Proceedings of the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, Volume 27

The Society, 1896
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Pagina 62 - Inclosures at that time began to be more frequent, whereby arable land, which could not be manured without people and families, was turned into pasture, which was easily rid by a few herdsmen ; and tenances for years, lives, and at will, whereupon much of the yeomanry lived, were turned into demesnes.
Pagina 42 - Whereas various portions of many cities and boroughs are so built, and the buildings thereon are so densely inhabited, as to be highly injurious to the moral and physical welfare of the inhabitants...
Pagina 138 - They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.
Pagina 97 - I let up some solution of liver of sulphur to absorb the dephlogisticated air, after which only a small bubble of air remained unabsorbed, which certainly was not more than -j-^ of the bulk of the phlogisticated air let up into the tube ; so that if there is any part of the phlogisticated air of our atmosphere which differs from the rest and cannot be reduced to nitrous acid, we may safely conclude that it is not more than T^ part of the whole.
Pagina 96 - ... not. For this purpose I diminished a similar mixture of dephlogisticated and common air, in the same manner as before, till it was reduced to a small part of its original bulk. I then, in order to decompound as much as I could of the phlogisticated air which remained in the tube, added some dephlogisticated air to it, and continued the spark till no further diminution took place. Having by these means condensed as much as I could of the phlogisticated air, I let up some solution of liver of sulphur...
Pagina 139 - Cambrensis, who lived at the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth century, states that in his time the bodies of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were exhumed at Glastonbury.
Pagina 168 - Stand with your back to the wind, and the lowest barometer, or centre of depression, will be to your left in the northern hemisphere (in the southern hemisphere to the right) ; this rule holds universally.
Pagina 166 - ... simply the flow of the air from a region of higher towards a region of lower pressure, or from where there is a surplus to where there is a deficiency of air. It...
Pagina 108 - I thank you for the great honour you have done me in asking me to preside over your deliberations.
Pagina 218 - SMITH, J. Guthrie— STRATHENDRICK, AND ITS INHABITANTS FROM EARLY TIMES : An account of the parishes of Fintry, Balfron, Killearn, Drymen, Buchanan, and Kilmaronock. By JOHN GUTHRIE SMITH, FSAScot., author of 'The Parish of Strathblane.

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