The History of the Small Pox

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, 1815 - 312 pagina's
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Pagina 20 - Vaccinae, A Disease Discovered in Some of the Western Counties of England. Particularly Gloucestershire, and Known by the Name of the Cow Pox...
Pagina 44 - ... and even to China. The luxurious productions of these distant countries were thus brought to the most convenient harbours to be conveyed to Alexandria and diffused through the Roman empire. This lucrative trade was so tempting, that towards the beginning of the sixth century, the Persians began to surmount their aversion to maritime affairs, and their harbours were filled with trading vessels. They soon monopolized the silk trade ; for their vicinity to India gave them great advantages over the...
Pagina 19 - And, as he wax a fellow of the Royal Society, and accustomed to divulge his observations in science through that channel, he transmitted his manuscript to a correspondent who was in the confidence of Sir Joseph Banks, the president; and requested that it should be laid before him, not doubting that it would soon be printed in the Philosophical Transactions. Jenner had already contributed several articles to that celebrated collection : in one of these, he had fully disclosed the natural history of...
Pagina 49 - HAST thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the masters of the elephant? Did he not make their treacherous design an occasion of drawing them into error; and send against them flocks of birds, which cast down upon them stones of baked clay; and render them like the leaves of corn eaten by cattle?
Pagina 221 - But whatever part was fixed upon, was well rubbed with a piece of cloth, which afterwards became a perquisite of the brahmin ; he then made a few slight scratches on the skin with a sharp instrument, and took a bit of cotton, which had been soaked the preceding year in variolous matter, moistened it with a drop or two of the holy water of the Ganges, and bound it upon the punctures. During the whole of this ceremony, the brahmin always preserved a solemn countenance, and recited the prayers appointed...
Pagina 171 - During eight years, which have elapsed since Dr. Jenner made his discovery public, the progress of vaccination has been rapid, not only in all parts of the united kingdom, but in every quarter of the civilized world. In the British islands some hundred thousands have been vaccinated ; in our possessions in the East Indies upwards of 800,000 ; and among the nations of Europe the practice has become general.
Pagina 301 - But this immense and increasing consumption of human lives, was not the sole evil produced by this distemper ; for a considerable portion of the survivors were pitted and disfigured ; some lost one of their eyes, a few became totally blind, and others had their constitution impaired, and predisposed to a variety of complaints, which were productive of future distress, and sometimes of death.
Pagina 172 - ... been surprisingly small, so much so, as to form certainly no reasonable objection to the general adoption of vaccination ; for it appears that there are not nearly so many failures, in a given number of vaccinated persons, as there are deaths in an equal number of persons inoculated for the smallpox.
Pagina 172 - ... consequences, the individual may look for the peculiar advantages of •vaccination. The benefits which flow from it to society are infinitely more considerable, it spreads no infection, and can be communicated only by inoculation. It is from a consideration of the pernicious effects of the small-pox, that the real value of vaccination is to be estimated. The natural small-pox has been supposed to destroy a sixth...
Pagina 10 - On the seventh day he complained of uneasiness in the axilla, and on the ninth he became a little chilly, lost his appetite, and had a slight headache. During the whole of this day he was perceptibly indisposed, and spent the night with some degree of restlessness, but on the day following he was perfectly well.

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