Nervous diseases

H.C. Lea, 1878 - 496 pagina's

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Pagina 3 - In one handsome royal 12mo. volume of 816 large pages, cloth, $3 25; leather, $3 75. The arrangement of this volume in the form of question and answer renders it especially suitable for the office examination of students, and for those preparing for graduation.
Pagina 3 - RICHARD D., MD A Dictionary of the Terms Used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences. Revised, with numerous additions, by ISAAC HAYS, MD, late editor of The American Journal of the Medical Sciences.
Pagina 16 - A MANUAL OF AUSCULTATION AND PERCUSSION; of the Physical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Lungs and Heart, and of Thoracic Aneurism.
Pagina 3 - A MANUAL OF EXAMINATIONS upon Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, Practice of Medicine, Obstetrics, Materia Medica, Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Therapeutics. To which is added a Medical Formulary. Third edition, thoroughly revised and greatly extended and enlarged. With 370 illustrations. In one handsome royal 12mo.
Pagina 476 - A Manual for Physicians for the Treatment more especially of Nervous Diseases. By ALLAN McLANE HAMILTON, MD, Physician In charge of the New York State Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System ; Member of the New York Neurological and County Medical Societies, etc., etc.
Pagina 3 - AN ANALYTICAL COMPENDIUM OF THE VARIOUS BRANCHES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE ; for the Use and Examination of Students. A new edition, revised and improved. In one very large and handsomely printed royal 12mo. volume, of about one thousand pages, with 374 wood-cuts.
Pagina 511 - LEA'S SON & CO.) CLASSIFIED CATALOGUE Of MEDICAL AND SURGICAL PUBLICATIONS. In asking the attention of the profession to the works advertised in the following pages, the publishers would state that no pains are spared to secure a continuance of the confidence earned for the publications of the house by their careful selection and accuracy and finish of execution.

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