The seamy side, by W. Besant and J. Rice. Vol. 1, 2nd ed.; 2,3, 3rd ed, Volume 2


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Pagina 258 - has his weak point. You find that out, uncle, when you've got an enemy, and then you can stick pins into him all day long.' A thought struck him here. He went to the door, locked it, and put the key in his pocket. ' Now,' he said,' the door's locked. You can't get out till I let
Pagina 263 - you the best advice in my power. Perhaps it isn't too late.' Still Anthony was silent; but he rose from his chair, and began to walk up and down
Pagina 1 - die was cast, then. Stephen had committed all his fortunes to one hazard, the chance of his being right. The great, quiet house—his own, he said to himself—became almost intolerable to him. The face of the indignant girl, so like, so reproachfully like his mother, haunted him, and remained with him. Above the mantelshelf, the
Pagina 6 - Anthony Hamblin foreseen this sorrow ? Had there been no middle way possible, by which the girl could have been spared at once the shame of her father's sin, and the agony of her mother's dishonour ? ' Grief,' said young Nick, when the clock pointed to half-past one, which was dinner-time, ' grief, with waxiness, makes a
Pagina 161 - administered by Mr. Anthony Hamblin's solicitors, the houses and gardens kept up as before, and a sufficient sum allotted for the young lady. And he would advise that the most diligent search should be made by both sides, if they could act in concert, for the discovery of the name and connections of the missing mother.
Pagina 105 - It will be seen that the margin for safety in case of a fall was small. There was no loss : Jack's correspondent was right: there was a large profit, for silk went up. Jack was prudent: he let the profit remain in the bank: continued to live frugally ; but next time he asked for a credit of
Pagina 105 - which was also granted him. That operation again was successful. Another and yet another succeeded. Jack's name became favourably known. Jack's capital was trebled. His ventures were larger. He took larger offices and engaged more clerks. He had made already a good business of the speculative kind, which
Pagina 51 - and I remain loyal—go on believing in the honour of your father. My dear, you must believe it.' ' You say so, Gilbert, to comfort me.' ' Perhaps, partly to comfort you ; but I believe solemnly that it is the truth. Surely it is more easy to believe that your
Pagina 81 - the sticks. There was not an instant to be wasted in reflection. Suddenly Stephen found the boy's legs curled round and mixed up with his own. He staggered', let go the collar of his prisoner's jacket, and fell heavily, tripped up by the craft and
Pagina 137 - There was a Mrs. Buncombe,' said Gilbert, ' who took charge of Alison for six or eight years; should we not get hold of her ?' ' Good,' cried the intelligent Alderney, grasping more paper; ' the very thing. Mrs. Buncombe

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