CHEMISTRY, continued :—


17299 BIEHRINGER (Joachim, Technische Hochschule, Braunschweig) EINFÜHRUNG in die STÖCHIOMETRIE, oder die Lehre von der quantitativen Zusammensetzung der Körper und ihren mit dieser zusammenhängenden Eigenschaften, mit Rechenbeispielen; with folding plate and 18 woodcuts, 8vo. buckram, 6s 6d (p. M. 9. sewn) Braunschweig, 1900 17300 CARNEGIE (Douglas, Caius Coll., Cantab.) LAW and THEORY in CHEMISTRY: a Companion Book for Students, with illustrations, post 8vo. cl. (o. p.), 3s (p. 6s) 17301 FREMY, (Edmond, de l'Institut, Directeur du Muséum d'Histoire naturelle) ENCYCLOPÉDIE CHIMIQUE, publiée par une Réunion d'anciens Elèves de l'École polytechnique, de Professeurs et Industriels, et notamment de MM. H. BECQUEREL, M. BERTHELOT, BOURGOIN, AD. CARNOT, CLOEZ, DEBIZE, DEBRAY, DITTE, DUCLAUX, DUQUESNEST, GAUDIN, L. GRUNER, JOLY, JUNGFLEISCH, LEMOINE, LODIN, MALLARD, MARGOTTET, MOUTIER, NIVOIT, ROLLAND, SCHLAGDENHAUFEN, SCHLESING, TERQUEM, TERREIL, URBAIN, VIEILLE, etc. etc.; with many hundred plates (some coloured), and thousands of text-illustrations, 85 vols. 8vo. in 44, handsomely and uniformly bound in hf. maroon morocco, cl. sides (FINE SET), £16. 16s (p. F. 1680 nett sewn) 1882-99

CONTENU-Tome I. INTRODUCTION. CONNAISSANCES PHYSIQUES applicables à la Chimie; complete, 4 v. in 3: Tome II: MÉTALLOÏDES; complete, 7 v. in 4: Tome III: MÉTAUX; wanting Osmium et Ruthenium', and 'Palladium, Iridium, Rhodium'; 19 v. in 6: Tome IV: ANALYSE CHIMIQUE; complete, 5 v. in 3: Tome V: PRODUITS et INDUSTRIES CHIMIQUES; wanting Métallurgie du Zinc'; Exploitation et Traitement des Minerais aurifères'; 'Traitement des Minerais auroargentifères; 'Métallurgie du Nickel et du Cobalt', 13 v. in 5: Tomes VI-VIII: CHIMIE ORGANIQUE; complete, 16 v. in 14: Tome IX: CHIMIE PHYSIOLOGIQUE; complete, 8 v. in 3: Tome X: APPLICATIONS de CHIMIE ORGANIQUES; wanting Conservation des Substances alimentaires'; 'Teinture et Apprêts des Tissus de Coton'; 'Fabrication des Couleurs', 12 v. in 5: TABLE ALPHABÉTIQUE.

The missing volumes can be supplied new for £4. nett sewn.

17302 GARRETT (Albert Edward, F.R.A.S.) The PERIODIC LAW, with diagrams and folding tables (linen-mounted), cr. 8vo. buckram, t. e. g., 3s (p. 5s)

1909 With interesting historical account of early attempts at classification, and of the work of Newlands, de Chancourtois, Mendelejeff, Lothar Meyer, and Carnelley. 17303 GORE (George, F.R.S.) The ART of ELECTRO-METALLURGY, including all known Processes of Electro-Deposition [with History, Bibliography, List of Patents, etc.], 7th Impression, illustrated, large 12mo. buckram, 3s (p. 6s) 1900



17304 HALLIBURTON (William Dobinson, F.R.S., Prof. Physiology, King's Coll., London) The ESSENTIALS of CHEMICAL ANALYSIS, 5th Edition, with coloured plate and 83 other illustrations, 8vo. cl., 3s (p. 5s nett) 17305 HAY (William Jay, Univ. Michigan) The CALCULATIONS of GENERAL CHEMISTRY, with Definitions, Explanations, and Problems; 2nd [latest] Edition, revised, post 8vo. cl., 2s 6d (p. 4s 6d) 17306 HOFF (Jacobus Hendrik van't; Prof. Physical Chemistry, Berlin; F.R.S.) ÉTUDES de DYNAMIQUE CHIMIQUE; with illustrations, roy. 8vo. red buckram, 5s Amsterdam, 1884 In this work the author is 'striving to found a theory of equilibrium and chemical kinetics.'-Prof. E. v. Meyer. 17307 STEREOCHEMIE, nach Dix Années dans l'Histoire d'une Théorie,' unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers neu bearbeitet von W. MEYERHOFFER: with diagrams, 8vo. red buckram, 3s (p. M. 5) Leipzig, 1892 17308 VORLESUNGEN über THEORETISCHE und PHYSIKALISCHE CHEMIE (Bd. I 2. Auflage); with numerous illustrations, 3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. handsomely bound in hf. crushed dark purple Levant morocco, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (as good as new), 10s 6d (p. M. 14 sewn)

