sione ejusd. ad Castellionem. Excud. H. Stephanus, 1565. Folio, very neat

"An esteemed edition."-Biblioth. Sussex.

17. 2s.

49 Nov. Test. Græce, cum var. lect. Tiguri, ap. Froschover, 1566.

Stout sm. 8vo, neat

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"I have not discovered above two copies of this in my researches among Biblical collections."-Dibdin.

50 Nov. Test. Gr. H. Stephani, 1587. 18mo, title soiled, neat

"A rare edition."-Biblioth. Sussex.

51 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. edidit cum annotationibus T. BEZA. væ, 1598. Folio, newly bound in calf, old style, very neat



17. 4s.

"The edition of 1598, being esteemed the most accurate, was adopted as the basis of the English Version of the New Test. published by authority in 1611." -Horne.

52 Nov. Test. Gr. cum Vulgata interpretatione Latina interlineari, B. A. MONTANI. Ibid. 1619. 8vo, vell.

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53 Nov. Test. Græce, cum notis Jos. SCALIGERI.

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6s. Ibid. 1620. 4to,

calf 5s. 54 Nov. Test. Gr. the second Elzevir edition, L. Bat. 1633. 18mo, stained, and title damaged, neat

5s. 6d. 55 Nov. Test. Gr. et versio Neo-Græcum a Maximo Calliopolita et Seraph. Mitylenensi curatum. Geneva, 1638. A stout vol. 4to,

vell. neat

17. 10s.


The first edition of the modern Greek. "Editio pretiosa et rara." ler de libb. rarior., Vogt, Schelhorn, Freytag, &c. "Edition rare."-Brunet. 56 Nov. Test. Gr. et interpretationes duæ, una vetus, altera T. BEZÆ, cum ejusdem annotationibus, et commentario I. CAMERARII. BEST EDITION. Cantab. 1642. Folio, old calf, clean


57 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. D. ERASMI, cum argumentis, var. lect. parall. locis, &c. Francof. 1673. 4to, portrait of Erasmus, and cuts, vell.

10s. 6d. 58 Nov. Test. Gr. cum var. lect. et locis parall. S. CURCELLEI. Amst. ap. Elzeviros, 1675. 12mo, neat 7s.

[ocr errors]

59 Nov. Test. Gr. access. loca parall. et var. lect. [a Jo. FELL]. Oxonii, 1675. 8vo, russia ext. gilt leaves, with the autograph of

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60 Nov. Test. Gr. cum lect. var. et notis J. MILLII. Oxonii, 1707. 2 vols. folio, calf

19s. "One of the finest productions of the age, and an exceedingly important critical edition."-Biblioth. Sussexiana.

61 Nov. Test. Gr., lect. var. et notis MILLII; recensuit, meliori ordine disposuit, novisque accessionibus locupletavit L. KUSTERUS. Rotterd.

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This edition contains the readings of 12 additional Mss. and those in Mill's appendix transferred to their proper places.

Editio Secunda. Lipsia, 1723. Folio, calf

64 Nov. Test. Gr. edidit, cum var. lect. locis parall. et Apparatu J. A. BENGEL. Tubinga, 1734. 4to, vell. neat

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65 Nov. Test. Gr. post priores Curcellæi, cum locis parall. et var. lect.


[studio G. Von MESTRICHT]. Best edition.
1735. 12mo, neat, 6s.; very neat, 7s.

Amst. ap. Wetsten.

66 Nov. Test. ad codicem Vindobonensem Græce expressum, var. lect. addidit F. C. ALTER. Vienna, 1737. 2 vols. 8vo, calf


67 Nov. Test. Gr. ad præst. codicum exempla recognitum, versione Lat. B. Montani donatum, notis illustratum a C. S. GEORGIO. Witteb. 1737. Stout small 8vo, neat

7s. 6d.

68 Nov. Test. Gr. textu Milliano, cum divisione pericoparum et interpunctura Bengelii. Oxonii, 1742. 12mo, neat


Another, interleaved, in 2 vols. 4to, half-bound vell.



70 Nov. Test. Gr. Glasgua, R. Urie, 1750. Large paper, 8vo, very


"The first edition by Urie, and very rare.”—Biblioth. Sussexiana.

71 Nov. Test. Gr. ex regiis aliisque optimis edit. expressum. 1751. 12mo, uncut

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8s. 6d.

