The Life of Jonathan Swift, Volume 1

J. Murray, 1875 - 477 pagina's

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Pagina 43 - Ah, Sir, I was mad and violent. It was bitterness which they mistook for frolic. I was miserably poor, and I thought to fight my way by my literature and my wit ; so I disregarded all power and all authority.
Pagina 216 - ... that the chief day for traders to sum up the accounts of the week, and for lawyers to prepare their briefs? But I would fain know how it can be pretended that the churches are misapplied? Where are more appointments and rendezvouses of gallantry?
Pagina 180 - I hate life when I think it exposed to such accidents ; and to see so many thousand wretches burdening the earth, while such as her die, makes me think God did never intend life for a blessing.
Pagina 224 - I have consulted the star of his nativity by my own rules, and find he will infallibly die upon the 29th of March next, about eleven at night, of a raging fever ; therefore I advise him to consider of it, and settle his affairs in time.
Pagina 156 - ... chaps. For we must here observe, that all learning was esteemed among them, to be compounded from the same principle. Because, first, it is generally affirmed, or confessed, that learning puffeth men up : and secondly, they proved it by the following syllogism : " Words are but wind ; and learning is nothing but words; ergo, learning is nothing but wind.
Pagina 162 - This made them more than usually attentive to his motions ; and one evening, as Mr. Addison and the rest were observing him, they saw him cast his eyes several times on a gentleman in boots, who seemed to be just come out of the country, and at last advance towards him as intending to address him.
Pagina 87 - She was sickly from her childhood, until about the age of fifteen ; but then she grew into perfect health, and was looked upon as one of the most beautiful, graceful, and agreeable young women in London — only a little too fat. Her hair was blacker than a raven, and every feature of her face in perfection.
Pagina 57 - Upon this occasion he returned to Ireland, by advice of physicians, who weakly imagined that his native air might be of some use to recover his health...
Pagina 104 - When I come to be old 1699 Not to marry a young woman. Not to keep young company unless they really desire it. Not to be peevish, or morose, or suspicious. Not to scorn present ways, or wits, or fashions, or men, or war, &c. Not to be fond of children, or let them come near me hardly.
Pagina 61 - I never was more satisfied than in the behaviour of the University of Oxford to me. I had all the civilities I could wish for, and so many showed me favours, that I am ashamed to have been more obliged in a few weeks to strangers, than ever I was in seven years to Dublin College.

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