Edin., 1894

Braunschweig, 1899-1901 INHALT:-I. Chemische Dynamik II. Statik III. Beziehungen zwischen Eigenschaften und Zusammensetzung. 17309 JOHNSTON (James Finlay Weir, F.R.S.) ELEMENTS of AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY and GEOLOGY; 17th [latest] Edition, from the Edition by SIR CHARLES ALEXANDER CAMERON, M.D., revised and in great part rewritten by C. M. AIKMAN, with woodcuts, post 8vo. cl., 3s 6d 'Johnston successfully sought to give recent scientific discovery a practical application to agriculture and manufactures. Most of his numerous writings attained great popularity.'-D.N.B. 17310 KEANE (Charles Alexander, Princ., Sir John Cass Technical Inst.) MODERN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, with 29 illustrations, cr. 8vo. buckram, 3s 6d (p. 6s) 1909 17311 KÖNIG (Josef, Univ. Münster) CHEMIE der MENSCHLICHEN NAHRUNGS- und GENUSSMITTEL, 4. [neueste] verbesserte [und stark vermehrte] Auflage, Band I. II. III. I; with numerous illustrations, 3 very thick vols. 8vo. original hf. morocco gilt, £3. (p. M. 94) Berlin, 1903-10 The standard work on the chemistry of food and drink. INHALT:-I. Chemische Zusammensetzung der menschlichen Nahrungs- und Genussmittel, 1903: II. Die menschliche n Nahrungs- und Genussmittel, ihre Herstellung, Zusammensetzung und Beschaffenheit, nebst Abriss über die Ernährungslehre, '04 III. 1. Untersuchung von Nahrungs-, Genussmitteln und Gebrauchsgegenständen, '10. 17312 LAAR (J. J. van, Univ. Amsterdam) LEHRBUCH der MATHEMATISCHEN CHEMIE, mit Einleitung von H. W. BAKHUIS-ROOZEBOOM; with 28 diagrams, 8vo. buckram, 5s (p. M. 7 sewn) Leipzig, 1901 17313 MAMLOCK (L.) STEREOCHEMIE: die Lehre von der räumlichen Anordnung der Atome im Molekül; with 58 illustrations, 8vo. cl., 3s (p. M. 5) Leipzig, 1907 17314 MELLOR (Joseph William, D. SC.) CHEMICAL STATICS and DYNAMICS, including the Theories of Chemical Change, Catalysis, and Explosions, with 50 diagrams, cr. 8vo. buckram, 3s 6d (p. 7s 6d)


CHEMISTRY, continued:

17317 MENDELÉEFF (Dmitri Ivanovitch; Prof. Chemistry, Petrograd; F.R.S.) The PRINCIPLES of CHEMISTRY, translated from the Russian (5th Edition) by GEORGE KAMENSKY, edited by A. J. GREENAWAY, F.I.C., with 97 woodcuts, 2 vols. large 8vo. cl., 10s 6d (p. £1. 16s)


Latest edition of this classic of physical chemistry.


