titia et Religione, Commentaria ad secundum secundæ D. Thomæ. Antv. 1616. Folio, limp vellum, neat

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5525 MALDONATI (Jo.) Commentarii in quatuor Evangelistas. Paris. 1613. Folio, limp vellum

Idem. Ibid. 1639. Folio, vellum, neat

17. Ss. 17. 10s.

5526 5527 MALDONATI Opera varia Theologica. Ibid. 1677. Folio, 3 vols. in 1, very neat 17. 1s..

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'Maldonatus, whose skill in expounding Scriptures (save only where doting love unto their Church hath made him blind), none of theirs, few of our Church, hath surpassed.”—Jackson on the Creed.

5528 MALLEUS Hæreticorum, sive methodus contra sectas, ad arguendos et convincendos hæreticos: access. Demonstratio, penes quos hodie vera aut falsa sit Ecclesia, per G. Ederum. Ingolst. 1581. A stout 8vo, vellum 7s. 6d. 5529 MALTBY's (Bp. Ed.) Illustrations of the Truth of the Christian Religion. Camb. 1802. 8vo, fine copy, neat


5531 MAMACHIUS (T. M.) de Animabus Justorum in sinu Abrahæ, ante Christi mortem, expertibus B. Visionis Dei. Roma, 1766. 2 vols. 4to, neat

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17. 10s.

17. 1s. 5532 MAMACHI de' Costumi de' Primitivi Cristiani libri tre. Ibid. 1753-4. 3 vols. 8vo, plates, Italian vellum, neat 5533 MAMACHII Epistolæ ad J. Febronium de ratione regendæ Christianæ Reipublicæ, deque legitima Rom. Pont. Potestate. Ibid. 1776. 3 vols. 8vo, hf.-bd.

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12mo, neat 2s. 6d.

5534 Another, fine copy, Italian vellum 5535 MANDER's (Harry) Parochial Letters. 1729. 5536 MANDOSII (Prosp.) Bibliotheca Romana, seu Romanorum Scriptorum Centuriæ. Romæ, 1682. 2 vols. 4to, vellum, neat 10s. 6d. 5537 MANGEY'S (T.) Discourses on the Lord's Frayer. 1721. 8vo, calf 2s. 6d. 5538 MANGIN (l'Abbé de), Histoire Ecclésiastique, &c., du diocèse de Langres, et de celui de Dijon. Paris, 1765. 3 vols. 12mo, fine copy, old morocco gilt, and gilt leaves 5539 MANGOTII (Adv.) Monita Sacra, ex S. Scriptura et SS. Patribus collecta. Antv. 1613. 3 vols. 8vo, vellum

17. 4s.


5540 MANN'S (Bp.) Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, with notes explanatory and practical. 1783. 12mo, sheep


5541 [MANN'S (Nic.)] Dissertations on the True Years of the Birth and Death of Christ. 1733. 8vo, neat


3s. 6d.

Idem, Latine redditum et emendatum. 1752.-[Mann's] Critical Notes on passages of Scripture, comparing them with the ancient versions. 1747. In 1 vol. 8vo, neat


5543 MANNHART (F. Xaveri) de Regimine, Magistratu, Cæremoniis, Rebus Milit., Festis, Studiis, Moribus, &c. Christianorum. Wirceb. 1769. 8vo, mor. gilt leaves 8s. 5544 MANNI (Maria) de Florentinis Inventis [Institutionibus Monachorum, Microscopii, Thermometri, &c.] Commentarium. 1731. 4to, very neat

5545 MANNING's (Archdeacon) Sermons. Fourth edition. cloth

5546 MANNING's Unity of the Church. 1842. 8vo, cloth



1845. 8vo,

10s. 6d.


5547 [MANNING'S (R.)] England's Conversion and Reformation compared ; with an Inquiry into the general grounds of the Catholick Faith. Antwerp, 1725. Small 8vo, neat



5548 Le même, traduit par Nicéron. Paris, 1729. 8vo, neat 5549 MANNING'S (W.) Assize Sermons, and E. W. Whitaker's Sermons. 1790-3. 12mo, hf.-bd.


5550 MANRIQUE (Angel), Sanctoral Cisterciense, hecho de varios Discursos predicables en todas las Fiestas de Nuestra Senora y otros Sanctos [San Malachias de Hibernia, Santo Thomas Arcob. Cantuaria, &c.]. Burgos, 1610. 2 vols. in 1, 4to, limp vellum, neat


5551 MANSI (Josephi) Ærarium Evangelicum; h. e. Evangeliorum totius anni, in sensu litterali, morali, et anagogico Elucidationes. Venet. 1735. Folio, limp vellum, neat 18s.

5552 MANSI Locupletissima Bibliotheca Moralis Prædicabilis; h. e. Discursus varii exquisiti ex SS. Patribus, &c. Aug. Vind. 1732. 4 vols. folio, very neat


Idem, et Ærarium Evangelicum. vellum, neat


Venet. 1722. 5 vols. folio, 31. 15s.

