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Shakespeare Press, 1814
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Pagina 78 - Biblia — the Bible, that is, the Holy Scripture of the Olde and New Testament faithfully and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn in to Englishe.
Pagina 20 - Whoeer you be who on these pages look, Read if you'd know what artists wrought the book, Rough German names perhaps may cause your smiles, But these will grow familiar by their toils ; Arnold Pannartz and Conrade Sweynheym, By printing it at Rome first gained esteem, While Peter with his brother Francis joyned To furnish house-room for the work designed.
Pagina 20 - Aspicis illustris lector quicunq; libellos | Si cupis artificum nomina nosse : lege. | Aspera ridebis cognomina teutona : forsan | Mitiget ars musis inscia uerba uirum.
Pagina 6 - ... produced, there might have been less occasion to have noticed it; but there was something. in the whole character of the affair, which, if not unprecedented, rendered it singular in the usual current of human events. This Bible was in two folio volumes, which have been justly praised for the strength and beauty of the paper, the exactness of the register, and the lustre of the ink.
Pagina 354 - Germani ingenii quis non miretur acumen ? | Quod uult germanus protinus efficiet : | Aspice quam mira libros impresserit arte : | Quam subito ueterum tot monumenta dedit | Nomine Cristophorus : Valdarfer gentis alumnus : | Ratisponensis gloria magna soli : | Nunc ingens Ciceronis opus : causasq ; forenses | Quas inter patres dixit & in populo.
Pagina 80 - Apocripha The bokes and treatises which " amonge the fathers of olde are not rekened to be of like authorite with " the other bokes of the byble, nether are they foude in the Canon of
Pagina 155 - Jerom. 2. Two little treatises of orthography and of accents. 3. A short declaration of the months, festivals, &c. and of the Jewish priests. 4. An explanation of ancient words and terms, in responses, hymns, homilies, &c. 5. A declaration of the rules of the minor friars. The...
Pagina 252 - L'édition de Nicolas Jenson ne comprend que la 2e partie d'Appianus. Mr. Dibdin, en résumant les éloges de tous les bibliophiles du monde, a écrit sur ce chef-d'oeuvre de Ratdolt: « Few ancient volumes of the Classics display greater beauty of typographical execution, than does the present one ». Les deux superbes bordures sont des modèles de décoration typographique.
Pagina 17 - I have absolutely received, wliich also I ratify by these presents, promising to abide by the same, and guaranteeing my lord, purchaser of the said bible, against any one who would dispossess him. In ratification of which I have hereunto affixed my seal, this 5th day of the month of April, in the year of our Lord M.CCCCLXX. Herman.'* By this we perceive that since they first came into Paris, the printed bibles were elevated in price.