THIRD [LATEST[ ENGLISH ÉDITION, translated from the Russian (7th Edition) by GEORGE KAMENSKY, and edited by THOMAS H. POPE, F.I.C., with 110 woodcuts, 2 vols. large 8vo. cl., £1. 2s 6d (p. £1. 12s nett) 1905 A well-known standard work by the founder of the Periodic System. 17319 MEYER (Lothar Julius, Univ. Tübingen) GRUNDZÜGE der THEORETISCHEN CHEMIE, 4. [neueste] Auflage, neu bearbeitet von E. REINBACH; with folding plate (linen-mounted), and diagrams, 8vo. buckram, uncut, t. e. g., 4s (p. M. 5 sewn) Leipzig, 1907 17320 MEYER (Oskar Emil, Univ. Breslau) Die KINETISCHE THEORIE der GASE, in elementarer Darstellung mit mathematischen Grundsätzen, 2. umgearbeitete [neueste] Auflage, 8vo. handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (fine copy), 9s (p. M. 12 unbound) Breslau, 1899 Latest edition of one of the best modern text-books on the subject. 17321 NERNST (Walther, Univ. Berlin) The THEORY of the SOLID STATE, illustrated, post 8vo. cl., 1s 6d 1914 Perhaps the author's national'solid State' will prove to have more or less liquescent tendencies before the war is 17322 OSTWALD (Wilhelm; Prof. Chemistry, Leipzig; Monist and jingo) GRUNDRISS der ALLGEMEINEN CHEMIE, 4. [neueste] völlig umgearbeitete Auflage; with 67 illustrations, 8vo. handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides, t. e. g. (fine copy), 15s (p. M. 20 sewn) Leipzig, 1909 17323 LEITLINIEN der CHEMIE: sieben gemeinverständliche Vorträge aus der GESCHICHTE der CHEMIE, cr. 8vo. buckram, uncut, t. e. g., 4s 6d (p. M. 6.60 sewn) ibidem, 1906


Professor Ostwald with his country's punishment in sight must now remember with fury the never to be realised boasting he gave way to in Sweden ineunte bello. Cf. Lord Grey's speech on October 21st, 1916. 17324 REYCHLER (Albert; Univ. Libre de BRUXELLES) Les THÉORIES PHYSICO-CHIMIQUES, 3o [dernière] Édition, entièrement refondue et complétée; with numerous illustrations and folding table, 8vo. handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (fine copy); o. p., 12s 6d Bruxelles, 1903 17325 RÖTTGER (H.) LEHRBUCH der NAHRungsmittel-CHEMIE, 3. vermehrte Auflage; with plate and 22 illustrations, thick 8vo. (pp. 915), handsomely bound in hf. pigskin, cl. sides, 10s 6d (p. M. 16 sewn) Leipzig, 1907 17326 STEWART (Alfred Walter, Univ. London) STEREOCHEMISTRY, with 87 illustrations, thick post 8vo. buckram, 5s 6d (p. 10s 6d) 1907 17327 TILDEN (Sir William Augustus, F.R.S., Prof. Chemistry, Roy. Coll. Science) INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY: the Principles of Theoretical and Systematic Chemistry; 10th Edition, completely revised and rearranged, with 5 illustrations; with ANSWERS to the PROBLEMS, cr. 8vo. buckram, 3s (p. 5s 6d) 1901 17328 WALKER (James, Prof. Chemistry, Edin., F.R.S.) INTRODUCTION to PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 4th Edition [enlarged], with 53 illustrations, 8vo. hf. black morocco neat, cl. sides, t. e. g. (nice copy), 6s (p. 10s nett in cl.) 1907 EINFÜHRUNG in die PHYSIKALISCHE CHEMIE, nach der 2. Auflage des Originals unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers übersetzt und herausgegeben von H. v. STEINWEHR; with 48 illustrations, 8vo. buckram, 3s 6d (p. M. 7) Braunschweig, 1904 17330 WERNER (Alfred; Prof. Chemistry, Zürich; Nobel Laureate) NEUERE ANSCHAUUNGEN auf dem Gebiete der ANORGANISCHEN CHEMIE, 2. vermehrte Auflage; with folding table (linenmounted), 8vo. buckram, 6s (p. M. 9 sewn) Braunschweig, 1909 17331 WURTZ (Charles Adolphe, de l'Institut) DICTIONNAIRE de CHIMIE PURE et APPLIQUÉE, avec Discours préliminaire: Histoire des Doctrines chimiques depuis LAVOISIER, 5 v. : Supplément, 2 v.: Deuxième Supplément, par CH. FRIEDEL et C. CHABRIÉ, 7 v.-in all 14 vols. roy. 8vo., with numerous illustrations; handsomely bound in hf. crushed brown morocco, cl. sides (FINE SET), £6. 6s (p. F. 250 nett unbound) 1874-1908


The magnum opus in chemistry of French Natural Science, containing contributions by the foremost French chemists of the day.


