The Pillars of Priestcraft and Orthodoxy Shaken ...

Mr. Cadell, Mr. Kearsley, 1768

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Pagina 63 - I may justly lay to the words of this excellent person ; for the pursuit of truth hath been my only care, ever since I first understood the meaning of the word. For this, I have forsaken all hopes, all friends, all desires, which might bias me, and hinder me from driving right at what I aimed. For this, I have spent my money, my means, my youth, my age, and all I have ; that I might remove from myself that censure of Tertullian, — Suo vitio quis quid ignorat?
Pagina 63 - If with all this cost and pains my purchase is but error, I may safely say, to err has cost me more than it has many to find the Truth ; and Truth itself shall give me this testimony at last, that if I have missed of her, it is not my fault, but my misfortune.
Pagina 123 - And the curate that ministereth in every parish church or chapel, being at home and not being otherwise reasonably hindered, shall say the same in the parish church or chapel where he ministereth, and shall cause a bell to be tolled thereunto a convenient time before he begin, that the people may come to hear God's Word and to pray with him.
Pagina 149 - More especially, we pray for the good estate of the Catholic Church; that it may be so guided and governed by Thy good Spirit, that all who profess and call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life.
Pagina 113 - ... more of what was external in religion than was, in a manner, necessary to preserve a sense of religion itself upon the minds of the people. But a great part of this is neglected by the generality amongst us; for instance, the service of the Church, not only upon common days, but also upon saints' days; and several other things might be mentioned.
Pagina 34 - English ones are such a proof of his own piety and of his knowledge in divinity, and have done...
Pagina 32 - ... favourably look upon him as crazed, and little better than a madman. This is the poor man's character ; and, low as he is, they cannot be content to leave him quiet in his poverty. Whereas had he not been early...
Pagina 7 - The difficulties and discouragements which attend the Study of the Scriptures, in the way of private judgment...
Pagina 31 - ... who write against him. As to his learning, it is his misfortune that he is not skilled enough in the learned languages to be a great critic in them, and yet seems not to be sensible of his deficiency in this respect. And what advantage is taken of this, that he has not less heat and more criticism ? His learning is treated in that manner, that you would think he did not know the first elements of Greek, though even in that he is much superior to most of those who make so free with him; and you...
Pagina 32 - ... persuaded that could no way be so well done as by the study of his word and works, — it is more than probable he had at this time been orthodox; and then, instead of his present treatment, his faults would have been overlooked, the learning he excels in would have been extolled, and no defect would have been found in other parts of it. He would have been cried up as an ornament of the age, and no preferment would have been denied or envied him.

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