5554 MANSI Promptuarium Sacrum et Morale, tomi i. et ii., cont. menses Januarium ad Junium. Colon. 1690. 2 vols. in 1, 4to, vell. neat

7s. 6d.

5555 MANT'S (Bp.) History of the Church of Ireland, from the Reformation to the Union of the Churches of England and Ireland, 1801; with a Catalogue of the Archbishops and Bishops to 1840. 1840. 8vo, 2 vols. cloth lettered

5556 MANT on the Happiness of the Blessed.
5557 MANTICE (Card. Fr.) Decisiones Rotæ Romanæ.
limp vellum, neat


17. 12s. 2s.

12mo, boards
Lugd. 1619. 4to,
10s. 6d.

5558 MANTON's (Tho.) cxc. Sermons on the 119th Psalm, with Life by Harris, and index. 1842. 8vo, 3 vols. cloth lettered

19s. 5559 MANTON's Practical Commentary, with notes, on the Epistle of James. 1651. 4to, neat

Another. 1653. 4to, wanting sheet N n, calf


6s. 6d.

5560 5561 MANTON'S Practical Commentary, with notes on the Epistle of Jude.

1658. 4to, neat

5562 MANTON on James, and Jenkyn on Jude.

8vo, cloth lettered

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5563 MANTON's Memoirs, by Harris. 1725. 8vo, hf.-bd. 5564 MANUALE Ordinandorum locupletata et emendata. Lyon. 1839.

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4s. 6d. 5565 MANUEL des Pélerins de Port-Royal des Champs [par l'Abbé Gazaigne, dit Philibert]. Au desert [Port Royal.] 12mo, very neat 6s. This contains l'Ordinaire de la Messe, l'Office des S. Reliques, et les Stations du Pélerinage.

5566 MANUSCRIPT.-A Treatise of the Deadly Sins; namely; "Ire, Slewthe, Coytyse, Glotony, Lechery, and Syn of ye Tunge.' A manuscript of the fourteenth century, written upon vellum, and consisting of 149 leaves, but wanting a leaf or two at beginning and end. 4to, in fine condition, old calf, very neat and curious 5l. 5s.

Upon the fly-leaf is written: "John Waldby, as witness Bale (cent. 6, 87) and Pits (1393, 711), wrote both in English and Latine, and amongst


Thorndike on Church Government.


In foolscap 8vo, reduced to 2s. 6d. cloth lettered,

Of the GOVERNMENT OF CHURCHES; a Discourse pointing at the Primitive Form.


Edited by the Rev. DAVID LEWIS, M.A., Fellow and Librarian of
Jesus Coll. Oxford.

"Thorndike is one of our most fearless divines; and though we may demur at some of his positions, we cannot but admire his depth and learning. This valuable reprint promises to be exceedingly useful, and deserves more attention than it has received. We have great pleasure in bearing testimony to the diligent and careful way in which Mr. Lewis has executed the thankless and unostentatious office of editor; till it has been tried, no conception can be formed of the trouble attendant upon a reprint.”—Christian Remembrancer, Dec. 1842.

James' Bellum Papale.

In foolscap 8vo, reduced to 2s. 6d., cloth lettered,

BELLUM PAPALE; sive Concordia Discors Sixti Quinti, et Clementes Octavi circa Hieronymiani editionem S. Bibliorum.


Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ Protobibliothecarius.
Nova editio, e recensione


"The differences between the two papal editions (of the Vulgate) is considerable, and strikes a fatal blow at the infallibility of the Pope. Dr. James, the very learned librarian of the Bodleian library, in his celebrated Bellum Papale, notices 2000 variations, some of whole verses, and many others, clearly and decidedly contradictory of each other. Yet both editions were repeatedly declared to be authentic by the same plenitude of knowledge and power, and both guarded against the least alteration by the same tremendous excommunication.”—Townley's Biblical Literature, vol. ii. p. 494.

Jerusalem Bishopric.

In 8vo, price 2s. 6d. sewed,

THE BISHOPRIC of the UNITED CHURCH of ENGLAND and IRELAND at JERUSALEM, considered in a Letter to a Friend.

By JAMES R. HOPE, Esq., B.C.L.,

Scholar of Merton, and Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury.
Second edition, revised, with additions, and a Postscript.
The Postscript may be had separately, price 1s.

Works for the Study of the Greek New

In 12mo, price 7s. 6d. in cloth,




Author of the Hebrew Grammar and Chrestomathy.

And, as a Companion to the above, to which all the Grammatical References are made,

Also in 12mo, price 7s. 6d. in cloth,

A GREEK LEXICON to the NEW TESTAMENT; designed for Junior Students in Divinity, and the Higher Classes in Schools.


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