17332 BACH (Karl v., Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart) Die MASCHINEN-ELEMENTE: ihre Berechnung und Konstruktion, mit Rücksicht auf die neueren Versuche, 9. vermehrte Auflage; with 3 plates and 799 text-illustrations, and ATLAS, containing 59 folding plates, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. original hf. morocco gilt, 18s (p. M. 38) Stuttgart, 1903 A well-known standard work on the subject. 17333 BLUCHER (H.) MODERNE TECHNIK: die wichtigsten Gebiete der Maschinentechnik und Verkehrstechnik, allgemeinverständlich dargestellt und erläutert durch ZERLEGBARE MODELLE, herausgegeben unter Mitwirkung von B. ALBRECHT, H. HAGMANN, C. KLUG, M. PRÜSSING, P. REINIGER, E. SCHEWE, W. STRECKER, G. WISLICENUS und A. WITT; with 1391 illustrations ; with Atlas, with 15 fine COLOURED PLATES with SUPERPOSED SLIPS, 2 vols. folio, original buckram, £1. 6s 6d (p. M. 40) Leipzig, 1912

An excellent work, showing the composition and working of various machines by means of superposed and movable slips. They include a Krupp submarine, a Rumpler-Taube aeroplane, and a Parseval airship.

ENGINEERING, continued.

17335 CORBIN (Thomas W.) ENGINEERING of TO-DAY: a popular Account of its present State in non-technical Language, with 39 plates and diagrams, thick cr. 8vo. cl., 3s (p. 5s nett) 1911 17336 DAVEY (Henry, M.I.C.E.) The PRINCIPLES, CONSTRUCTION, and APPLICATION of PUMPING MACHINERY (Steam and Water Pressure), with practical Illustrations of Engines and Pumps applied to Mining, Town Water Supply, Drainage of Lands, etc.; also Economy and Efficiency Trials, with 6 plates and 258 other illustrations, large 8vo. cl., 8s (p. £l. 1s)


17337 DREIHARDT (C.) Der SCHRAUBENPROPELLER (Schiffsschraube): Konstruktion und Berechnung desselben; with 6 folding plates (linen-mounted), and 59 text-illustrations, large 8vo. buckram, uncut, t. e. g., 3s Berlin, 1906 17338 EWING (Sir James Alfred, K.C.B., F.R.S.; Director of Naval Education) The STEAMENGINE, and other HEAT-ENGINES, 3rd [latest] Edition, with 2 large folding plates (linenmounted and in pocket), and 274 text-illustrations, thick 8vo. hf. black morocco neat, cl. sides, t. e. g. (nice copy), 10s (p. 15s in cl.) Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1910 17339 FLEMING (John Ambrose, F.R.S.) The WONDERS of WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY explained in simple Terms for the non-Technical Reader, with 55 illustrations, post 8vo. cl., 2s 6d 1913 17340 GOODEVE (Thomas Minchin, Roy. School of Mines) TEXT-BOOK on the STEAM ENGINE; with Supplement on GAS ENGINES, and Part II on HEAT ENGINES; 11th Edition, enlarged, with numerous illustrations, post 8vo. cl., 2s 6d (p. 6s) 1891 17341 GORDON (H. A.) REPORT of the DEPARTMENT of MINES on the GOLDFIELDS of NEW ZEALAND for 1893-4, with numerous plates and coloured folding maps, folio, half roan, 7s 6d Wellington, 1894 17342 GRIFFITHS (William) TRUSSES of WOOD and IRON, with complete Working Drawings, 12 plates, oblong 12mo. cl., 2s 6d 1886 17343 HISCOX (Gardner D.) MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS, POWERS, DEVICES, and APPLIANCES, comprising illustrated Description of Mechanical Movements and Devices used in Constructive and Operative Machinery and the Mechanical Arts, being practically a MECHANICAL DICTIONARY; 10th Edition, enlarged, with 1800 illustrations: MECHANICAL APPLIANCES, MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS, and NOVELTIES of CONSTRUCTION: an Encyclopædia, with numerous illustrations— 2 vols. roy. 8vo. in 1, hf. black morocco neat, cl. sides (fine copy), 12s 6d (p. £1. 5s nett in cl.) 1905 17344 HOCHBAUKUNDE (ALLGEMEINE) des HANDBUCHES der ARCHITEKTUR, I. Teil, 3. Auflage; with 1 plate and 490 illustrations, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. in 1, handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides (fine copy), 18s 6d (p. M. 30 sewn) Stuttgart, 1905-1899

INHALTI. Enleitung (theoretische und geschichtliche Übersicht) von. A. v. ESSENWEIN. Die Technik der wichtigeren Baustoffe von W. F. EXNER, H. HAUENSCHILD, G. LAUBOECK, H. KOCH und E. SCHMITT: II. Die Statik der Hochbau-Constructionen von THEODOR LANDSBERG.

