The Romaunt version of the Gospel according to St John: from mss. preserved in Trinity College, Dublin, and the the Bibliothèque du Roi, Paris ; with an introductory history of the version of the New Testament, anciently in use among the old Waldenses ; and Remarks on the texts of the Dublin, Paris, Grenoble, Zurich, and Lyons mss. of that version

John Murray, 1848 - 116 pagina's

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Pagina xiii - It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.
Pagina xciv - If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell all thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.
Pagina xci - Quidam dives rebus in dicta urbe, dictus Waldensis, audiens Evangelia, cum non esset multum literatus, curiosus intelligere, quid dicerent, fecit pactum cum dictis sacerdotibus, altero, sic ut transferret ei in vulgari, altero, ut scriberet, quae ille dictaret: quod fecerunt: similiter multos libros Bibliae, et auctoritates Sanctorum multas per titulos congregatas, quas sententias appellabant.
Pagina 12 - This work is remarkable for the clearness and conciseness with which each tale is narrated ; and the book has been relieved of those tedious and unprofitable appendages called ' morals,' which used to obscure and disfigure the ancient editions of this work."— The Examiner.
Pagina xlviii - MS. contains, in the following order, " The four Gospels, All the Epistles of St Paul, St James, St Peter, and St John. The Acts of the Apostles. The Apocalypse. Proverbs. Ecclesiastes. The Book of Wisdom. Ecclesiasticus and Canticles. The whole is written in the Waldensian Language.
Pagina 1 - This book will have its vogue among those whose opinions are not ours ; but it should by no means be confined within a party or sectarian circulation. It has raised our estimate of Sir Fowell Buxton's talents, and introduced us to an acquaintance with graces of character which we might not have been likely to infer from the main circumstances of his public life. It affords some very curious pictures of manners, — and, let us add, an example of discretion and good taste in one of the most difficult...
Pagina xx - Gallico sermone transferre ; translationi hujusmodi adeo libenter, utinam autem et prudenter, intendens, ut secretis conventionibus talia inter se laici et mulieres eructare praesumant, et sibi invicem...
Pagina 9 - Those who have watched through Captain Keppell's pages, the establishment of the strange dominion of the solitary English adventurer, will recognise with satisfaction in Captain Mundy's continuation of the narrative, the evidence of its healthful progress and the confirmation of those impressions of the character of Sir James Brooke, and the value of his achievements, which we and all derived from the work of Captain Mundy's predecessor."— Quarterly Review.
Pagina lxxxv - The NEW TESTAMENT contains the Four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistle of St James, the first Epistle of St Peter...
Pagina xxxii - The contents of the volume are as follows : — " 1. The Gospel of St Matthew ; with the prologue of St Jerome, beginning, Cum mathio agues premiera*. predica lauangeli en iudea, &c. As a specimen of the language and version, it may be well to quote the Lord's Prayer, Matt, vi. : ' D. uos orare enay '. O tu lo nostre payre, loqual sies en li eel, lo teo nom sia sanctifica.

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