22 plates and vignettes. 8vo. London, Armory. 4to. London, 1592. B.M. 1839.


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XANTEN.-Die St. Viktorskirche zu Xan. le principali leggi e fenomeni delle acque correnti.

ten. Geschichtliches und Beschreibendes. With 4to. Siena, 1780. lithographic view of the city and church from the XIMENES (LEONARDO). — Teoria e pratica north side. 8vo. Xanten, 1851.

delle resistenze de' solidi. Plates. 4to. Pisa, XANTHIAN MARBLES.--Xanthian Mar- 1782. Part ii. 4to. Firenze, 1783.

bles; the Harpy Monument, a disquisitional Essay. XIMENES (LEONARDO). Raccolta delle 8vo. London, 1844.


sue Perizie ed Opuscoli idraulici ; alla quale si XÁNTUS (János).- J. X.'s Letters from aggiungono le Perizie di altri Professori che anno

North America. With 12 engravings on stone and scritto sulle stesse materie. 2 rols. With plates. some woodcuts, by J. Prepost. 8vo. Pesth, 1858. 4to. Firenze, 1785–86.


Elementi della XÁNTUS (János).- Journey in the South- geometria piana. Plates. 8vo. Venezia, 1792.

ern part of California. 8vo. Pesth, 1860. B.M. XIMENEZ (ANDRES).-Descripcion del Real XIMENES (LEONARDO). — Del vecchio e Donasterio de San Lorenzo del Escorial : su Ma

nuovo gnomone Fiorentino e delle osservazioni as- gnifico Templo, Panteon, y Palacio. With 18 coppertronomiche etc. fatte nel verificarne la construzione, plates. Small fol. Madrid, 1764.

S.K. libri iv. Plates. Large 4to. Firenze, 1754.

XIMENEZ de Urrea (FRANCISCO).—Medallas XIMENES (LEONARDO).—Nuove sperienze desconocidas Españolas. See LASTANOSA (V. J. de),

idrauliche fatte ne' canali e ne' fiumi per verificare : Museo de las Medallas, etc. 4to. 1645.

and Quries





Y. (D.).-Collections for the History of YARRELL (WILLIAM). — A History of

Hampshire and the Bishopric of Winchester, in- British Fishes. Illustrated with 50 wood engrarcluding the Isles of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey, and ings. 2nd edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1841. Sarke. By D. Y. With the original Domesday of

S.K. the County, and an...... English translation, preface, 1st edition. 2 vols. Woodcuts. 8vo. London, and which is added a glossary 1835-6.

B.M. ......By R. Warner......with 'upwards of sixty Supplement. 8vo. London, 1839. B.M.

plates, etc. 5 vols. 4to. London, (1795). B.M. YARRELL (WILLIAM). — A History of Y*** (M.).-Lettres à Polydore sur British Birds. Illustrated by 535 wood engravings. Cambo et ses alentours. 16mo. Bayonne, 1852.

2nd edition. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1815. S.K. B.M.

1st edition. 3 vols. Woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1839-43.

B.M. YAGMIN (ALFONS). - The Steppes of

Supplement. 8vo. London, 1845. B.M. Kirgiz Kaisatsky and its inhabitants. In Russian. 2 parts. With illustrations. 8vo. Saint Peters- YATE (WALTER HONEYWOOD).—The History burg, 1845.

B.M. of Gloucestershire, by him and T. D. Fosbrooke ; YAGO (PEDRO).-El Cafetero...... La Re

with plates. 2 rols. 4to. Glocester, 1807. B.M. vendedora. See VALENCIANS. Los Valencianos YATES (JAMES).—Roman Tombs at Gedelpintados por si mismos, etc. 8vo. 1859.

stone, Norfolk. 4 plates. London, 1849. In

“ Archeological Journal," vol. vi. YAKOVLEV (VLADIMIR).-Italy. Letters from Venice, Rome, and Naples. In Russian. 8vo.

YATES (JAMES).—On the use of Bronze Saint Petersburg, 1855.