17345 HOLMES (Sir Charles Vincent, K. C.B.; Crewe Works; Sec. Inst. Naval Architects) The STEAM ENGINE, with frontispiece and 212 woodcuts, thick cr. 8vo. cl., or, buckram, 3s (p. 6s) 1894 or 1902 17346 KNIGHT (Edward Henry) PRACTICAL DICTIONARY of MECHANICS, including the History of Inventions, Technological Vocabulary, etc.; and Supplement, with Index References to Technical Journals, 1876-80, with 131 plates and 9,944 woodcuts, 4 thick vols. impl. 8vo. hf. roan (backs rubbed), and Suppt. in cl., 15s (p. £4. 4s) [1877-84] 17347 LONGRIDGE (Capt. Cecil Clement, M.I.M.E.) HYDRAULIC MINING, Parts I (3rd enlarged Edition) and III: Ditches, Flumes, Tunnels; Reservoirs, Monitors, Elevators, Sluices, Classification, Test and Valuation of Alluvials, Water Power, etc., with plates and other illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. cl., 4s (p. 8s 6d) 1901-2

17348 LOW (David Allan), and Alfred William BEVIS, MM.I.M.E. MANUAL of MACHINE DRAWING and DESIGN, new Edition, enlarged, with 804 woodcuts, 8vo. cl., 4s (p. 7s 6d) 1903 17349 OUDIN (Maurice A., M.Am.I.E.E.) STANDARD POLYPHASE APPARATUS and SYSTEMS; with 159 illustrations, large cr. 8vo. cl., 6s (p. 15s)


17350 PREECE (Sir William Henry, F.R.S.; G.P.O.; inventor, on the Flat Holm, of wireless telegraphy), and Sir James SIVEWRIGHT, G.P.O. TELEGRAPHY, new Edition [greatly enlarged], with 285 wooduts, post 8vo. buckram, 3s 6d (p. 7s 6d) 'An excellent manual '.-Prof. Silvanus Thompson.

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1905 17351 RANKINE (William John Macquorn, F.R.S.) MANUAL of CIVIL ENGINEERING; 20th Edition, thoroughly revised by W. G. MILLAR, C.E., with 302 illustrations, thick cr. 8vo, cl., 6s 6d (p. 16s) 1898 17352

MANUAL of the STEAM ENGINE, and other PRIME MOVERS; 14th Edition, revised by W. J. MILLAR, C.E., with 2 folding plates, and nearly 200 woodcuts and diagrams, thick er. 8vo. cl., 5s (p. 12s 6d) 1897 The first treatise on the steam-engine which was based on the mechanical theory of heat, and still one of the best textbooks on the subject. 17353 REULEAUX (Franz, Gewerbe-Akademie, Berlin) The KINEMATICS of MACHINERY: Outlines of a Theory of Machines, translated and edited by SIR ALEXANDER B. W. KENNEDY, C.E., F.R.S., with 451 woodcuts, thick 8vo. cl. (SCARCE), £1. 1s 1876 A well-known classic on kinematics, which was translated into nearly every European language, and in which the author introduced a new treatment of the theory of machinery. Der KONSTRUKTEUR: ein Handbuch zum Gebrauch beim MASCHINEN-ENTWERFEN, 4. [neueste] umgearbeitete Auflage; with 2 folding tables (linen-mounted), and over 1200 woodcuts, roy. 8vo. (pp. lxxi + 1197), handsomely bound in hf. pigskin, cl. sides (nice copy), 17s 6d (p. M. 25 sewn) Braunschweig, 1899


ENGINEERING, continued:


17356 TAYLOR (David Watson, Naval Constructor, U.S. Navy) RESISTANCE of SHIPS and SCREW PROPULSION, with diagrams, 8vo. cl., 6s 6d (p. 10s nett) New York, 1907 A standard work on the subject, containing a good deal of original matter' (Preface). 17357 UNWIN (William Cawthorne, F.R.S.) The ELEMENTS of MACHINE DESIGN, new Edition, revised and enlarged, with 614 illustrations, 2 vols. large 12mo. buckram, 6s (p. 13s 6d) 17358 VOLKERT (Christophe) La MACHINE à VAPEUR, Distribution avec Tiroir à Détente, Système Meyer: La LOCOMOTIVE: MOTEUR à GAZ: La DYNAMO: Modèles démontrables, avec Descriptions; with 4 large coloured plates, with superposed and movable slips, and numerous textillustrations, 4 vols. oblong folio in 1, buckram, 8s (p. F. 12 nett sewn) 1898-1900

Excellent models for self-instruction or school use.

