China and the English, or, The character and manners of the Chinese: as illustrated in the history of their intercourse with foreigners

Leavitt, Lord & Co., 1835 - 264 pagina's

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Pagina 33 - In the rear of the body of the palace there are large buildings containing several apartments, where is deposited the private property of the monarch, or his treasure in gold and silver bullion, precious stones, and pearls, and also his vessels of gold and silver plate.
Pagina 29 - Cathay; and here, on the southern side of the new city, is the site of his vast palace, the form and dimensions of which are as follows. In the first place is a square enclosed with a wall and deep ditch; each side of the square...
Pagina 31 - The spaces between the one wall and the other are ornamented with many handsome trees, and contain meadows in which are kept various kinds of beasts, such as stags, the animals that yield the musk, roe-bucks, fallow-deer, and others of the same class. Every interval between the walls, not occupied by buildings, is stocked in this manner. The pastures have abundant herbage. The roads across them being raised three feet above their level, and paved, no mud collects upon them, nor rain-water settles,...
Pagina 34 - ... hundred paces, and the circuit at the base about a mile. It is clothed with the most beautiful evergreen trees; for whenever his majesty receives information of a handsome tree growing in any place, he causes it to be dug up, with all its roots and the earth about them, and however large and heavy it may be, he has it transported by means of elephants to this mount, and adds it to the verdant collection.
Pagina 37 - When any persons happen to be possessed of paper money, which, from long use, has become damaged, they carry it to the mint, where, upon payment of only three per cent., they may receive fresh notes in exchange.
Pagina 37 - ... receive fresh notes in exchange. Should any be desirous of procuring gold or silver for the purposes of manufacture, such as of drinking-cups, girdles, or other articles wrought of these metals, they in like manner apply at the mint, and for their paper obtain the bullion they require.
Pagina 215 - ... graciously beckoned us to approach, having ordered his people to stop ; he entered into conversation with us, and, with great affability of manner, told us that he was on his way to the pagoda, where he usually paid his morning devotions ; that as we professed a different religion from his he would not ask us to accompany him, but that he had ordered his first minister and chief Colaos to conduct us through his garden, and to show us whatever we were desirous of seeing there.
Pagina 37 - ... khan. He thereupon calls together twelve experienced and skilful persons, selected for this purpose, whom he commands to examine the articles with great care, and to fix the value at which they should be purchased. Upon the sum at which they have been thus conscientiously appraised he allows a reasonable profit, and immediately pays for them with this paper; to...
Pagina 33 - Not far from the palace, on the northern side, and about a bow-shot distance from the surrounding wall, is an artificial mount of earth, the height of which is full a hundred paces, and the circuit at the base about a mile. It is...
Pagina 232 - King, to act conformably to my instructions, that we may preserve peace and amity on each side, and thereby contribute to our reciprocal happiness. After this, my solemn warning, should your Majesty in...

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