How to Get to the Palace from Your Prison!: Joseph's 14-Step Program to Overcome Loneliness, Depression, Discrimination, Barrenness, and Abuse

Winner At Life Publishers, 2013 - 134 pagina's
"How To Get To The Palace From Your Prison uses the Biblical story of Joseph to create a 14-Step Plan to overcome situations that cause people to be stressed, depressed, and less successful in life. The story of Joseph's trials, tribulations, and triumphs are used to reveal to the reader how to achieve the promises of God and arrive at that place of shalom, the Hebrew word for peace. Farrar-Rosemon uses the word to mean, 'nothing missing and nothing broken' in the reader's life. This book is a wonderful addition to self-help Christian literature, and to the field of Christian social work and counseling. Readers of all faiths will benefit from the universal appeal and applicability of the book if they believe that self-transformation is greatly aided by a belief in a higher power in one's life. Whatever the religious position of the reader, the author's interpretation of the story of Joseph is well worth the read." Otis S. Johnson, Ph.DFormer Mayor, City of Savannah, GeorgiaScholar in Residence at Savannah State University

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Over de auteur (2013)

C. JOYCE FARRAR-ROSEMON, BA, SM, Ed.S, never envisioned as she sat on the housing project steps located in Boston's inner city that one day she would earn a six figure income and become a Motivational Speaker. In '92, she opened a real estate company with her husband's help in her 7th month of pregnancy with only $10.00. This investment blossomed into a six figure income. She has overcome poverty, abuse, loneliness, low self-esteem, depression, job loss, and miscarriages. Following the collapse of the real estate industry in 2007, Joyce went from making six figures to no figures. Finally, after filling out over 400 applications she landed a job as a Certified Educator. Joyce speaks to non-profit groups, schools, colleges and churches. She has appeared in several newspapers, magazines, on radio and television, including The Geraldo at Large Show.

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