17359 WELLS (Sidney Herbert; Director-General of Technical Education, Egypt) TEXT-BOOK of ENGINEERING DRAWING and DESIGN, including Practical Geometry, Plane and Solid, and Machine and Engine Drawing and Design; 4th Edition, with numerous illustrations, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cl., 4s 6d (p. 9s)


17360 WHITE (Sir William Henry, F.R.S., Chief Constructor, R.N.) MANUAL of NAVAL ARCHITECTURE, for Officers of the Royal Navy, Officers of the Mercantile Marine, Shipbuilders, Shipowners, and Yachtsmen, 3rd Edition, enlarged, with 176 woodcuts, thick roy. 8vo. cl., 7s 6d (p. £1. 4s) 1736) WILLÍAMS (Archibald) LET ME EXPLAIN, with coloured frontispiece, and over 150 illustrations, 8vo. cl., 3s (p. 6s) [1913] A popular account of modern engineering.


see also BIBLIOTHECA REUTERIANA, Part IV, Nos. 646-685.



17362 BAUERMANN (Hilary, F.G.S.) TEXT-BOOK of SYSTEMATIC MINERALOGY, with 373 woodcuts, cr. 8vo. buckram, 3s (p. 6s) 1903 17363 TEXT-BOOK of DESCRIPTIVE MINERALOGY, with 237 woodcuts, cr. 8vo. buckram, 3s (p. 6s) 17364 BAUMHAUER (Heinrich; Prof. Mineralogy, Freiburg i. Ue.) DARSTELLUNG der 32 MÖGLICHEN KRYSTALLKLASSEN auf Grund der Deck- und Spiegelachsen, nebst Beschreibung von Achsenmodellen zur Demonstration der Symmetrieverhältnisse der Krystalle; with folding plate and 32 illustrations, large 8vo. cl., 2s Leipzig, 1899 17365 Die NEUERE ENTWICKELUNG der KRISTALLOGRAPHIE; with 46 illustrations, 8vo. buckram, 3s (p. M. 4 sewn) Braunschweig, 1905 17366 GOSSNER (Balthasar; Univ. Munich) KRISTALLBERECHNUNG und KRISTALLZEICHNUNG, mit Betonung der graphischen Verfahren, sowie der analytischen und zonalen Beziehungen; with_plate and 109 diagrams, roy. 8vo. buckram, t. e. g., 6s 6d (p. M. 8 sewn) Leipzig, 1914 17367 GROTH (Paul v.; Prof. Mineralogy, Munich) PHYSIKALISCHE KRYSTALLOGRAPHIE und Einleitung in die krystallographische Kenntniss der wichtigsten Substanzen, 3. neubearbeitete Auflage; with 3 coloured plates and 702 woodcuts, large 8vo. (pp. 801), handsomely bound in hf. dark purple morocco, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (fine copy), 12s (p. M. 18 sewn) Leipzig, 1895 17368 KARSTEN (Hermann, Univ. Rostock) LEHRBUCH der KRYSTALLOGRAPHIE; with 113 woodcuts, 8vo. hf. brown morocco neat, cl. sides (nice copy), 3s 6d Leipzig, 1861 17369 KIRCHMAYR (Heinrich) Die ANALYTISCHE BERECHNUNG REGULÄRER KRYSTALLE; with 31_illustrations, large 8vo. cl., ls 6d Berlin, 1908

A well-known standard work.

