1 BIBLIA. PENTATEUCHUS Hebraice, cum Targum et commentariis R. Jarchi, paraphrasi Arabica R. Saadia Gaonis, et versione Persica R. Josephi Tavos, seu Tusensis, charactere quadrato Hebraico. stantinop. in domo E. B. Gerson Soncinnati, 1546. Folio. soiled, and a very small portion injured: blue morocco elegant, very 147. 14s.


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Page 33

"Il Pentateuco è stampato nel Pentateuco Poliglotto di C. Poli del 1546, e nell due Biblie Poliglotte di Parigi e di Londra. Ma in queste ultime con delle interpolazioni, cosichè il puro testo di Saadia si ha a ricavare da quella PRIMA EDIZIONE DI C. POLI, CHE E DI UNA ESTREMA RARITA, non conservandosene che pochissimi esemplari, de' quali uno nella Biblioteca Imperiale di Vienna, un altro nella Nazionale di Parigi, ed un terzo nel privato mio gabinetto."-De Rossi, Dizionario Storico degli Autori Ebrei.

"This book is a most choice and valuable article in sacred literature, and is highly deserving of particular investigation. I can only learn of one other copy in this country, which is in the public library at Cambridge, and that copy is imperfect. The volume consists not only of the Pentateuch, but also of portions of the Prophets, the Song of Solomon, Ruth, the Lamentations of Jeremiah, Ecclesiastes, and Esther or Ahasuerus. The copy of the Pentateuch in this volume does not appear to have been collated by Dr. Kennicott. Erpenius esteemed it so highly that he determined to publish it in Arabic types, if he should be able to obtain a copy of it; for even in his time it was excessively rare."-Pettigrew's Bibliotheca Sussexiana.

See also Eichorn Einl. in Alte Test., Wolfii Bibl. Hebr., Hottingeri Smegma, Waltoni Prolegomena, &c.

Another copy is in the library of the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville, and one, half-bound, was sold at the Duke of Sussex's sale for 151. 15s.

2 BIBLIA POLYGLOTTA, edidit cum apparatu, &c. Br. WALTONI, et E. CASTELLI Lexicon Heptaglotton. 1657-86. 8 vols. folio. Ports. and plates, ruled red lines, neat

317. 10s. 3 BIBLIA S. Quadrilinguia V. T. Heb. Gr. Lat. et Germanica; cum var. lect. notis, locis parall. M. C. REINECCII. Lipsia, 1750. in 2, folio, neat

"A valuable substitute for the larger Polyglotts."-Horne.

3 vols. 31. 10s.

4 SPECIMEN-pages of the Versions printed for the British and Foreign Bible Society. 4to, sewed 7s.

5 BIBLIA S. Var. Translationum; V. T. Versionum Vulgatam, S. Pagnini, Septuaginta Interpretum, Chaldaicæ Versiones, insuper in libb. Machab. Syricam translationem, ubi deerant aliquæ ex supradictis versionibus, additæ sunt nunc Chaldaica et Arabica, nunc vero Syriaca et Arabica transl.-N. Test. vulgatam, Guidonis Fabricii e Syriaco, et B. A. Montani translationes, insuper Des. Erasmi versionem. Venet. 1747. 4 vols. folio, calf gilt, very neat 51.5s.


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6 BIBLIA Hebraica, cum versione Latina et annotationibus S. MUNSTERI. Basilea, 1534. 2 vols. folio, titles mounted, neat; with the autographs of Robert Harington and Thomas Sampson, both connected with the English Reformation 21. 5s.

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7 BIBLIA Heb. et N. Test. Græcum, cum interpretatione Latina interlineari, cura B. A. MONTANI. Antverpiæ, 1584. Folio, neat 17. 10s. 8 Another. Lipsiæ, 1657. Folio, hogskin, neat 11. 88. 9 BIBLIA Heb. majuscula characterum forma, literæ radicales et serviles, deficientes et quiescentes, &c., situ et colore discernuntur, a E. HUTTERO; cum CUBO ALPHABETICO. Hamburgi, 1588. 3 vols. in 1. Folio, half-bound, neat

31. 15s. 10 BIBLIA Heb. Geneva, 1618. N. Test. Græcum, notis Scaligeri. Ibid. 1620. 4to, in 1 vol., black morocco, neat


11 BIBLIA Heb. correcta et collata cum antiq. exemp. мss.; cum prefatione J. LEUSDENI. Amst. typis Athias, 1661. 8vo, old calf gilt, gilt leaves, neat

18s. 12 BIBLIA Heb.-Pentateuch, with the Targum of Jonathan, the Jerusalem Targum, and an Explanation of the Targums, by R. Mord. ben NAPTHALI HIRSCH, in Hebrew. Amst., by Uri the Levite, 1671.-The book Gnemeck Hamelich; a Key and Rules for the Study of the Cabbala of R. Isaac Luria, and Explanations of many Passages of the Zohar, by R. NAPHTALI HIRTZ ben Jacobi Elkanan, in Hebrew. Amst. by E. Benabishshi, 1648. Fol., 2 vols. in 1, hf.-bd. nt. 2l. 10s. 13 BIBLIA Heb. sine punctis, cura Leusden. Amstel. 1701. 12mo, neat 10s. 6d.