Celts in Military Operations. 17 illustrations. The YAKUSHKIN (PAVEL).- Travelling Let YATES (JAMES).-Roman Remains ters from the Governments of Novgorod and

Ickleton and Chesterfield. With 8 illustrations. Pleskow. In Russian, 12mo. Saint Petersburg,

The same. 1860.


YATES (James).—On the Bulla worn by YAK-V (S.).— Travelling Notes near Mos

Roman Boys. 6 illustrations. The same, vol. viii. cow, by S. Yak-. In Kussian. 16mo. Moscow, 1862.


YATES (JAMES).—On the Stone Wedges YANGUAS Y MIRANDA (José).—Dic

of Java, and similar objects discovered in Borneo. cionario de Antigüedades del Reino de Navarra. YATES (JAMES).- Descriptive Catalogue of

With 4 illustrations. The same, vol. xi. 4 vols. Post 4to. Pamplona, 1840-43. S.K.

a Collection of Current Coins of all countries, in YANKEE.-A Familiar and Useful Guide

the International Exhibition, Class XIII., North to the Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1861. Gallery. 8ro. London, 1862.

B.M. (Signed Yankee.) 8vo. London (1861, etc.), S.K. YATES (RICHARD).-History and AntiquiYANTSEN (D.). See LAMBIN (N. P.), History ties of the Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury. By

of Peter the Great......with 600 original drawings, the Rev. R. Y., D.D., F.R.S. With views of the D. Y., etc. 8vo. 1843.

most considerable Monasterial Remains, by the YAPP (GEORGE WAGSTAFFE).--Art Educa

Rev. William Yates. The second edition, with tion at Home and Abroad. 8vo. London, 1852-53.

Additions, and fourteen additional plates. Royal S.K. 4to. London, 1813.


Ist. edition, Part i. With plates. 4to. YARMOUTH.—The History of Great Yar

London, 1805. mouth. Collected from antient records, and other authentic materials. 8vo. Lynn, 1776. S.K.

YATES (THOMAS). See Egypt. A Dissertation

on the antiquity, origin, and design of the prinYARRANTON (ANDREW).-England's Im

cipal Pyramids of Egypt, etc. (By T. Y.?) 4to. provement by Sea and Land. Part i. London, by R. 1833. Everingham, 1677. Part ii. London, 1681. Plates YCART (LUYS Pons DE) Grandezas de 4to. London, 1677-81.

B.M. At the end is a folding plate. “The Town and

Tarragona. 8vo. Lerida, 1572. Citadel of Dunkirk, with the New Harbour for YEMENIZ (EUGÈNE).- Voyage dans le Ships and Castle in the Sea, was surveyed the Royaume de Grèce...... précédé de considérations sur 23rd May, anno 1681, by A. Yarranton.” This le génie de la Grèce, par V. de Laprade. 8vo. survey is very scarce.

Paris, Lyon (printed), 1854.


and Queries


YMBERT.-Allocation prononcée par M. Barons now being; and of the Gentry of Lincoln

Ymbert, pour l'inauguration de la Statue de Jean shire. Whereunto is annexed a briefe of all the Racine, à la Ferté-Millon, 29 Septembre, 1833. 8vo. Battels which have beene fought and maintained by Paris, 1833.

the English since the Conquest, till the yeere 1602. YONGE (CHARLES DUKE).

The History of Collected out of the most approved Authours, former the British Navy, from the Earliest Period to the

or moderne, by James Yorke, Black-Smith. (EnPresent Time. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1863. grared frontispiece and woodcuts.) Folio. London,

S.K. by Edward Griffin, for William Leake, 1640. S.K. YORICK (E.).-Church Builders; or, days YORKE (Philip, Viscount Royston).

of yore and days that are. A poem, in 2 parts. Athenian Letters ; or, the Epistolary CorrespondBro. London, 1842.

B. Arch. ence of an Agent of the King of Persia, residing at YORK CATHEDRAL.-A History of the

Athens during the Peloponnesian War. 3rd edition. Cathedral of St. Peter, York. 2 vols. 12mo.

2 rols. With plates. 4to. London, 1798. B.M. York, 1768–70.

B.M. YORKE (PHILIP, of Erthig). - The Royal 2nd edition. 12mo, York, 1783.