17370 LINCK (Gottlob; Prof. Mineralogy, Jena) GRUNDRISS der KRISTALLOGRAPHIE, 2. umgearbeitete Auflage; with 3 coloured plates, an d 604 illustrations, roy. 8vo. buckram, 6s 6d (p. M. 11 sewn) Jena, 1908 17371 LION (G.) TRAITÉ ÉLÉMENTAIRE de CRISTALLOGRAPHIE GÉOMÉTRIQUE; with 131 diagrams, roy. 8vo. buckram, t. e. g., 3s 6d (p. F. 5 nett sewn)


17372 MILLER (William Hallowes, F.R.S., Prof. Mineralogy, Cantab.) TRACT on CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, with diagrams, 8vo. cl., 3s 6d Cambridge, 1863 An enlargement of the author's contributions to Phillips's Mineralogy, with new theorems from the Philosophical Magazine, 1857-9. TREATISE ON Crystallography, first edition, with 10 plates,8vo. hf. cl., uncut (scarce), ibidem, 1839 'Miller developed a system of crystallography which was far more simple, symmetrical, and adapted to mathematical calculations than any which has yet been devised. Miller's system was published in 1839; it quickly obtained favour, and has more than maintained its ground with mineralogists.-Prof. Bonney, pr., F.R.S.

6s 6d

His system gave expressions adapted for working all the problems that a crystal can present, and it gave them in a form that appealed at once to the sense of symmetry and appropriateness of the mathematician He thus placed the keystone into the arch of the science of crystallography.-Prof. Story-Maskelyne, F.R.S. 17374 RUTLEY (Frank, F.G.S.) The STUDY of ROCKS: an Elementary Text-Book of Petrology, 9th Impression, with 90 woodcuts, 12mo. buckram, 2s 6d


17375 SAUER (Adolf; Prof. Mineralogy, Stuttgart) MINERALKUNDE als EINFÜHRUNG in die LEHRE VOM STOFF der ERDRINDE: ein Abriss der reinen und angewandten Mineralogie; with 26 beautiful COLOURED PLATES, containing several hundred specimens, and 281 text-illustrations, roy. 4to. handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides, t. e. g. (fine copy), 11s (p. M. 13.60 in cl.) Stuttgart [1908] 17376 SCHENCK (Rudolf; Prof. Physical Chemistry, Breslau) KRISTALLINISCHE FLÜSSIGKEITEN und FLÜSSIGE KRISTALLE; with 86 illustrations, 8vo. buckram, 3s

Leipzig, 1905

MINERALOGY and CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, continued :— 17378 SCHOENFLIES (Arthur; Univ. Königsberg) KRYSTALLSYSTEME und KRYSTALLSTRUCTUR; with 73 diagrams, 8vo. handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides (nice copy), 8s (p. M. 12 sewn) Leipzig, 1891 17379 SOMMERFELDT (Ernst; Prof. Mineralogy, Tübingen) GEOMETRISCHE KRISTALLOGRAPHIE; with 31 plates and 69 text-illustrations, roy. 8vo. cl., 5s 6d (p. M. 7 sewn) 17380

Leipzig, 1906

Die KRISTALLGRUPPEN, nebst ihren Beziehungen zu den Raumgittern; with 14" stereoscopic and 50 other illustrations, 8vo. buckram, 2s 6d Dresden, 1911 17381 STORY-MASKELYNE (Mervyn Herbert Nevil, F.R.S., Prof. Mineralogy, Oxon.) CRYS TALLOGRAPHY: a Treatise on the Morphology of Crystals; with 8 plates and 398 woodcuts, thick post 8vo. cl., 6s 6d (p. 12s 6d) Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1895 17382 TUTTON (Alfred Edward Howard, F.R.S., Pres. Mineralogical Soc.) CRYSTALLOGRAPHY and PRACTICAL CRYSTAL MEASUREMENT, with 720 illustrations, 8vo. (pp. 960), handsomely bound in hf. black morocco, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (as good as new), £1. 2s 6d (p. £1. 10s nett in cl.) 1911 In this book an endeavour has been made to present at the same time both a guide to practical work in crystallography and all the essential theory on the subject, not only as regards crystal morphology but also with respect to the physical properties of crystals.'-Preface. CRYSTALS, with 24 plates (1 coloured), and text-illustrations, cr. 8vo. cl., 2s 6d 17384 VOIGT (Woldemar, Univ. Göttingen) Die FundamENTALALEN PHYSIKALISCHEN EIGEN SCHAFTEN der KRYSTALLE in elementarer Darstellung; with 52 illustrations, large post 8vo. cl., 38 6d (p. M. 5.60) Leipzig, 1898 17385 LEHRBUCH der KRISTALLPHYSIK (mit Ausschluss der Kristalloptik); with 213 illustra tions and folding table, thick 8vo. handsomely bound in hf. pigskin, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (fine copy), £1. 2s 6d (p. M. 30 sewn) ibidem, 1910 17386 WILLIAMS (George Huntington, Johns Hopkins Univ.) ELEMENTS of CRYSTALLOGRAPHY; 3rd Edition, enlarged, with folding plate and 383 illustrations, cr. 8vo. cl., 3s (p. 6s)


(p. 5s)




see also BIBLIOTHECA REUTERIANA, Part IV, Nos. 686-706.

