The American Journal of Archaeology and of the History of the Fine Arts, Volume 1

Archaeological Institute of America, 1885

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Pagina 317 - An Introduction to the Study of the Constitutional and Political History of the States.
Pagina 308 - ... died on Dec. 23, 1900, after a brief illness. No officer now in the University had so early a connection with it as he. After serving in a clerical capacity for some time, he was made Librarian in 1854, and continued in that office two years. He was graduated from the Law Department in 1861. In 1883 he was appointed to the position which he held at the time of his decease. He was faithful in the discharge of his duties, and was very helpful to the law students in their use of the library. The...
Pagina 335 - And if he do not receive it, the child shall be in the power of the master of iv the female serf; but if she should marry the same man again before the end of the year, the child shall be in the power of the master of the male serf, and the one who brought it and the witnesses shall have preference in the oath.
Pagina 310 - RUSSIAN ART AND ART OBJECTS IN RUSSIA: A Handbook to the reproduction of Goldsmiths. work and other Art Treasures from that country in the South Kensington Museum. By ALFRED MASKELL.
Pagina 109 - that it is almost impossible to draw the line between the two groups, which are well marked by their extremes. The peculiar shape of these instruments haa also caused them to be regarded as weights, used to stretch the thread in spinning. This supposition is rendered very probable by the fact that stone weights have been used in spinning, and from the statement (made to me in conversation by Dr. Palmer of Washington, I think) that similar stones are still in use among the Indians of the Northwest.
Pagina 301 - ... the Aztec system body measurements were unimportant, hand and arm measures held a secondary position , while the foot measure was adopted as the official and obligatory standard both in commerce and architecture. 4. The Aztec terms for their lineal standard being apparently of Maya origin suggests that their standard was derived from that nation.
Pagina 212 - That, of the carvings from the mounds which can be identified, there are no representations of birds or animals not indigenous to the Mississippi valley, and consequently that the theories of origin for the mound-builders suggested by the presence in the mounds of carvings of supposed foreign animals are without basis ; 2°.
Pagina 310 - The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh. By WM Flinders Petrie. Containing an account of excavations and surveys carried on at Gizeh during 1880-1-2 ; with the application of the results to various modern theories of the pyramids.
Pagina 311 - The Necropolis of Ancon in Peru. A series of illustrations of the civilization and industry of the Empire of the Incas — being the results of excavations by W.

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