Venet. 3s.

72 Nov. Test. Gr. cum lect. var. nec non commentario pleniore J. J. WETSTENII. Amstelod. 1751-2. 2 vols. folio, very neat


61. 16s. 6d. Another copy. 2 vols., russia, gilt leaves, by C. Lewis 91. 9s. "When Michaelis, the determined enemy of Wetstein, says, in reference to this, that 'it is, of all editions of the Greek Testament, the most important and the most necessary to those who are engaged in sacred criticism,' it cannot be requisite to say one word further in its praise or recommendation. Bishop Marsh calls it the invaluable book.""-Biblioth. Sussex.

74 Nov. Test. Gr. cum var. lect. quæ demonstrant Vulgatam Latinam ipsis e Gr. N. T. codd. hodienum extantibus authenticam, cura et opera H. GOLDHAGEN Soc. Jesu. Moguntiæ, 1753. 8vo, sewed 6s. 6d. Another, new, in calf gilt


"Not common."-Horne.


76 Nov. Test. Gr. ex editione Wetsteniana. Glasguæ, 1759. 4to, calf 5s. 77 Nov. Test. Græce, justa exemplar Millianum, typis BASKerville. Oxonii, 1763. 8vo, neat, 14s.; half-bd. neat, 12s.

78 Nov. Test. Gr. cura G. BOWYER. 1783. 4to, old russia, neat 10s. 6d. 79 Nov. Test. Græcum e codice мs. Alexandrino descriptum a C. G. WOIDE. 1786. Large folio, old calf gilt 17. 9s. 80 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. recensuit, cum variis lectionibus, C. F. MATTHAEI. Riga, 1788. 12 vols. in 6, new, in calf gilt 21. 17s.

"The late Bishop Middleton considered this as by far the best edition of the Greek Testament; and Michaelis pronounces it to be absolutely necessary for every man engaged in the criticism of the Greek Testament."-Horne's Introd. 81 Nov. Test. Gr. textum ad fidem codicum, versionum, et patrum recensuit, et lectionis varietatem adjecit J. J. GRIESBACH. Best edition. Londini et Hale, 1716-1806. 2 vols. large 8vo, old russia extra, marbled leaves, very neat 21. 15s. 82 Nov. Test. Gr. KOPPIANA, perpetua annotatione et prolegomenis illustrata a F. B. Koppe, J. H. Heinrichs, Pott, Ammon, Tychsen, et cum IV. Evang. a Griesbach. Gotting. 1792-1827. 13 vols. 8vo, boards 21. 5s.

83 Nov. Test. Gr. ex recensione J. J. GRIESBACHII, cum selecta lectionum varietate. Lipsia, 1803. 4 vols. folio, plates, sewed 31. 6s. Another copy, in one vol., blue morocco, elegant "A most sumptuous edition."-Horne.


51. 10s.


85 Nov. Test. Græce, secundum curam Leusdenii et Griesbachii editum ab H. A. AITTON. L. Bat. 1809. 12mo, very neat

This edition introduces most of Griesbach's emendations.

4s. 6d.

86 Nov. Test. Gr. lect. var. Griesbachii judicio iis quas textus receptus exhibet anteponendas, vel æquiparandas adjecit Jos. WHITE. Oxonii, e typ. Clarend. 1808. 2 vols. small 8vo, neat

87 Nov. Test. Gr. et Neo-Græce. 1810. 12mo, neat

88 Nov. Test. Gr. ex editione AITTONI, cum emendationibus. 18mo, boards

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89 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. expressum ad binas editiones a Leone X. adprobatas, Complutensem et Erasmi Rot., additæ sunt var. lect. una cum Vulgata Latina, editionis Clementinæ, studio et cura L. VAN Ess. Tubinga, 1827. 8vo, sewed


9s. 6d. 90 NEUE Test. Gr. nach den besten Hülfsmitteln kritisch revirdirt, mit einer neuen Deutschen Uebersetzung von H. A. W. MEYER. Gottingen, 1829. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed 90*Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. exhibens textum Gr. ad exemplar Complutense expressum, cum Vulgata interp. editionis Clementis VIII., edidit, loca parall. selectamque lect. var. P. A. GRATZ. Best edition. Moguntiæ, 1827. 2 vols. 8vo, half-bound morocco



"The frequent appeals made to the Complutensian text, and the rarity of that Polyglott, concur to render this edition an acceptable present to the biblical student."-Horne.