B.M. Tribes of Wales. 12 Portraits. 4to. Wrexham, YORK CATHEDRAL. — The Visitor's 1799.

B.M. Guide, historical and descriptive, to York Cathedral ; YORKSHIRE.—Castellum Huttonicum. with an account of the Churches in York, Nuns of Some account of Sheriff-Hutton Castle (founded in St. Mary's Abbey, York Castle, City Walls, and the reign of King Stephen), with brief potices of other objeets of public interest. 16mo. York, the Church of St. Helen, the ancient Forest of Galtres, 1845.

B.M. the Poet Gower of Stitenham, etc. Woodcuts. 8vo. YORK, CITY OF.— History and Antiqui

York, 1824.

B.M. ties of the City of York. 3 vols. 12mo. York, YORKSHIRE. - Churches of Yorkshire. 1785.

B.M. (Described and edited by George Ayliffe Poole, and YORK, CITY OF.-Eboracum; or, the His

others. 2 vols. 8vo. Leeds, 1812–47. B.M. tory and Antiquities of the City of York. 2 vols. YORKSHIRE, EXHIBITION 1867.-RePro. York, 1788.


port of the Executive Committee of the Yorkshire YORK, CITY OF – A Description of York. fine art and industrial Exhibition presented to the 12mo. London, 1809.

B.M. meeting of the general committee. April 10, 1867.
Treasurer's account.

8vo. YORK, CITY OF.- Description of York ;

Award of prizos, etc.
York, 1867.

S.K. containing some account of its antiquities, public buildings, etc., particularly the Cathedral. 4th YOSY (A.).—Switzerland, as now divided edition. With a plan. 12mo. York, 1816. B.M. into Nineteen Cantons; interspersed with Anecdotes, 9th edition. 12mo. York, 1823.

B.M. local customs, and a description of the present state

of the country, with picturesque representations of YORK, CITY OF. – A New Guide for

the Dress and Manners of the Swiss. 2 vols. With Strangers and Residents in the City of York; being

50 coloured plates. Royal 8vo. London, 1815. a brief description of its venerable antiquities,

B.M. splendid Cathedral, and other public buildings. YOUNG (Arthur).- A Tour in Ireland, 12mo. York, 1842.


with general Observations on the present State of YORK, CITY OF.--A Guide for Strangers

that Kingdom. 4to. London, 1780. Bodl. and Visitors through the City of York; containing YOUNG (ARTHUR).-Annals of Agriculture, an historical and descriptive account of the Minster,

and other Useful Arts, from 1784 to 1808. 45 public buildings, institutions, and antiquities, and

vols. With plates. 8vo. London, 1784-1808. every object of public interest. Illustrated with a

B.M. Plan of the City, etc. 12mo. York, 1856. S.K. YORK (BERNHARD). — London-Skizzen.

YOUNG (Arthur).— Travels in France in

1787, 1788, and 1789. 2 vols. 4to. Bury, 1792– Eine Festgabe zur Welt-Industrie-Ausstellung von


Lond. Inst. 1862, etc. 8vo. Weissenfels, Naumburg (printed), 1862.


French translation, by L. de Lavergne. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1860.


YOUNG (C. D. and Co.).-Illustrations of (WILLIAM MARTIN). — Les principaux Monumens

Iron Structures for home and abroad. Fol. EdinEgyptiens du Musée Britannique, et quelques autres

burgh, 1837.

B. Arch. qui se trouvent en Angleterre, expliqués d'après le système phonétique. (Translated from the English.) YOUNG (Sir CHARLES GEORGE).- Catalogue Fol. Londres, 1827.

B.M. of Works on the Peerage of England, Scotland, and YORKE (JAMES).—The Union of Honour.

Ireland in the Library of C. G. Y., York Herald. 8vo. London, 1826.

B.M. Containing the Armes, Matches, and Issues of the Kings, Dukes, Marquesses, and Earles of England YOUNG (Sir CHARLES GEORGE).—Order of from the Conquest untill this present yeere 1640. Procedence, with authorities and remarks. 8vo. With the Armes of the English Viscounts and London, 1851.


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