Genius & Industry: The Achievements of Mind Among the Cottages

Partridge, 1851 - 194 pagina's

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Pagina 14 - Englishman, and a clerk of the chancery;" it seems by the description to have been the whole Bible "in an English walnut no bigger than a hen's egg. The nut holdeth the book: there are as many leaves in his little book as the great Bible, and he hath written as much in one of his little leaves as a great leaf of the Bible.
Pagina 92 - And, oh ! what a glorious thing it became ! For it spoke to the world in a language of flame ; While its master wrote on, like a being inspired, Till the hearts of the millions were melted or fired : It came as a boon and a blessing to men, — The peaceful, the pure, the victorious Pen.
Pagina 100 - ... an inclination to awake. For this there is a cause, for our weekly five shillings have not come as expected, and the only food in the house consists of a handful of oatmeal saved from the supper of last night. Our fuel is also exhausted. My wife and I were conversing in sunken whispers about making an attempt to cook the handful of meal, when the youngest child awoke beyond...
Pagina 192 - RIBBLEDIN ; OR THE CHRISTENING. No name hast thou ! lone streamlet That lovest Rivilin. Here, if a bard may christen thee, I'll call thee " Ribbledin ; " Here, where first murmuring from thine urn. Thy voice deep joy expresses ; And down the rock, like music, flows The wildness of thy tresses.
Pagina 63 - I fasted from breakfast one day till noon the next, and even then dined upon only flour and water boiled into a hasty-pudding. His father appears to have been a man of a strong understanding, but of violent passions, over which he had little command. Notwithstanding his own dissoluteness, he was a despotic disciplinarian in regard to his children, and was wont to correct their...
Pagina 150 - Italian, which was less calculated to attract the notice of the noisy men who at that hour thronged the room. After dinner I took a short walk, and then again sat down to Homer's Iliad, with a determination to master it, without a master. The proudest moment of my life was when I first possessed myself of the full meaning of the first fifteen lines of that noble work.
Pagina 64 - ... calculated for a bag, I hung to the button of my coat. I had only two shillings in my pocket, a spacious world before me, and no plan of operations. I cast back many a melancholy look, while every step set me at a greater distance, and took what I thought an everlasting farewell of Nottingham. I carried neither a light heart nor a light load ; nay, there was nothing light about me but the sun in the heavens and the money in my pocket.
Pagina 102 - My head throbbed with pain, and for a time became the tenement of thoughts I would not now reveal. They partook less of sorrow than of indignation, and it seemed to me that this same world was a thing very much to be hated ; and, on the whole, the sooner that one like* me could get out of it, the better for its sake and my own.
Pagina 62 - ... frost, which glazed the streets. I did not awake the next morning till daylight seemed to appear. I rose in tears, for fear of punishment, and went to my father's bedside to ask what was o'clock. He believed, six.
Pagina 27 - In the common history of the world, as compiled by authors in general, almost all the great changes of nations are confounded with changes in their dynasties, and events are usually referred either to sovereigns, chiefs, heroes, or their armies, which do, in fact, originate from entirely different causes, either of an intellectual or moral nature. Governments depend far more than is generally supposed upon the opinion of the people and the spirit of the age and nation.

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