91 Nov. Test. Gr. nova versione Latina donatum, selectis var. lect. instructum, edita F. A. NAEBE. Lipsiæ, 1831. 8vo, sewed 8s. 6d. Another, new, in calf gilt 93 Nov. Test. Gr. et Lat. ex recensione Knappiana, adjectis variis Griesbachii et Lachmanni lectionibus, edidit A. GOeschen. Lipsia, 1832. 8vo, sewed

8s. 94 Nov. Test. Gr. ad fidem testium criticorum recensuit, lectionum familias subjecit, copias criticas addidit J. M. A. SCHOLZ. Lipsia, 183036. 2 vols. 4to, sewed 21.8s. 95 Nov. Test. Græcum, editio Hellenistica, [studio et opera E. W. GRINFIELD.] W. Pickering, 1843. 2 stout vols. 8vo, cloth

[blocks in formation]

21. 2s. 21. 10s.

This edition is designed to shew the close connexion of the Greek Testament with the Septuagint. It contains upwards of 30,000 doctrinal and grammatical illustrations, which are arranged respectively under each verse for the convenience of the Student and Divine.

97 Nov. Test. CODEX EPHRÆMI SYRI rescriptus, sive Fragmenta Novi Testamenti, e codice Græco Parisiensi V. sec., eruit atque edidit C. TISCHENDORF. Lipsia, 1843. Large 4to, cloth, lettered

"An invaluable Codex rescriptus, and of very high antiquity.

31. 10s.

It exhibits

the text of the Alexandrine recension in its greatest purity. Bishop Marsh pronounces it to be at least as ancient. Professor Hug considers it to be even older than the Codex Alexandrinus; and Dr. Scholz refers it, with much probability, to the sixth century."-Horne's Introduction.

The volume is a beautiful specimen of typography in the uncial character. 98 EVANGELIA, Gr., cum variantibus a textu lectionibus, codd. мss., Biblioth. Vaticanæ, Barberinæ, Laurentinæ, &c., quibus accedunt lect. versionum Syrarum, edidit A. BIRCH. Haunia, 1788. 4to, half-bound, neat

17. 2s.


99 EVANGELIA et Acta Apostol. Græce. Cantab. 1700. 18mo, cf. 1s. 6d. 100 EPISTOLARUM Pa "III. Codex Gr. Boernerianus, cum versione Lat. enieronymiana, transcriptus et editus C. F. MAT


veteri vulgo

THAI. Misnae, 1791. 4to, boards

Another, neat

See Horne's Introduction for an account of this manuscript.

10s. 13s. 6d.

102 EZRÆ libri primi, qui apud Vulgatam appellatur quartus, versio Æthiopica, nunc primum prolata, et Lat. Angl. reddita, RIC. LAURence. Oxoniæ, 1820. 8vo, boards

Various Languages.

8s. 6d.

103 PSALTERIUM Ethiopice, [cura Ludolphi. Francof. 1701.] 4to, bds.



2s. 6d. 4s. 6d.


104 EVANGELIA in linguam Amharicam vertit ABU-RUMI Habessinus, edidit T. P. PLATT. 1824. 4to, neat 105 PSALTER in Arabic. 12mo, neat 106 NOVUM Test. Arabice. 1820. 8vo, neat 107 NOVUM Test. Armenice. Venet. 1814. 108 MATTHEW's Gospel in Bullom and English. 109 MATTHEW's Gospel in Calmuc. 4to, neat 110 BIBLE in Chinese, by Morrison and Milne.

8vo, neat

1816. 12mo, neat 4s.


Issued from the Anglo

Chinese College, 1823. Complete in 3 stout 8vo silk cases 31. 3s. 111 JOANNIS (Fragmenta Evang. S.) Græco-Coptico Thebaicum, ex Museo Borgiano, Latine versum et notis illust. A. A. GEORGIO. Roma, 1789. 4to, uncut


"There is an interesting account of this publication in the Analytical Review, vol. xvi."-Horne.

112 NEW Test. in Danish.

1809. 12mo, neat


113 BIBLE in Dutch, and the Psalms with the Musical Notes, Catechism and Liturgy of the Dutch Reformed Church. Utrecht, 1741, 12mo, in black seal-skin, gilt leaves, neat


7s. 6d.