17387 BÖRNSTEIN (Richard; Prof. Meteorology, Berlin) LEITFADEN der WETTERKUNDE, gemeinverständlich bearbeitet, 2. umgearbeitete Auflage; with 22 charts and maps (mostly coloured and linen-mounted), and 61 text-illustrations, 8vo. buckram, 3s 6d (p. M. 6 sewn) Braunschweig, 1906 Luke Howard's classification of clouds as used by the above author will now have to be verboten in Germany. 17388 DAVIS (William Morris, Harvard Univ.) ELEMENTARY METEOROLOGY, with 106 illustrations, 8vo. cl., 4s (p. 10s 6d) Boston [Mass.], 1894 17389

Die ERKLÄRENDE BESCHREIBUNG der LANDFORMEN, deutsch bearbeitet von A. RÜHL; with 13 plates and 212 text-illustrations, thick 8vo. hf. black morocco neat, cl. sides, t. e. g. (nice copy), 88 6d (p. M. 11 sewn) Leipzig, 1912 17390 GÜNTHER (Siegmund, Technische Hochschule, München) HANDBUCH der MATHEMATISCHEN GEOGRAPHIE; with 155 illustrations, large cr. 8vo. (pp. 810), original hf. morocco gilt, 10s 6d (p. M. 18) Stuttgart, 1890 17391 HANN (Julius; Univ. Vienna) LEHRBUCH der METEOROLOGIE; with 8 plates, 111 textillustrations, and 15 maps (mostly folding and linen-mounted), roy. 8vo. (pp. 819), handsomely bound in hf. crushed black morocco, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (fine copy), 17s 6d (p. M. 30 sewn)

The best modern German work on meteorology.

Leipzig, 1911 17392 HILDEBRANDSSON (H.), Albert RIGGENBACH; Univ. Basel, and Léon TEIS SERENC de BORT: INTERNATIONAL CLOUD-ATLAS, published by Order of the [International Meteorological] Committee (in French, English, and German), with 14 fine coloured plates, impl. 4to. buckram, t. e. g., 8s (p. F. 14 nett sewn) Paris, 1896 Illustrating from nature all the typical combinations of Luke Howard's Cirrus, Cumulus, and Stratus. 17393 KAYSER (J.) PHYSIK des MEERES; 2. [neueste] Auflage, neubearbeitet von CARL FORCH, mit Beitrag über die leuchtenden Meeresorganismen von PAUL ZENETTI; with 39 illustrations, 8vo. buckram, t. e. g., 5s (p. M. 6.60 sewn) Paderborn, 1911 17394 MOORE (Willis Luther; Chief of U.S. Weather Bureau) DESCRIPTIVE METEOROLOGY, with 45 charts (many coloured), and 81 text-illustrations, sq. roy. 8vo. cl., 8s (p. 12s 6d nett)

New York, 1910 A valuable text-book, including the latest researches. 17395 PENCK (Albrecht; Prof. Geography, Vienna) MORPHOLOGIE der ERDOBERFLÄCHE; with 67 illustrations, 2 vols. large post 8vo. in 1, handsomely bound in hf. pigskin, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (fine copy), £1. 1s (p. M. 32 sewn) Stuttgart, 1894 17396 PESCHEL (Oscar) PHYSISCHE ERDKUNDE, nach hinterlassenen Manuskripten selbsständig bearbeitet und herausgegeben von GUSTAV LEIPOLDT, 2. [neueste] vieflach verbesserte Auflage; with 193 illustrations, 2 vols. large 8vo. hf. maroon morocco neat, cl. sides, £1. (p. M. 30 sewn) Leipzig, 1884-5 17397 RUDZKI (Maurycy Th. P. v.; Univ. Cracow) PHYSIK der ERDE; with 5 plates and 60 textillustrations, large Svo. hf. black morocco neat, cl. sides, uncut, t. e. g. (as good as new), 10s 6d (p. M. 14 sewn)

Leipzig, 1911

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