Parliamentary Papers, Volume 14


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Pagina 5 - An Act for granting to their Majesties several Rates and Duties upon Tonnage of Ships and Vessels, and upon Beer, Ale, and other Liquors...
Pagina 14 - Any capital raised by the creation of new shares shall be considered as part of the original capital, and shall be subject to the same provisions with reference to the payment of calls, and the forfeiture of shares on nonpayment of calls, or otherwise, as if it had been part of the original capital.
Pagina 55 - ... of any building, yard, courtyard, or land within the curtilage of any building, or of any ground cultivated as a garden...
Pagina 12 - ... days next after the day of every such birth, give information, upon being requested so to do, to the said registrar, according to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, of the several particulars hereby required to be know and registered, touching the birth of such child.
Pagina xi - Act, every rate made for the relief of the poor in such parish shall be made in the form and contain the particulars required by the said Act of the sixth and seventh years of King William the Fourth ; and after such valuation...
Pagina x - ... property included in such list, such property has become liable to be rated in parts not mentioned in such list as rateable hereditaments, and separately rated therein, such parts may, where a supplemental valuation list showing the annual rateable value of such parts has not been approved and delivered as hereinbefore required, and whether such list has or has not been made, be rated according to such amounts as shall be fair apportioned parts...
Pagina x - ... sums adjudged to be paid, and all costs and charges of the distress, and also the costs and charges of the commitment and conveying of the defendant to prison, if such justice shall think fit so to order (the amount thereof being ascertained and stated in such commitment), shall be sooner paid.
Pagina 16 - An Act for giving effect to a Treaty between Her Majesty and the United States of America for the Apprehension of certain Offenders.
Pagina 6 - India Company, and for the better government of His Majesty's Indian territories, should be read a second time.
Pagina xii - Case, by Entry in the Margin, without any Alteration of the original Entry...

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