The Art of Walking Through Fires

iUniverse, 17 jun. 2005
Totally frustrated and over burdened, I asked God, 'Why am I always putting out fires?"

What was happening to Bev Welch was preparation for the destiny she was literally steps away from. The trials and tests the enemy was assaulting her with were sent to take her eyes off the promise. What she didn't realize, God was using those fires and the fires of others to strengthen her faith and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Do you want to understand why fires come into your life?

Learn to identify the source of your fires.

In "The Art of Walking through Fires," Bev shares the insights and truths God has revealed to her as she faced her trials and tests. Through biblical examples and the personal accounts of people from all walks of life, you will learn to:

  • Reduce the duration of every fire that comes your way
  • In some instances, avoid them all together
  • Cloth yourself with the necessary armor to walk through every fire unscathed

God showed Bev that she is a warrior, fit for the test. Now when the fires come to try her, she rejoices. And you can too! How? Read on.

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