Reprinted by

114 BIBLE, translated by Bishop COVERDALE, mdxxxv. Bagster, 1838. 4to. Portrait of Coverdale, cloth lettered 11. 10s. 115 BIBLE, Genevan version. · R. Barker, 1597. 4to, neat 116 BIBLE.

[blocks in formation]

K. JAMES'S. R. Barker, 1611. Folio, old calf, nt. 31. 10s. The SECOND EDITION of this version, published in the same year as the first. This copy wants the general title, and the last leaf is damaged; it has the genealogies.

117 BIBLE. R. Barker, 1616. Folio, neat, gilt leaves

17. 5s.


17. 10s.

Dr. Cotton only notices the reprint of the Genevan version in this year. 118 BIBLE. Bill and Newcomb, 1693. 4to, old black mor. neat 119 BIBLE. 120 BIBLE, the STANDARD EDITION, edited by Dr. Blayney. 4to, fine copy, red mor. rich borders of gold

[blocks in formation]

Oxford, 1769. 51. 5s.

"From the singular pains bestowed in order that this edition might be as accurate as possible, it has hitherto been considered the standard edition, from which all subsequent impressions have been executed."-Horne's Introduction. This is the same as the folio of the same date, the matter having been divided into the quarto form.

121 BIBLE, with notes by Bp. WILSON, and various renderings collected


Various Languages.

from other translations by C. CRUTTWELL
4to, neat

Bath, 1785.

3 vols. 21. 28.

31. 3s.


Another. 3 vols. 4to, very neat

123 BIBLE, edited with notes by JOHN REEVES.
largest size, printed on drawing paper.
very neat

London, 1802.

9 vols. 4to, blue morocco gilt,

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47. 15s. The historical parts in this edition are printed in continuous paragraphs, and the poetical are divided into verses. The notes are selected from the most esteemed critics.

124 BIBLE, with short notes by several learned and pious REFORMERS, as printed by authority at the Reformation. 1810. 4to, map and plates, cloth

[ocr errors]

18s. 125 BIBLE, Genesis to Job, according to the authorised version, substituting the original Hebrew names in place of the English Lord and God. 1830. 8vo, bds.

[ocr errors]


126 OLD TESTAMENT, translated with annotations by the English College of DowAY. Rouen, 1635. 2 vols. 4to, half bound 21. 8s. 127 NEW TESTAMENT, faithfully translated out of the authentical Latin; with arguments, annotations, &c., by the English College in RHEMES. SECOND EDITION. Antwerpe, 1600. 4to, vell. 11. 8s. Another. FOURTH EDITION. [Rouen], by Cousturier, 1633. 4to, very neat 17. 10s. 129 BIBLE (The Doway) and Rhemish Testament, newly revised, with annotations. Edinb. 1805-18. 12mo, 5 vols. sheep




130 NEW TEST. translated from the Latin Vulgate. 1823. 8vo, bds. 7s. 131 NEW TEST. according to the ancient Latin, with critical remarks from Father Simon, translated by W. WEBSTER. 1730. 4to, 2 vols. 12s. 132 THE Septuagint Version of the Old Testament according to the Vatican text, translated into English, with the principal various readings of the Alexandrine copy, by Sir L. C. LEE BRENTON. Bagster, 1844. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth lettered

[ocr errors][merged small]

133 BIBLE, Genesis to Second Chronicles, translated, with various readings, notes, and critical remarks, by A. GEDDES. 1792-7. 3 vols. large 4to, bds. uncut


134 NEW Testament, upon the basis of Abp. Newcome's translation, with (Unitarian) notes. 1817. 8vo, bds.

134*. Another. Largest paper, roy. 8vo, bds.

135 PSALMS in Esquimaux. 1830. 12mo, calf gilt
136 JOHN's Gospel in Esquimaux. 1810. 12mo, neat
137 BIBLIA Finnica. EDITIO PRINCEPS. Stockholmis, 1642.
fine clean copy, hog-skin, leather back





Large folio,

5l. 15s. 6d.

"Très rare: vend 77. 10s. Heber."-Brunet. The translators were Petræus, Bishop of Abo; Stodius, Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Abo; Hoffman, Professor of Divinity; and Mathæi.

138 Nov. Test. Finnice. Turusa, 1815.

[blocks in formation]

141 BIBLE, revue sur les originaux par D. MARTIN. Paris, 1829. Large 8vo, neat

7s. 6d.

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