14 BIBLIA Heb. recensita variisque notis illustrata ab E. VAN DER HOOGHT. Best edition. Amst. 1705. 8vo, old black mor., gilt leaves





2 vols. calf, very neat

Russia extra, marbled leaves

"An edition of singular beauty and rarity."-Horne.

11. 10s.

17. 11s. 6d.

17. 18s.

17 BIBLIA Heb. studio et opera H. OPITII. Kilona, 1709. 4to, vell. 16s. Another. Old black morocco, gilt leaves, neat


"A highly esteemed edition."-Biblioth. Sussexiana.

11. 6s.

19 BIBLIA Heb. recensita, cum var. lectionibus, locis parall. annotationibus, &c. cura et studio J. H. MICHAELIS. Hala, 1720. Large 8vo, hogskin, neat

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"This edition has always been held in the highest estimation."-Horne. 19*BIBLIA Heb. sine punctis, accurante N. FORSTER.


vols. 4to, neat

Oxonii, 1750.



17. 8s.

Another. 2 vols. 4to. Large paper, old calf gilt, neat 21. 5s. "The most elegant and correct of the anti-Masoretic Bibles."-Adam Clarke. 21 BIBLIA Heb. sine punctis, cum versione Latina, notis criticis et prolegomenis; accedunt libri Græci, qui Deutero-Canonici vocantur, a C. F. HOUBIGANT. Parisiis, 1753. Folio, 4 vols. port. French calf gilt, very neat 51. 5s.

Only 300 copies printed. "This is a work of great importance to the Biblical critic."-Bibliographical Dict. 22 BIBLE.-Old Testament, Hebrew and English, with critical remarks on the Hebrew, and corrections of the English, by ANSELM BAYLY. Lond. 1774. 4 vols. large 8vo, fine copy, calf neat 21. 2s.



23 BIBLIA Heb. cum variis lectionibus, edidit B. KENNICOTT. Oxonii, 1776. 2 vols. folio, fine copy, russia extra, double bands, marbled leaves

71. 24 BIBLIA Heb. digessit et graviores lectionum varietates adjecit Jo. JAHN. Vienna, 1806. 4 vols. 8vo, sewed, very scarce 31. 3s. 25 BIBLIA Heb. cum var. lect. a Kennicotto et De-Rossi collatorum edita, curantibus J. C. DOEDERLEINIO et J. H. MEISNERO. Hala, 1818. Small 8vo, title soiled, neat 26 BIBLIA Heb. ad præst. editiones accurata, cura et studio J. SIMONIS. Ibid. 1828. 8vo, new, in calf gilt

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17. 1s.

27 PSALMORUM liber, Heb. et Lat. cum annot. grammat. A. HULSII. L. Bat. 1650. 18mo, vell.

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2s. 6d. 28 EVANGELIUM Matthæi et Epist. Pauli ad Hebræos, Hebr. et Lat. cum annot. MUNSTERI. Basilea, 1557. 12mo, vell. rare



29 VETUS TESTAMENTUM Græcum, e codice MS. ALEXANDRINO fideliter
descriptum, cum notis et prolegomenis, cura et labore H. H.
BABER. Londini, 1816-28. 3 vols. in 6 parts, large folio.
lished at 367. 15s. A subscription copy, boards


127. 12s.

The edition was limited to 240 copies on paper, and 10 on vellum. Mr. PETTIGREW, in his Bibliotheca Sussexiana, thus concludes his description of this work:-" By such a representation of the most important text of this most venerable Ms., together with the body of Notes (the result of very minute attention, and the most intense application) written in illustration of it, all that is necessary for the purposes of Biblical criticism, as far as the Ms. will advance it, has been accomplished by a publication like the present, on which no labour has been spared to render it accurate, and no necessary expense to make it useful, as well as splendid."

30 BIBLIA Græca. S. Scripturæ, veteris novæque omnia [Græce, juxta LXX. excusa, cura AND. ASULANI]. Venetiis, in ædibus Aldi, 1518. Folio, blue morocco, in the style of the time, blind tooled, gilt leaves, very neat

"Belle et très rare édition Annales des Aldes.

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"The Aldine text is pronounced by Br. Walton to be much purer than that in the Complutensian Polyglott, to which it is actually prior in point of time; for though the Polyglott bears the date 1514-17, it was not published until 1522. Father Simon and M. de Colomies concur in speaking very highly of the execution of the Aldine edition."-Horne's Introduction.

