A Voyage Up the River Amazon: Including a Residence at ParŠ

J. Murray, 1847 - 210 pagina's

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Pagina 12 - BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as Connected with the Fine Arts.
Pagina 55 - The shell of these is nearly half an inch in thickness, and contains the triangular nuts so nicely packed that once removed no skill can replace them. It is no easy matter to break this tough covering, requiring some instrument and the exercise of considerable strength : yet we were assured by an intelligent friend at the Barra of the Rio Negro that the guaribas or howling monkeys are in the habit of breaking them by striking them upon stones or the limbs of iron-like trees. This friend related an...
Pagina 29 - ... resembling lilies, now grasses or other familiar plants. Often a dozen varieties cluster upon a single tree. Towards the close of the rainy season they are in blossom, and their exquisite appearance, as they encircle the mossy and leafed trunk with flowers of CHAP, v.] A BRAZILIAN FOREST.
Pagina 11 - JESSE'S (EDWARD) Visits to Spots of Interest in the Vicinity of Windsor and Eton.
Pagina 180 - The last was dipped into the milk, and immediately held over the smoke, which, without much discolouring, dried the surface at once. It was then redipped, and the process was repeated a dozen times until the shoe was of sufficient thickness, care being taken to give a greater number of coatings to the bottom. The whole operation, from the smearing of the last to placing the finished shoe in the sun, required less than five minutes ! The shoe was now of a slightly more yellowish hue than the liquid...
Pagina 179 - ... the inmates. The lasts used were of wood exported from the United States, and were smeared with clay to prevent adhesion. In the leg of each was a long stick serving as a handle. The last was dipped into the milk and immediately held over the smoke, which, without much discolouring, dried the surface...
Pagina 34 - ... and blazing, and altogether pictures of the most violent rage. Several times we saw them battling with large black bees, who frequent the same flowers, and may be supposed often to interfere provokingly. Like lightning our little heroes would come down, but the coat of shining mail would ward their furious strokes. Again and again would they renew the attack, until their anger had expended itself by its own fury, or until the apathetic bee, once roused, had put forth powers that drove the invader...
Pagina 34 - Sometimes they are seen chasing each other in sport with a rapidity of flight and intricacy of path the eye is puzzled to follow. Again, circling round and round, they rise high in mid-air, then dart off like light to some distant attraction. Perched upon a little limb, they smooth their plumes, and seem to delight in their dazzling hues; then darting off leisurely, they skim along, stopping capriciously to kiss the coquetting flowerets.
Pagina 1 - Works, partly of new editions of popular Publications, at the lowest possible price. It is called for in consequence of the Acts which have recently passed the British Parliament for the protection of the rights of British authors and publishers, by the rigid and entire exclusion of foreign pirated editions.
Pagina 192 - The other species attain the length of twenty-seven feet. In the inner lakes, towards the close of the rainy season, myriads of ducks breed in the rushes, and here the alligators swarm to the banquets of young birds. Mr. Edwards tells us, that should an adventurous sportsman succeed in arriving at one of these places, he has but a poor chance of bagging many from the flocks around him; for the alligators are upon the alert, and the instant a wounded bird strikes the water, they rush en masse for...

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