Spain and Portugal: Handbook for Travellers

K. Baedeker, 1901 - 608 pagina's

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Pagina 215 - Europe, that it might pass for a church in the Crimea or the steppes of Tartary. As if to add to its foreign aspect, the tiles of the roof are coloured and glazed, thus rendering the contrast with Gothic art stronger than even that presented in the details and forms of the architecture. The Church of St. Thome at Toledo has a tower so perfectly Moorish in all its details, that...
Pagina 132 - Christians, have in turn held sway, and here all have left their mark ; here, moreover, the Christians, since the thirteenth century, have shown two opposite examples, — one of toleration of Jews and Moors, which it would be hard to find a parallel for among ourselves, and the other of intolerance, such as has no parallel out of Spain elsewhere in Europe.
Pagina 215 - Her lover sinks — she sheds no ill-timed tear ; Her chief is slain — ihe fills his fatal post ; Her fellows flee — she checks their base career ; The foe retires — she heads the sallying host : Who can appease like her a lover's ghost ? Who can avenge so well a leader's fall ? What maid retrieve when man's...
Pagina lxxix - PAINTING without seeing it. Few Mexican painters have so well understood the art of pictorial composition, or known so well how to charm the eye by gradations of light, skilful attitudes, and adroit foreshortenings; few have calculated their effects more carefully than Tresguerras. As a painter of allegorical subjects he is perhaps unsurpassed in Mexico. He was a brilliant colorist, and he produced light and shade effects that were altogether charming. That his whole soul was in his work is...
Pagina 443 - is truly majestic. The openwork parapets which crown the roofs; the graceful lanterns of the eight winding stairs that ascend in the corners to the vaults and galleries; the flying buttresses that spring lightly from aisle to nave, as the jets of a cascade from cliff to cliff; the slender pinnacles that cap them ; the proportions of the arms of the transept and of the buttresses supporting the side walls; the large pointed windows that open between...
Pagina 402 - he who comes to me, tortured by thirst, will find water, pure and fresh, sweet and unmixed. I am like the rainbow, when it shines, and the sun is my lord.
Pagina 132 - Few cities that I have ever seen can compete in artistic interest with if; and none perhaps come up to it in the .singular magnificence of its situation, and the endless novelty and picturesqueness of its every corner. It epitomizes the whole strange history of Spain in a manner so vivid, that he who visits its old nooks and corners carefully and thoughtfully, can work out, almost unassisted, the strange variety which that history affords.
Pagina 200 - Aragonesa nobles, which carefully safeguarded all their privileges and reduced the power of the crown to a shadow. A special official named El Justicia was appointed as guardian of these rights ; and an appeal lay to him from anyone who felt himself aggrieved by an act of the king. Among the provisions of these fueros were the following: Nos que valemos tanto como vos y podemos mas que vos, 03 elijimos rey con tal que gardareis nuestros fueros y libertades, y entre vos y nos un que m/mda mas que...
Pagina xxxi - ... the ignorant class, and they are to them what razor-back swine are to the Georgia Cracker and hounds to the Kentucky mountaineers. The Juego de Pelota, an interesting Spanish ball game said to have been introduced into Mexico by the Basques, and very popular among Spaniards, is something like tennis, and "has its nearest analogue in the pallone of the Italians.
Pagina 242 - the seat of courtesy, the haven of strangers, the refuge of the distressed, the mother of the valiant, the champion of the wronged, the abode of true friendship, and unique both in beauty and situation.

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