31 BIBLIA Gr. Vet. ac Novi Testamenti omnia. Basilea, per Hervagium, 1545. Folio, fine copy, stamped hogskin

21. 5s.

"This edition is commonly known as Melancthon's Bible, from the Preface. It corresponds with the Aldine. Neander has diligently compared this with the preceding editions, and declares it to be much more correct."-Biblioth. Sussex. "A rare and little-known edition."-Horne.

31*VET. Test. Gr. juxta LXX. ex auctoritate Sixti V. editum. Roma, 1587. Folio, old russia, by Kalthoeber, neat

"A beautiful edition, of great rarity and value.”—Horne.

32 VET. Test. Græcum, versio LXX. Cantab. Field, 1665.
2 vols. newly bound in blue morocco, gilt leaves

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31. 8s.



8s. 6d.

33* VET. Test. LXX. interpretum, ex мs. cod. Alexand. descriptum J. E. GRABE. Oxonii, 1707. 8 vols. 8vo, fine copy, old calf 17. 10s.


34 VET. Test. ex versione LXX., secundum exemplar Vaticanum, edidit cum var. lect. D. MILLII. Amst. 1725. 4 vols. 12mo, neat 14s. 35 VET. Test. ex versione LXX. ad fidem cod. Alexand. expressum, a J. E. GRABE; nunc vero exemp. Vaticani aliorumque мss. codd. lect. var. nec non dissertationibus illustratum, cura edidit J. J. BREITINGERUS. Tiguri, 1730. 4 vols. in 2, 4to, neat 21. 10s.

"The best edition of the Septuagint yet published. Michaelis has expressed the same opinion, and it is now very scarce."-Biblioth. Sussex. 36 VET. Test. Græcum, cum var. lectionibus, edidit R. HOLMES et J. PARSONS. Oxonii, e typ. Clarend. 1798-1827. 5 vols. folio, new, sewed

167. 16s.

"A valuable and splendid edition, for which were collated 311 мss., the various lections of which are exhibited."-Horne's Introd.

37 VET. Test. ex versione LXX. juxta exemplar Vaticanum, L. Bos. Oxonii, 1805. 4 vols. 8vo, boards 16s.

38 PENTATEUCHI Græcæ, nova versio, ex unico S. Marci Biblioth. codice Veneto nunc primum edidit atque recensuit C. A. AMMON. Erlangæ, 1790-91. 8vo, 3 vols. in 1, new, in calf gilt





Partes 1 et 2, cont. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, et Numeri, recensuit AMMON. Ibid. 1790. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed


Exodi particula, Leviticus, Numeri, et particula Deuternomii, Græce, edidit e cod. мs. Biblioth. Coll. Paullini Lipsiensis J. F. FISCHERUS. Lipsia, 1767-8. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, hf.-bd. neat 5s. 6d. Proverb. Eccles. Cant. Cant. Ruth, Thren., Dan. &c., ex cod. Veneto eruta et notis illustrata a J. B. C. DE VILLOISON. Argent. 1784. 8vo, bds.


42 DANIEL Secundum LXX., ex Tetraplis Origenis nunc primum editus e cod. Ms. Chisiano; cum vers. Lat. et apologia sententiæ Patrum de LXX. versione. Roma, 1772. Folio, uncut


43 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM Gr. et Lat. ab D. ERASMO recognitum; cum annotationibus. Basilea, 1519. 2 vols. in 1, newly bound in calf, old style, very neat 21. 12s. 6d.

"The second edition, which presents a purer text than the first, and has amended readings. Scaliger commends it. It contains the verse relating to the Three Witnesses."-Bibl. Sussexiana.

44 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. ab ERASMO recognitum. Ibid. 1522. Folio, vell. neat, Lord Guilford's copy 17. 11s. 6d.

"The third edition, still further corrected and amended.”—Bibl. Sussexiana. 45 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. ab ERASMO recognitum. Ibid. 1527. Folio, rebound in calf, old style, very neat

17. 16s.

"The fourth edition of Erasmus, and contains, besides the Gr. and Lat. versions of the preceding editions, that of the Latin Vulgate in a third column. The Greek text is altered, for it is taken partly from the Complutensian edition of 1514."-Bibl. Sussexiana.

46 Nov. Test. Græce. Basilea, ap. Bebelium, 1524. Small 8vo, hf.-bd.

neat, rare


The first of Bebelius's editions, edited by Pellican, with a Preface by Ecolampadius.

47 Nov. Test. Gr. Ibid. per Curionem, 1545.

copy, old morocco

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8vo. C. De Missy's

9s. 48 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. edidit cum annotationibus T. BEZÆ, et respon

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